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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 13 Recap

Zhu Zhanji was worried that the emperor’s expedition would make his body overwhelmed. He admitted that killing Xia Yuanji was a trivial matter. The important thing was the emperor’s body. Zhu Zhanji hoped to go out on the expedition instead of the emperor, so that the emperor could recuperate in the palace. The emperor was very moved by his words.

He took Zhu Zhanji and sat on the dragon seat. He said that the reason why he was relieved every time he went to the north was because Zhu Zhanji was still in the palace. Willing to see the border constantly being harassed by Japanese pirates. Zhu Zhanji was amazed at the emperor’s arrogance. He felt that the emperor was like a farsighted goshawk in the sky, with vision and bearing that ordinary birds could take into account.

Emperor Zhu Di went on his own expedition again, Zhu Gaochi stayed behind to supervise the country, Zhu Zhanji kept abreast of the battle situation ahead, and was ready to transport food and grass to the front line at any time, because the rear was well prepared and there were frequent good news from the front. Zhu Zhanji came back empty-handed.

He stood in front of Yao Zijin and asked if he had nothing to say to him. Yao Zijin deliberately brought out a rabbit meat for Zhu Zhanji to taste. Zhu Zhanji was so angry that he took Yao Zijin into his arms. . The two were talking when suddenly their subordinates urgently reported that Zhu Di passed away.

Zhu Gaochi was devastated when he heard the news. He only focused on crying with Concubine Guo, while the concubine tried to keep calm. She kept pacing while quickly planning to deal with the crisis that would arise after the death of the emperor.

She ordered her subordinates to temporarily block it. The news will not be made public until the emperor’s coffin comes back. The late emperor was dead, and the crown prince presented Zhu Gaochi the list of preparations for burial. According to the regulations of the Ming Dynasty, all concubines and concubines who did not have children were to be buried. die.

Yao Zijin and Yin Ziping gave Concubine Zhuang her favorite walnut cheese. After tasting it, Concubine Zhuang insisted that it was different from what she usually eats. She pushed away the bowl and begged Yao Zijin to help her get out of the palace. Touched by her deep relationship with her mother, she resolutely decided to take a gamble.

She pulled Concubine Zhuang and Yin Ziping’s hands tightly together, and told Concubine Zhuang to come back before dark, otherwise the three of them would lose their lives. Concubine Zhuang took Yao Zijin’s jade pendant to mix in and out of the palace. There were many patrolling troops guarding the city, and they had to pass through many barriers.

Yao Zijin and Yin Ziping were in a hurry at the back. Seeing that it was getting dark and Concubine Zhuang had no shadow, Yin Ziping tried desperately to dissuade Yao Zijin from escaping quickly. She was willing to die alone, but Yao Zijin refused, and neither of them went out. Finally, when the guards came to the door, Concubine Zhuang was well-dressed and she walked outside the door neatly groomed.

Yao Zijin was in a heavy heart, thinking that Concubine Zhuang said that the walnut cheese tasted different from before, she hurriedly returned to the Shangshi Bureau, found the ingredients used to make walnut cheese and made it again, and finally brought her to eat before Concubine Zhuang left. Concubine Zhuang burst into tears when she tasted the walnut cheese.

She murmured that once she was in Jiangnan, this is what her mother made. Concubine Zhuang said goodbye to Yao Zijin with tears in her eyes. She said frankly that she had not planned to come back when she left the palace, just because her feet were torn while carrying her mother for life, and she could no longer walk.

Zhu Gaochi came to see him off, and Concubine Zhuang tearfully hoped that the emperor could take good care of her mother. When Concubine Guo saw the picture of Concubine Zhuang hanging herself, she was so frightened that she ran out in despair.

Meng Ziyun made her sober. The cruel burial system made people feel terrified. Yin Ziping quickly packed his luggage while everyone was not paying attention, and dragged Yao Zijin to escape. , simply escape as soon as possible. Yao Zijin said that the burial system was wrong, and even if he escaped, where would he escape to? It depends on people, and the system can be changed.

Hu Sishan secretly asked someone to inquire where Yao Zijin went during the day, and soon Concubine Zhuang’s maid was under control. She took the initiative to explain that Yao Zijin gave Concubine Zhuang a jade pendant, and then painted the shape of the jade pendant to Hu Sishan came out.

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