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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 2 Recap

Looking at the invitation letter, Shen Huixing wondered that Zhong Yu was the most fond of rock and roll spirit, why did she do such a vulgar thing, Sheng Jiangchuan urged her to leave the empty room for herself to use as a game room since her wish had been fulfilled, Shen Huixing corrected him and didn’t go through the back door. Call it a wish come true!

When Jiang Jing took Shen Huixing to experience a yoga class, she accidentally fell off the yoga belt. After the doctor’s examination, it was confirmed that it was not a fracture, but a sprain, but Jiang Jing begged the doctor to put on a plasterboard. On the way home, she revealed the reason: next month, her husband agreed to let her take her child on a 20-day parent-child study trip to New Zealand. She has taken her child to many places over the years, but her parents are in their 60s.

She had never been abroad, so she wanted to pretend to be injured, so that because she couldn’t go and paid the money and couldn’t get it back, she could justifiably let her parents and children go with her. Shen Huixing did not understand that it is human nature to be filial to one’s parents. Why can’t Jiang Jing tell her husband directly, Jiang Jing explained that a full-time mother has no income, and it is okay to spend money on her children, but she has to spend it on herself, especially her parents.

A beggar who asks for money is no different. Huixing asks her why she doesn’t go out to work. Jiang Jing asked her why, and Hui Xing said that when the child went to school, he was going to go to work! In the evening, Shen Huixing learned that Sheng Jiangchuan wanted to teach his children Lego lessons for the purpose of playing the game house, and he still did not compromise.

After Jiang Jing learned about this incident, she reminded Hui Xing to keep it safe for a small black house, and don’t forget that people are the ones who made money. Jiang Jing removed the plaster because her husband was on a business trip. Hui Xing laughed at her as being too tired, but Jiang Jing felt even more tired.

Huixing saw that the early education teacher asked the children to make Lego exactly the same, and smiled bitterly. This is equivalent to them spending tens of thousands of dollars to cultivate an uncreative handicraft maker. A parent with a boy told her that this may be an early education center. In order to meet the needs of parents, parents’ anxiety inevitably makes teachers eager for quick success.

Comet lamented that it was indeed market demand that determined the direction of private educational institutions, and the little boy felt that Comet spoke in a tone similar to that of his mother! After the two left, Jiang Jing introduced the boy’s father as Li Yuwen, who was also from their community. He was a full-time father. He heard that his wife was an investment executive in the financial industry.

Zhong Yu came to Dong Sijia’s office as scheduled. He wanted to build a new live broadcast platform. He had already thought of a name for it. He wanted to use his anger to take back everything he lost in the wildfire. Dong Sijia reminded him to wait until the new company was established. May have missed the vent. Zhong Yu said that he can build a company that can compete with Wildfire in a short period of time.

Although he was calculated by Sheng Jiangchuan and several directors this time, Wildfire was founded by him. There are many people in the company who support him. They are They are the core strength of the company who are cultivated and promoted by themselves. Many people have already stated that as long as they start anew, they will definitely respond. At that time, the wildfire that Sheng Jiangchuan has worked so hard to get will be just an empty shell.

In the community activity area, watching Li Yuwen quietly reading a book on the side, Jiang Jing told Huixing that a truly capable and self-motivated person could not sacrifice himself to raise children at home. He must be earning more than his wife, while Shen Huixing said Thinking that there is no requirement for a woman to bring the child, is like not going out to work because the child is better than the husband.

In the evening, Shen Huixing asked Sheng Jiangchuan if he would be willing to let Sheng Jiangchuan take the children at home. Sheng Jiangchuan made it clear that he was very willing, but it must not be as good as her. He asked Sheng Tang about the Lego class.

Hui Xing suggested to buy Lego back, Sheng Jiangchuan said. Happily, since Huixing contributed to the music room, Lego let him teach his daughter, and Huixing corrected himself that he did not agree. Putting a blanket on the floor of the music room can make Lego. At that time, Sheng Jiangchuan can also be influenced by some music and kill two birds with one stone. Otherwise, how can he be a collaborator of wildfires.

Dong Sijia asked his subordinates to complete the project in the afternoon, otherwise they would not be able to get off work. At this time, Sheng Jiangchuan pretended to be an old man at home and called the property to complain that someone was playing the piano downstairs. After a while, the property came to dissuade Comet.

Sheng Jiangchuan pretended to have a theory with the property, and was closed by Comet with an apology. So the property decided to print out a notice to ask the owner to pay attention to the quality of the people and not disturb the residents at night. Sheng Jiangchuan was overjoyed and deliberately said that he didn’t want the game room anymore and couldn’t get used to their self-centeredness, which made Huixing a little embarrassed.

Li Yuwen’s teacher, Professor Luo, sent him Jericho roses in a desert in the Middle East. Li Yuwen told his daughter: This is actually a kind of lichen, and its vitality is very tenacious. It will dry up when there is no water in the desert, but even if it is dry It will revive when exposed to water for a long time.

When Huixing received the courier, she saw the notice posted on the property at the door, and muttered that the sound insulation of such an expensive neighborhood is too poor, but she learned from the courier brother that there were a pair of young foreigners living downstairs, who often held parties and the door was closed. He couldn’t hear a single sound, and Huixing looked at the Lego delivered by the courier and understood what was going on.

When Sheng Jiangchuan came back in the evening, he found that the network cables and power strips in the hut were gone. Huixing explained that these were a safety hazard to his daughter, so he could just install them when he used them. Seeing Sheng Jiangchuan’s confused expression, Shen Huixing said: He laughed at himself that he was about to become a foreman, but her husband was still a little princess.

Early the next morning, Xiaobai asked how the recommended game console was, and was scolded by Sheng Jiangchuan. The boss, Cao Daren, gave Sheng Jiangchuan Venture Capital an invitation to discuss the sword, praising him for being able to take food from the flying tiger of Spruce Evergreen, but the key is to sell the product.

After Dong Sijia reported Zhong Yu’s thoughts to Wang Zhiyi, President Wang asked her to sign a contract for Zhong Yu as soon as possible. He gave Sijia an invitation to this year’s venture capital and swordsmanship ceremony, saying that the location was in a resort hotel, and he could invite her husband to come with him.

In the evening, Sheng Jiangchuan took out the invitation and showed it in front of Shen Huixing. This is the most extreme event in the investment world. Only the bigwigs in the investment world are eligible to participate. Knowing that he can also accompany him as a partner, Huixing could not ask for it. On the other side, Dong Sijia just informed her husband about her schedule and did not invite him to participate. Li Yuwen read to Sijia after going to bed as usual, and accompanies her to sleep.

When she came to the resort, Shen Huixing learned that the organizer prepared leisure and entertainment for the wives, so she begged Sheng Jiangchuan to take him to the forum, but Sheng Jiangchuan did not agree, but hoped that Huixing would take this opportunity to have a good relationship with Cao Daren’s wife . After arriving in the room, Huixing took advantage of the secret to take a photo of Sheng Jiangchuan’s pass and exchanged her own.

In the back garden, because Shen Huixing was wearing a formal suit, she was treated as a hotel waiter by her wives and stopped her to ask for directions. Huixing was eager to follow a group of reporters inside, so she pointed her in a random direction.

On the forum, the position of Sheng Jiangchuan and Dong Sijia happened to be arranged together. The enemy was very jealous when they met. The two talked with guns and sticks, and slandered each other.

The wife who was pointed in the wrong direction of the bathroom by Shen Huixing complained that the hotel service was too poor. After learning the reason, the front desk explained that there was no such waiter.

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