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Fukushuu no Miboujin (2022) 復讐の未亡人 ふくしゅうのみぼうじん

Fukushuu no Miboujin (2022) 復讐の未亡人 ふくしゅうのみぼうじん
Other name: Fukushu no Mibojin, Widows of Revenge, The widow of revenge
Category: Japan Drama 2022
Genre(s): Drama, Hidden Identity, Manga, Revenge, Thriller, Web Series
Country: Japan Language: Japanese
Broadcast period: July 8, 2022


  • Mizuki Suzuki / Dense (Mitsuki Suzuki / Mitsu)
  • Yugo Suzuki
  • Yoji
  • Saito Mantra


Suzuki Mitsu is a talented contract engineer working for an IT company, but it wasn’t their benefits package that attracted her. She’s working for the company that drove her late husband to suicide, and she won’t rest until she exacts her revenge on each and every person responsible.

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