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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 3 Recap

In the conference room, Shen Huixing was chased back and forth by latecomers because there was no room. When Sheng Jiangchuan went outside to answer the phone, he met Huo Liankai, who had just returned to China, and learned that he was now working in Yunshan Evergreen. The two agreed to have a drink and meet again later.

The host asked the special guests to express their opinions on whether to invest in the track or the player. Cao Daren advocated investing in the track, and Wang Zhiyi agreed with the pitcher. After both sides expressed their opinions, the host suggested that the audience could express their opinions. It happened that Shen Huixing was occupied and stood up, and was mistaken by the host to answer a question. Shen Huixing took the microphone and expressed her opinion: She believes that compared with the track and the players, it is the ideals and visions that deserve more attention.

From this perspective, investing in a track or a racer is a false proposition. Investors should focus more on ideals and visions in order to invest in great companies. After she finished speaking, Huo Liankai stood up and refuted Huixing’s view which was too idealistic. He introduced himself as he had just returned from abroad and was currently in charge of the second group of Spruce Evergreen business.

Competitors can revitalize the entire track. Shen Huixing laughed and said that if investing in runners is equal to revitalizing the track, then the money from foreign investors will be very profitable. Her words caused laughter from the audience. Huo Liankai asked where Huixing was employed. Knowing that she did not have a job, the staff asked Shen Huixing to leave the venue immediately, and Sheng Jiangchuan hurried over to see her off.

Sheng Jiangchuan hung his face all the way and returned to the room. Shen Huixing asked him if he felt ashamed of him. She was a financial student and could express her opinion. Sheng Jiangchuan reminded Huixing that the investment market was ever-changing and she had been away for six years.

Shen Huixing didn’t expect Sheng Jiangchuan to think of herself so much, and accused him of disagreement. Sheng Jiangchuan felt wronged that he had to coax Huixing to be too tired after working hard outside. Huixing asked Jiangchuan to put away his condescending sense of superiority, and she immediately cleaned up. Luggage left the hotel.

Shen Huixing drove the car away, and on the way home, she thought about Jiang Jing’s words and the recent subtle changes in Sheng Jiangchuan.

After the meeting the next day, Sheng Jiangchuan took the car of Gao Wei, a venture capital network, to go home. Gao Wei Road gave him a piece of information, saying that a cross-border logistics company was going to acquire a high-quality cross-border e-commerce recently. Sheng Jiangchuan has Interested in waiting for his news.

Shen Huixing took Sheng Tang to the school and applied for a transfer for her daughter’s early admission. The principal was a little embarrassed, and Hui Xing suggested that Sheng Tang could be arranged for a test. On the way, the daughter asked her mother why she had to be transferred to work, and Shen Huixing told her that everyone must find their own place in their own field.

Sheng Jiangchuan returned home and found that his luggage had been thrown into the small black room. After arriving at the company, Xiaobai told him that Shen Huixing’s forum debate was recorded as a small video by his peers and sent to the financial group. Many people thought that she said Very good, Sheng Jiangchuan was angry that the industry boss made his remarks on the show to promote the company to promote himself to get more attention from the company.

On the stage, it seemed to be tit for tat, but in fact they would flatter each other in the end. There is no need for Shen Huixing to play fifty dozen boards each. , She is too idealistic and has no social experience at all. Sheng Jiangchuan asked Xiaobai to immediately sort out the information on Yunmei Haitang. He wanted to go to the coastal free trade zone based on the information provided by Gao Wei.

Jiang Jing advised Shen Huixing that there was no need to let her daughter go to school early because of a little conflict. Huixing said that she could accept starting as an intern. Jiang Jing felt that she did not want to put all her chips on men, especially men like Lu Weibin. ,

I don’t want him to think that she is with him because of money. For this reason, she is eight months pregnant and is still working hard for promotion, but she ended up taking maternity leave. If she goes back, she has to accept salary reduction and demotion. He simply treats the child as a job and treats the husband as the boss to enjoy life. Huixing refuted that the relationship between husband and wife should be equal.

Jiang explained that only by showing the mentality of serving the boss, all the shortcomings of the husband can be fully accepted, and the woman’s Value can also be reflected in managing children and families well. Shen Huixing insisted on realizing her self-worth, because her father provided herself to graduate from college alone, she couldn’t just be a full-time mother, she could accept the downgrade, and she didn’t mind starting from scratch.

In the office, Mr. Wang officially introduced Huo Liankai to Dong Sijia and Li Xiaotian. Huo Liankai learned that Dong Sijia was also working overtime on weekends. He felt that it was difficult for investors to work, and it was even more difficult for female investors.

Although Shen Huixing actively did her homework for the interview, none of the employers was willing to hire her because she had no work experience and had children. Jiang Jing brought the children to play at home. Seeing that Huixing and her husband were separated, she suggested that she should get along better with her husband as her boss. Huixing was unwilling to compromise and decided to continue looking for a job.

In the evening, looking at the night sky, Huixing remembered her debating style in college, and couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment. She and Sheng Jiangchuan met in the debate contest on “Is it a waste for a highly educated girl to be a full-time wife?” Sheng Jiangchuan served as the defense. The captain, she is the captain of the main debate.

That time, Shen Huixing said that she was willing to sacrifice herself to be a full-time wife for her children, but she would not be a full-time wife forever. Her wonderful debate won bursts of applause from the scene, and even Sheng Jiangchuan quietly raised her eyebrows. thumbs up. However, Shen Huixing unexpectedly became pregnant on the eve of graduation. For the sake of her child, she gave up the opportunity to work in a big company and decided to wait for her child to grow up before going to work.

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