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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 1 Recap

Her father came to help Shen Huixing move. After she drew the loading instructions, she told her father to load the car to the new house first, and she would rush to meet immediately after the band’s performance. The loader was curious about what Shen Huixing learned, and even drew instructions for loading the truck. Father Shen Peng proudly introduced that his daughter graduated from the Finance Department of a famous university.

At this time, Shen Huixing’s husband Sheng Jiangchuan was working at Feihu Capital. Xiaobai asked him if he was moving in the afternoon and would not be able to go to the press conference. Sheng Jiangchuan told him: Today is the press conference of the Wildfire Music Festival, and they are the latest investors. Can’t be late.

After Shen Huixing arrived at the mall, she received flowers from Sheng Jiangchuan and wished her a successful first stage! Colleagues praised that Sheng Jiangchuan is now a gold investor, not what it used to be!

At the press conference of the Wildfire Music Festival, Mr. Guo announced that the company had just invested 50 million from Feihu Capital. The reporter asked Sheng Jiangchuan to focus on investment in the high-tech and Internet industries in the past.

Why did he suddenly invest in music this time? Sheng Jiangchuan replied that there is no cross-border investment, and their investors only invest to make money. The reporter asked Spruce Evergreen, a well-known investment company, to participate in this investment. Why did Wildfire Liaoyuan choose Flying Tiger Capital in the end? Sheng Jiangchuan explained that investment is a two-way choice.

This question should be answered by Mr. Guo. The reporter asked again: Guo is always the new CEO, while the founder and CEO of Wildfire Liaoyuan has always been Zhong Yu. They want to know why they just introduced Feifei. With Tiger Capital’s investment, Mr. Zhong suddenly left the wildfire? Sheng Jiangchuan affirmed that Spruce Evergreen is a well-known old-fashioned investment company in the industry.

Wang Zhiyi, President Wang, has accurately invested in many now famous companies, and is also the idol of their young investors. The reporter continued to ask: The actual situation is that Feihu Capital and Yunqing Evergreen have played against each other several times in the past two years, and the competition is quite fierce. Sheng Jiangchuan replied: The best way to pay tribute to an idol is to constantly challenge him until he surpasses him!

At this time, in the office of President Wang of Yunshan Evergreen, Dong Sijia was angry that they were the first to be optimistic about the music live broadcast platform, and they were the first to find Wildfire Liaoyuan. Zhong Yu had already promised to cooperate with them, but he also clearly refused. Sheng Jiangchuan, but Sheng Jiangchuan connected with the major shareholders of the wildfire, somehow fanned the flames and actually passed the board vote and pulled Zhong Yu from the CEO position, but he wanted to surpass them.

Far from it. President Wang reminded Dong Sijia: Lie on success and sleep well, it will be a matter of time to be surpassed. Dong Sijia said that it was her responsibility not to win the wildfire, and she would work harder in the future. President Wang thinks that Sheng Jiangchuan is right. A successful system is easy to become rigid. In order not to be surpassed, Spruce Evergreen should join fresh blood.

After the press conference, Zhong Yu walked out of the venue and said angrily that the wildfire was his own child, and no one wanted to take it away.

Although Shen Huixing sang hard, the aunts and uncles in the audience only cared about drawing lottery to get gifts. Comet comforted his teammates. Their goal was the Wildfire Music Festival. Although they have not been shortlisted for several years, rock is a spirit. I have to persevere with myself as a full-time mother. Encouraged by the comet, everyone decided to sign up in the afternoon. When Shen Huixing arrived at the new home, she learned that the worker had accidentally damaged the item, so she took out the welding tools and repaired it skillfully.

After the press conference, Sheng Jiangchuan and President Guo received a call from Shen Huixing when they were having dinner together, informing him that the new home had been moved. Sheng Jiangchuan and Xiaobai played a double reed together, playing the role of a model husband on the phone. After hanging up, Mr. Guo gave him a thumbs up.

Dad was dissatisfied with Sheng Jiangchuan’s move and did not come back to help. Shen Huixing smiled wryly. From buying a house to decorating and moving, she was used to it by herself and never counted on him. Hui Xing persuaded the father to pick up his son quickly, and the little stepmother should be angry for a while.

Shen Huixing’s daughter Sheng Tang complained to her mother that the little boy Tong Tong stole his toys and did not let her play on the slide or other children with her. Hui Xing took her daughter over to negotiate with Tong Tong, but Tong Tong was arrogant and arrogant. . Huixing thought of a way to call the children in the courtyard to play eagles and catch chickens with her.

