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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 4 Recap

Shen Huixing didn’t understand the reason why she had been rejected all the time, so she had to go to her classmates to ask about her failure in the interview. It turned out that her six-year stay-at-home mother made her the main reason for rejection by major companies. Shen Huixing understood the reason, but she still did not give up on looking for a job. She would continue to look for other jobs, and she believed that her ability would definitely be appreciated.

Jiang Jing asked Shen Huixing about finding a job, and Shen Huixing asked Jiang Jing about her husband’s work, but Jiang Jing didn’t know her husband’s business at all. Jiang Jing didn’t understand her husband’s work, but she talked about her cousin who worked in the financial circle. This gave Shen Huixing an idea and asked Jiang Jing to help her find a job.

Shen Huixing and Jiang Jing went to the cinema together, blocked cousin Li Xiaotian who was watching the movie alone, and told Li Xiaotian about finding a job, Li Xiaotian then helped Shen Huixing find a job. Spruce Changqing’s second team needed to recruit people, so Li Xiaotian offered Shen Huixing an interview opportunity, but at the same time told Shen Huixing not to have too much hope for this job.

Shen Huixing wanted to try as long as she had the chance, and was not afraid of failure, but she never thought that the person who interviewed her would be Huo Liankai, who she debated on the forum. After the debate, Huo Liankai knew that Shen Huixing and Sheng Jiangchuan were husband and wife, so for the matter on the forum, he reminisced with Shen Huixing first, and then conducted an interview to talk about Shen Huixing’s situation.

During the interview, Huo Liankai shared his concerns with Shen Huixing one by one, giving Shen Huixing a chance to express his thoughts. Although Huo Liankai couldn’t refute Shen Huixing’s statement, he still had concerns about hiring Shen Huixing, and Shen Huixing had to leave with his resume.

Dong Sijia and Huo Liankai occupied a conference room, and heard the conversation between Huo Liankai and Shen Huixing, which made her interested in Shen Huixing, so she asked her subordinates to arrange that if Huo Liankai did not hire Shen Huixing, she would be recruited to her team as an assistant.

Shen Huixing was hired, and she went home and told Shen Peng about the matter as soon as possible. Her stepmother was very supportive of her going to work, while Shen Peng had many concerns about Shen Huixing’s re-entry into the workplace. Sheng Jiangchuan came back from a business trip, bought a gift and wanted to go home to coax Shen Huixing, but he didn’t expect to see no one when he got home, and his things were still in the small dark room.

After the meal, Shen Peng quietly told Shen Huixing his true thoughts, letting Shen Huixing know that the concerns he said at the dinner table about Shen Huixing’s job search were for her stepmother, in order not to let her stepmother also Learn from her to find a job.

Shen Peng is very much in favor of Shen Huixing going out to work, and has always encouraged Shen Huixing to do her work well, and she felt distressed for Shen Huixing who gave up her work to have a child back then.

Shen Huixing came back and saw the cherries bought by Sheng Jiangchuan, and blamed Sheng Jiangchuan for buying so many, while Sheng Jiangchuan learned from Sheng Tang’s mouth that Shen Huixing had found a job and was going to work next week. Sheng Jiangchuan was surprised by Shen Huixing’s work, so he went to Shen Huixing to ask questions clearly, and blamed Shen Huixing for not discussing with him, so he went to find a job.

Shen Huixing didn’t think there was any problem with her finding a job, but Sheng Jiangchuan could only ask Shen Huixing to sacrifice her work to stay at home because she needed someone to take care of her sugar.

Shen Huixing did not agree with Sheng Jiangchuan’s statement, accused Sheng Jiangchuan of being selfish, and insisted that she sacrifice everything to support Sheng Jiangchuan’s success, which angered Sheng Jiangchuan. Sheng Jiangchuan was provoked by Shen Huixing, so he said some ugly things, indicating that Dong Sijia hired Shen Huixing to embarrass him, and made Shen Huixing even more angry.

After Shen Huixing cried sadly all night, she went online to find a nanny with the child and asked Jiang Jing to help her bring a candy. Sheng Jiangchuan asked Bai Xiaorui to check what projects Dong Sijia was working on for Dong Sijia’s hiring of Shen Huixing. He wanted to take all Dong Sijia’s projects to retaliate against Dong Sijia.

Shen Huixing interviewed several nannies, but she couldn’t speak Mandarin, or she didn’t look at the traffic lights when crossing the road, which made her particularly uneasy, so she could only find someone slowly.

Sheng Jiangchuan went home and wanted to work, but because the socket panel was dismantled by Shen Huixing, he had to use a wired socket to connect it, which blocked the way home. As soon as Shen Huixing came home, she saw that what Sheng Jiangchuan had done had endangered the safety of Sheng Tang, so she immediately pulled the line.

Sheng Jiangchuan was very unhappy when he was unplugged, and went to Shen Huixing for the theory, but Shen Huixing asked him to pick up the panel himself. Sheng Jiangchuan didn’t believe that he couldn’t connect the panel, so he started at Baidu, but he still failed, and directly short-circuited the electricity at home.

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