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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 10 Recap

Zhu Zhanji heard the report from his hand that the foreign minister of the Qianqing Palace could not afford the King of Han to kneel. The prince persuaded him not to move, so he had to kneel with him in front of the palace. The princess asked Zhu Zhanji to think of a way. Accidentally knocked him unconscious, he quickly carried him away and called the imperial doctor to quickly diagnose and treat him. Recently, the palace has not been very peaceful.

Wang Dianshan of the Shang Food Bureau quietly told Meng Ziyuan that Yuan Shaoqing in the palace was proficient in the face-to-face technique. On this day, he advised the emperor to use less talisman medicine. As a result, the emperor Longyan was furious and heard this. The news, Meng Ziyun immediately cheered up the kitchen chef, and he must be careful in doing things recently and make no mistakes.

You Yifan found out that Yao Zijin had been going to the academy to read a cookbook, and he brought the book to Yao Zijin, but Yao Zijin had already memorized the contents of the book, so You Yifan stood in front of Yao Zijin and explained that today was his birthday and wanted Yao Zijin to make a bowl of longevity noodle. You Yifan was the commander of Jinyiwei, so he naturally did not dare to neglect.

After Yao Zijin made the longevity noodles, he brought them out. You Yifan was surprised to see that the longevity noodles made by Yao Zijin were the same as those made by his late mother. There was a poached egg inside. The bowl of noodles made You Yifan sigh.

Today is the Laba Festival. Yao Zijin and many other chefs made Laba porridge and sent it to all the rooms in the East Palace. The rest of the Laba porridge was shared by everyone in the food bureau. Everyone, did anyone make longevity noodles for You Yifan? She asked her subordinates to avoid You Yifan for the past two days. People from the Internal Dining Bureau said that any cook who made longevity noodles for You Yifan would either die or be injured within three days, just like the king of hell. Yin Ziping was startled when she heard it, and she blamed Hanying for not saying it earlier.

The emperor’s mental state gradually became depressed, and sometimes he would have convulsions and then become suspicious. When he was awake, he asked Zhu Zhanji to study good policies for governing the country, and the future of the Ming Dynasty would depend on him. You Yifan met Su Yuehua in the plum garden. Su Yuehua claimed to pick plum blossoms to make porridge.

You Yifan wondered why the people in the Shang Food Bureau were afraid of him. When he returned to his residence, he found plum blossom porridge and delicate dishes that Su Yuehua personally sent.

Yao Zijin delivered meals in person, and when he arrived at the grass house, he found out that Zhu Zhanji was in the Meiyuan to appreciate the plums, so he had to go to the Meiyuan in person. When she came, Yao Zijin was almost frozen into a snowman. He held Yao Zijin’s warm hand distressedly. Yao Zijin shrank back in shock. Zhu Zhanji didn’t want Yao Zijin to always treat him like his master.

Accepting that she was not a concubine, Yao Zijin immediately knelt on the ground and begged Zhu Zhanji to take back her life. Now she has just been promoted to the head chef, and wants to learn something in cooking. Besides, Zhu Zhanji and her are distinguished from each other, and she has never saved her life. There are unreasonable expectations. However, she has a humble status and does not dare to give her heart. Yao Zijin’s words moved Zhu Zhanji, and Zhu Zhanji put his cloak on Yao Zijin.

The princess raised money to help the victims, and the people in the disaster area presented the best peony seeds to the princess in order to repay her kindness. She warmly invited Concubine Zhuang to appreciate the peony. Concubine Guo still did not change her arrogant attitude. Unaccustomed to it, Yu An reminded Miao Xian that Concubine Guo was the favored concubine of the emperor, and as their elders, naturally they could not collide.

Just after Laba, You Yifan quietly changed the menu and asked his subordinates to take it to Su Yuehua from the Shangshi Bureau. The menu changes caught the Shangshi Bureau by surprise, and the last dish took too long, and Yao Zijin was also responsible. On this day, there is a New Year’s Eve family banquet, and You Yifan guards the gate of the Qianqing Palace as usual.

This time, Yao Zijin was in charge of the last few dishes. The first dishes were extremely rich in flavor. The last few dishes not only took a long time to cook, but also didn’t taste as fragrant as the first ones. Obviously, it was quite difficult to make.

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