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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 11 Recap

The dishes were already served. Meng Ziyun paid close attention to the expressions of the princes when they were eating. Her face was full of nervousness. At the beginning, she served a few appetizers. When she saw the king of Han, she took it aside and immediately remembered that the king of Han liked meat most on weekdays. , she regretted not remembering it sooner.

One of the chefs in the Shangshi Bureau accidentally hurt his finger when cutting meat. This time, the Shangshi Bureau must not fall behind at the New Year’s Eve family banquet, otherwise all the cooks will be punished. In order to ensure the speed of serving, Yin Ziping suggested to make Yin Ziping a temporary substitute. Taking the opportunity to show her skills, Yin Ziping excitedly took out what she had learned all her life to cook seriously.

Zhu Gaochi, who had broken meat for a long time, finally saw the meat and fish, and saw the brightly colored braised pork on the table. He impatiently picked up his chopsticks and started eating. The braised pork was soft and fragrant but not greasy when he put it in his mouth With a satisfied smile, Zhu Zhanji signaled his father not to be gluttonous and forget about business. The emperor turned his head in disgust when he saw Zhu Gaochi’s eating appearance. Zhu Gaochi glared back at Zhu Zhanji, his face very aggrieved.

At this dinner, the emperor was attracted by the delicious dishes. He ate several flavors in a row. The chef of the Shang Food Bureau was in a good mood. Yuehua saw that some dishes were being withdrawn, and Dianshan inadvertently revealed: The princess dislikes Ji Ziqing the most. She suffers from an old disease and cannot eat it the most.

Yuehua was shocked when she heard it, every piece of waist flower she made was soaked in chicken green. Soon, Princess Han relapsed at the banquet. King Han was about to leave with the princess, but was stopped by Zhu Zhanji. He asked the princess to take the princess to find an imperial doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

The King of Han did not understand why he was left behind, so Zhu Zhanji brought the plot to usurp the party. He replied to Changshan guard commander Meng Xian, Yulin guard Peng Xu, Qintian supervisor Wang Shecheng and Yang’s father and son tonight. Next, the reason was that King Zhao heard that the emperor was ill, so he plotted to get rid of the emperor by getting a glass of poisonous wine at this New Year’s Eve banquet, and then asked Qin Tianjian to fabricate a twisted astronomical anecdote to blame on the prince, and after he was deposed, he supported him. The king of Zhao is the emperor.

When King Zhao found out that the plan had failed, he deliberately pretended to be asleep, and then deduced that he had no knowledge of it, and that someone deliberately planned to frame it. The emperor asked the eunuch to drink the poisonous wine on the table to King Zhao, and King Zhao’s hands began to tremble. He immediately knelt down to prove that he had stayed in Beijing for several years and was completely clean, and he had no real power to mobilize military power to guard.

When the King of Han heard that the situation was wrong, he quickly stood up and insisted that he had not invoked military power, and then led the conflict to the prince. The prince was naturally kind-hearted, and he couldn’t bear Zhao Wang to commit suicide by taking poison, so he stood up and interceded for them.

Zhu Zhanji saw the emperor’s reluctance. Since ancient times, tigers and wolves have not eaten their children. The iron evidence under his eyes is like a mountain. The emperor naturally rode a donkey to the south. Zhu Zhanji then confessed that he hadn’t finished speaking, and what he said just now was the words of one person from the chaotic party. The truth is that the servants deliberately misled him with the heart of a wolf and wolf. Finally, there was a transitional step. The emperor ordered the king of Zhao to stop his feet, and the king of Han immediately returned to the fief.

Princess Han died, Meng Ziyuan quietly pulled Yuehua aside and asked if she did it. Yuehua recalled that it was You Yifan who reminded her that Princess Han always liked to use chicken greens for waist flowers, and she refused to say what happened behind her back. Whoever instructed, Meng Ziyun slapped her hard, Yuehua’s actions disappointed her too much.

The storm was calmed down, and the emperor asked Zhu Zhanji privately if it was true that the emperor was ruthless. Zhu Zhanji bluntly said what the leader was. The bravest person in the first hunting was the leader, but this person killed the most beasts, and the tribe was still like this. Ordinary people If you want to be a good person, you only need to do good deeds and accumulate virtue.

But for a country, if you stick to the path of benevolence and righteousness, you will only become a mediocre emperor. A real emperor serves the people and the country, sticks to the right path, and is not afraid of gossip. Only in this way can you manage well. nation. Zhu Zhanji’s words made the emperor very satisfied. He was really out of blue, and he was even smarter than the prince.

Meng Ziyun was called away by the crown princess. In order to protect Yuehua, Meng Ziyun took the responsibility on herself. The princess reminded her that the result of the imperial doctor’s diagnosis and treatment of Princess Han was determined to be a recurrence of the old disease, which was no problem with the Shang Food Bureau.

Yin Ziping was very surprised to hear that. She saw Hu Sishan next to the Crown Princess, and she immediately understood something, and Wang Sishan also came to testify – that day Meng Ziyun really said that the emperor was using a secret medicine at the Shang Food Bureau. Recently The palace is afraid of accidents, so everyone should be careful when doing things. With all the witnesses, the Crown Princess immediately dismissed Meng Ziyun from her position and asked her to go to the palace to take charge of the crime.

Meng Ziyun didn’t understand why Wang Sishan did not treat Wang Sishan badly on weekdays. Hu Sishan said frankly that she and Wang Sishan were friends ten years ago. It was only because Meng Ziyun always covered the sky and became suspicious that they had to disguise as old enemies. , and kept it a secret for ten years.

Yuehua questioned You Yifan with a sad face, but You Yifan was very calm, claiming to have helped Yuehua get the meal order, and of course she would use her in return. The King of Han guessed that You Yifan had poisoned Princess Han, so he angrily hit You Yifan, and You Yifan looked directly at King Han and broke it down word by word: Princess Han set up a poisonous scheme to frame You Mother for adultery, which led to the tragedy.

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