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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 6 Recap

Zhong Yu used his dream of music to persuade those who were watching, and all those who wanted to be pulled into a rage. From the perspective of capital, Sheng Jiangchuan taught the employees of Wildfire Liaoyuan a lesson, letting them know that it would only be better if they stayed, which directly destroyed Zhong Yu’s good deeds, and made Zhong Yu win more than half of the people he had expected.

Dong Sijia didn’t recruit anyone because of Zhong Yu, worried that her investment in a raging project would be ruined, and had a big quarrel with Zhong Yu, but Zhong Yu didn’t think there was a problem, which made her even more anxious. Li Yuwen held a birthday party to entertain his classmates, and because Li Yuwen was a full-time father at home, he didn’t have to fight in the workplace.

When everyone praised Li Yuwen, Dong Sijia brought a cake to celebrate Li Yuwen’s birthday and said a lot of good things about Li Yuwen. After the meal, when Dong Sijia was going to pay the bill, she was stopped by Li Yuwen’s classmates and chatted in the corridor for a long time, but she didn’t expect to be bumped into by Huo Liankai, who was eating next door.

Dong Sijia kept silent about her family affairs and did not let her colleagues know about her husband, but Huo Liankai didn’t expect her to know that her husband didn’t have a job to take care of the children at home, which made her feel very ashamed.

Huo Liankai chatted a few words with Dong Sijia, and continued to eat with Sheng Jiangchuan, so the two complained a lot of bad things about Dong Sijia. The offensive of the raging fire was very fierce, and Sheng Jiangchuan was a little worried, for fear that Zhong Yu and Shen Huixing would join forces and they would screw up the Wildfire Music Festival.

Sheng Jiangchuan was dealing with the matter of the wildfire, and at the same time went to Yunmei Haitao to investigate to see if there was a need for investment. The boss of Yunmei Haitao took Sheng Jiangchuan to visit the company, explained the situation, and asked for a new round of financing, while Sheng Jiangchuan asked to report back to President Cao before replying to them.

A car in the underground garage of the community was scratched, and there were three cats painted by children on it. Shen Huixing and the three were then called to the property to find out the situation. Shen Huixing and Li Yuwen both asked about Sheng Tang and Li Xi’s situation, but they didn’t ask the real situation, just because the surveillance video caught their children approaching the car, they must bear the responsibility.

Li Yuwen believed that their children were frightened, and they were suspected of evading the theory with the car owner, so they discussed with Shen Huixing and the others, first compensated for the loss, and then found the truth.

The owner’s car was scratched and it was only replaced but not repaired. The repair fee was especially expensive. The cost of repairing the car was more than 100,000 yuan. Each of Shen Huixing and the three had to pay more than 50,000 yuan. Jiang Jing’s family paid the car owner directly. Li Yuwen transferred money to the car owner through online banking, but Shen Huixing was a little embarrassed because she didn’t have so much money in her account, so she had to get cash from the car owner, cashed out some money with her credit card, and collected more than 50,000 yuan for the car owner.

In the evening, Dong Sijia came home and learned about Li Xi’s car driving, and scolded Li Xi indiscriminately, but Li Yuwen believed that the truth was not the case. He believed that Li Xi would not lie and insisted on finding out the truth.

Jiang Jing felt that Lu Hetong lied and did not admit to scratching other people’s cars, so she asked her husband Lu Weibin to talk about Lu Hetong, but Lu Weibin refused to discipline Lu Hetong well, which made her very embarrassed. Shen Huixing also didn’t believe that Sheng Tang would lie, so she went to the property the next day and asked to check the surveillance again. She wanted to copy the surveillance video, but was rejected by the property. Li Yuwen saw that Shen Huixing was going to work, so he let Shen Huixing go to work with confidence, he helped to check the monitoring, and then notified Shen Huixing if there was any situation.

Mr. Lv went to Yunshan Evergreen to talk about investment. Huo Liankai took advantage of his male advantage and deliberately went to grab Dong Sijia’s customers and wanted to take Mr. Lv to a nightclub. Dong Sijia watched Huo Liankai snatch a client without saying anything, and let Huo Liankai do it, because she knew that Lu was always controlled by his wife and couldn’t make any decisions, so she didn’t care about Huo Liankai robbing this client. Huo Liankai wanted to make achievements, but did not have any customer resources, so he could only grab customers with Dong Sijiaming, just for the project to be successful.

Li Yuwen discovered the problem of surveillance and found that four hours of video footage were missing from the surveillance video, so he asked the property management to cooperate and went to the engineering department to ask about the situation. Li Yuwen and Shen Huixing asked in the engineering department and learned that the system had a problem that day, and the surveillance video could not work, but the cars in the parking lot could enter and exit the parking lot.

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