Jiang Jing also participated. Tongtong was quickly attracted and asked to join. Huixing took the opportunity to ask him to apologize to the children for his behavior just now. Tong Tong obeyed obediently and became good friends with Sheng Tang. Jiang Jing praised that Huixing was really amazing, and she added WeChat to each other, and agreed to go downstairs to play together in the future.

Sheng Jiangchuan came home at night after drinking, but was stopped by the security guard at the door and could not tell his building number and floor, so he had to call Huixing for help. After returning home, he proudly said that their home faces the Financial Street, with the Central Business District as the back, and it only takes five minutes to walk to work. This is happiness. Working in Financial Street, those who commute for two hours are either interns or just graduated from college. They are paid monthly for forty minutes, and are not eligible for annual wages.

Only those who walk for five minutes to work are really good. He is a good man’s guide, and by himself, he has led the whole family to upgrade their consumption, making them jump to a new level! Hui Xing pointed out that from viewing a house to buying a house, from packing to moving house, she was the only one who contributed. If he was alone, he would not even be able to find the house, but before she finished speaking, Sheng Jiangchuan was already lying in his coat. Coming to bed, he snored, and seeing him like a puddle of mud, Hui Xing had mixed feelings in his heart.

The next day, Shen Huixing repeated what Sheng Jiangchuan said last night. Sheng Jiangchuan denied it, saying that the family was all due to Huixing. Huixing pointed out that she was willing to marry and chose to have children at home. Their superiority is displayed in front of themselves, they are equal. Sheng Jiangchuan explained that his bragging words after drinking can’t be taken seriously. Huixing said that they are now a two-bedroom house.

If Sheng Jiangchuan takes the children at home and she goes out to work, maybe they can buy a four-bedroom house. Sheng Jiangchuan told her: Investing in this business is to be ambitious and always be hungry and bloodthirsty. He asked where breakfast was, and Huixing asked him to do it by himself. Sheng Jiangchuan asked Huixing to wait for him to rest before cleaning up the empty house together, but Huixing was dubious.

As soon as he arrived at the company, Xiaobai told Sheng Jiangchuan that when his colleagues saw him walking to work in the morning, they all knew that he had moved to a new house. Sheng Jiangchuan said that he had an empty room in his new house and wanted to make a game room. Xiaobai recommended him to buy one. Somatosensory game console.

Dad brought his son to see Huixing. Jiang Jing felt that Sheng Tang’s uncle was only three years older than her, and felt incredible. When he got home, Hui Xing asked his father what he was measuring with a ruler. Dad said that he wanted to give a piano with sugar, but it seemed that he could not fit it in the empty room.

President Wang decided to add a second industry group, called Dong Sijia and Xiaotian, and said that the person in charge was introduced by a friend and asked them to bring him more. Dong Sijia stated that he will work hard to find more good projects. President Wang emphasized that it must be successful, and then let Feihu Capital take the lead. There is no place for his face. Walking out of the office, Oda reminded Dong Sijia that she should be careful who can express gratitude to Mr. Wang’s crisis.

Yan Yuhan told Dong Sijia: Zhong Yu wanted to see her, and Dong Sijia arranged to invite him to the office tomorrow. She arranged for Dong Yuhan to give her the new information about the wildfire immediately. Everyone worked overtime today and must submit the evaluation report of the recent project.

Sheng Jiangchuan came back from get off work and learned that Huixing had packed the empty room, so he discussed with her that he wanted to turn it into a game room, while Shen Huixing wanted a music room. Sheng Jiangchuan casually said that she would not go to work and play music. You can play casually outside. Huixing is dissatisfied that Sheng Jiangchuan is too floating after moving to a new house. She announces: According to the original plan, after Sheng Tang goes to school, she will look for a job, and she will realize her music dream. Sheng Jiangchuan thought she had given up long ago, and Hui Xing said that she never gave up easily.

Early the next morning, Sheng Jiangchuan made a special trip to the Wildfire Liaoyuan Music Festival to inspect the stage upgrade effect, and took the opportunity to ask the person in charge if his wife’s band could participate? When he got home in the evening, Sheng Jiangchuan took the invitation letter of the Wildfire Music Festival to Shen Huixing and proudly told her that this is the power of capital!

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