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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 7 Recap

Shen Huixing learned that the surveillance was parked overnight, but the cars in the garage could enter and exit the parking lot freely, so she suspected that the Bentley might have been out, but no one knew. When Shen Huixing had doubts, she went to Jiang Jing and asked Jiang Jing to mobilize people from the owner’s committee to see if someone had parked the car at the gate, so that they could photograph evidence of whether the Bentley went out.

Sheng Jiangchuan looked at Yunmei Haitao’s financial report, but found that many of the reports did not have the signature of Xiao Peng, the financial director, so he called He Yunmei to ask about the situation. He Yunmei claimed that Xiao Peng resigned while pregnant, but Sheng Jiangchuan knew in his heart that Xiao Peng’s family was under a lot of pressure on car loans and mortgages. Even if she was pregnant, she shouldn’t have resigned so early, so he didn’t quite believe what He Yunmei said.

Sheng Jiangchuan and Bai Xiaorui asked about Xiao Peng’s situation. Bai Xiaorui didn’t believe that Xiao Peng was really pregnant, because he didn’t look like a pregnant person when he saw Xiao Peng drinking in his circle of friends. Bai Xiaorui asked Xiao Peng out and tested Xiao Peng with Sheng Jiangchuan, and soon exposed the lie of Xiao Peng’s false pregnancy, Xiao Peng had to tell Yunmei Haitao’s false reimbursement problem.

Jiang Jing found the owner of the car parked at the gate, checked the surveillance video that night, and found that the Bentley really left the garage that night, so she went to the property to solve the problem. After seeing the video, the car owner realized that the car had been secretly driven by his son to a nightclub. He had to go through the property to apologize to Shen Huixing and the three and refund their compensation. When the three of Shen Huixing solved the problem at the property, they said that the three children had been wronged, and asked the property to tell the truth to the children in person and apologize to the children.

The matter of drawing the float was resolved, and the property returned the innocence of the three children. The three children were very happy. Even Lu Hetong, who had been naughty and disobedient, thanked Jiang Jing. Only then did Jiang Jing realize that her son was so concerned about this matter. care.

After Jiang Jing heard her son say thank you, she specially thanked Shen Huixing for what she had done, while Shen Huixing said that the biggest contributor to this incident was Li Yuwen. After hearing what Shen Huixing said, Jiang Jing realized that her previous view of Li Yuwen was too one-sided.

Sheng Jiangchuan learned that there was a problem with Yunmei Haitao, so he quietly began to investigate, and asked some old employees who had left to ask about the situation. Bai Xiaorui found a Xiao Li who had been away for a long time, and learned from Xiao Li that He Yunmei’s change started from that illness. After He Yunmei fell ill, she rented a mansion at Pujiang No. 1 for a monthly rent of 110,000 yuan. She also handed in a boyfriend, Kevin, and hired a life assistant of more than 20,000 yuan. All the money spent went to the company. ‘s account.

After Sheng Jiangchuan chatted with Xiao Li, he realized that He Yunmei had changed. She no longer worked hard to start a business, but tried her best to squander the 40 million investment of Feihu Capital, and thought about continuing to let Feihu Capital invest. She Tiantian helped He Yunmei to organize a grand birthday party in the mansion, and invited people from all walks of life to come to the revelry, and Jonson was one of them. Before attending the birthday party, Jonson had already investigated He Yunmei and She Tiantian, so when chatting with She Tiantian, he told She Tiantian the story.

Zhuang Sen knew that it was She Tiantian who deliberately approached He Yunmei after He Yunmei successfully got the investment in her business, and lured He Yunmei to live the life of a drunken fan. That’s it. She Tiantian does not deny what Zhuang Sen said, she thinks that she saved He Yunmei, and she deserves all the benefits she gets from He Yunmei.

After She Tiantian finished speaking, Zhuang Sen questioned whether She Tiantian had any other purpose, and She Tiantian then made Zhuang Sen misappropriation of 4 million to go to Macau without He Yunmei.

Sheng Jiangchuan reported the matter of He Yunmei to President Cao. President Cao wanted to clear the warehouse and cut off the investment of Yunmei Haitao, but Sheng Jiangchuan believed that Yunmei Haitao could still be saved because the company he took over was very interested in Yunmei Haitao.

Sheng Jiangchuan wants to find evidence that He Yunmei was kicked out of the company, and find someone to take over Yunmei Haitao, so that Yunmei Haitao can be rebuilt. President Cao agreed with Sheng Jiangchuan’s idea, and asked Sheng Jiangchuan to arrange for someone to go to Yunmei Haitao to be a financer and secretly investigate He Yunmei.

He Yunmei made preparations for Sheng Jiangchuan in advance and installed monitoring in the financial office. She happened to hear Sheng Jiangchuan’s conversation and knew that Sheng Jiangchuan was checking her accounts. After He Yunmei knew Sheng Jiangchuan’s purpose, she wanted to get back the 4 million that had been misappropriated, and not to pay usurious interest, so that she could pass Sheng Jiangchuan’s hurdle first, so as not to be sent to prison.

She Tiantian embezzled He Yunmei’s four million yuan, but did not take it to usury, and she could not get the money back for the time being, so she pretended to worry about the danger of He Yunmei being sent to prison, and persuaded He Yunmei not to pay back the four million yuan, and follow up with her. Kevin fled abroad.

He Yunmei was frightened by She Tiantian, and decided to do what She Tiantian said. She Tiantian then encouraged He Yunmei, and then misappropriated the 10 million in the company’s account. Sheng Jiangchuan put aside Yunmei Haitao temporarily and started to deal with the Wildfire Music Festival, because Daniel of DG Global Music was coming to Shanghai, and he was going to meet this Daniel.

Daniel was going to attend Gao Wei’s wedding, and Sheng Jiangchuan was about to leave for the hotel when he received a call from Brother Sui, the finance minister. He learned that he had found some clues there and asked him to go first.

Huo Liankai took away the information about the anger, and was also going to take a step in this matter and go to Gao Wei’s wedding scene.

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