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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 9 Recap

In the evening, Yao Zijin went to arrange books for Zhu Zhanji after delivering meals, and she accompanied Zhu Zhanji to practice martial arts and write. The imperial court asked Lord Song to re-examine the list of food for disaster relief. Lord Song complained to Zhu Zhanji, which one of the corrupted shuoshu in the court did not have a solid foundation.

Zhu Zhanji understood the purpose of Lord Song. The emperor hated corruption and bribes by officials. Let Lord Song check immediately without any mistakes. Yao Zijin asked Zhu Zhanji about the customs of overseas countries, and frankly admitted that this was the homework of the Shangshi Bureau, and Zhu Zhanji asked her to go to the logbook to check.

The concubine Taisun asked the maid to pass the message, hoping that Zhu Zhanji could go to her bedroom to rest. Zhu Zhanji heard that he was pissed and dragged Yao Zijin to the door. He asked Yao Zijin if he should forgive the concubine, but Yao Zijin felt that no one would make mistakes. Since there are doubts in your heart, you should find the answer, which is better than hiding it in your heart.

The next morning, Zhu Zhanji went straight to Hongqing Palace after thinking about it. Concubine Yu An had just gone to greet her mother, but Hongqing Palace had a new face, a woman sent by Concubine Grandson’s family. In order to please Zhu Zhanji and give birth to an emperor as soon as possible to win glory for the Hu family. After Yu’an came back, Zhu Zhanji had already left. Seeing Hu Sishan and Qimei were also there, she immediately understood the trick.

Yu An angrily punished his servants for failing to notify her in time, and punished them for thirty times. In addition, he sternly reminded Hu Sishan that no one in the Hu family could enter the palace at will without her permission. Seeing that Yu’an’s temperament has changed greatly, Hu Sishan is very satisfied – Yu’an is no longer the sloppy, world-weary and cowardly person.

When Zhu Zhanji went to Hongqing Palace, not only did he not find the answer, but he was humiliated in vain. He deliberately threw books all over the place and asked Yao Zijin to sort it out quickly. Zhu Zhanji deliberately got angry at Yao Zijin. Seeing that the books were thrown all over the floor, Yao Zijin knelt on the ground and asked Zhu Zhanji, is he talking to a servant or to her now?

Zhu Zhanji felt that there was no difference, Yao Zijin looked him in the eye and answered seriously, she was happy with Zhu Zhanji! Encouraging him to go to Hongqing Palace to find the answer is for her sweetheart. If Zhu Zhanji treats her as a slave, then she will also dress Zhu Zhanji as a master in the future. Now she is only a member of the Shangshi Bureau. Cooking, sorting books is not her job, so Yao Zijin left resolutely after speaking.

After Yao Zijin left, Zhu Zhanji was stunned for a while, and when he came back, he immediately realized the rudeness just now, but Yao Zijin had gone far, and Zhu Zhanji regretted it. Everyone in the Shang Food Bureau was busy with the envoy’s meal list. Meng Ziyuan ordered all the chefs to come up with unique skills and try their best to make dishes that satisfied the envoy. The meal list is almost ready. Jinyiwei’s You Yifan personally inspected it, and Zhu Zhanji came to taste it by order.

Zhu Zhanji and Lord Yang tasted all the dishes one by one, and finally agreed that Yao Zijin’s snacks were extremely delicious. You Yifan felt that the ingredients used were ordinary and were not enough to show the greatness of the Ming Kingdom. Zhu Zhanji and Lord Yang laughed after hearing this. No answer. Later, You Yifan finally understood the meaning behind the dishes: the dishes were made of Jingshan Qiaomi. This year, the place where Jingshan Qiaomi was located was affected by disasters, and the agricultural products were greatly affected. Buy it first, because Luoyang paper is expensive, and it will naturally be able to relieve the victims of Jingshan.

A local cook put so much effort into the dishes. You Yifan was impressed by Yao Zijin. The meal order was set. Zhu Zhanji rewarded Yao Zijin with some precious opals. Yao Zijin did not accept the heavy gift, but accepted a logbook.

Yao Zijin delivered food to Zhu Zhanji that day. After opening the food box, Zhu Zhanji heard that the food was made by Guanglu Temple, so he played a small temper and drove Yao Zijin away. He accidentally knocked over the table. Rice soup, the hidden words on the menu caught Zhu Zhanji’s attention. Although Yao Zijin claimed that it was made by Guanglu Temple, in fact, every dish had been carefully thought out by her and adjusted according to Zhu Zhanji’s recent physical condition.

The inappropriate dishes were replaced. It turned out that he had misunderstood Yao Zijin, and Zhu Zhanji immediately asked Chen Wu to help him persuade Yao Zijin back. Chen Wu came to the Shangshi Bureau and wanted to take Yao Zijin back, but Meng Ziyun made an excuse to refuse. Meng Ziyun thought that Yao Zijin was in the Shangshi Bureau one day, and he was blessed by her one day.

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