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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 8 Recap

Yu Guiren died in prison, and the bribe entourage also disappeared mysteriously in prison. Zhu Zhanji felt that this matter was very strange. He was about to investigate it clearly, and suddenly a box was sent from the Qianqing Palace. Zhu Zhanji opened it and took a look. , There is a Maitreya Buddha in the box, but his eyes are blindfolded. Zhu Zhanji immediately understands that this is the emperor telling him “don’t listen, don’t look, don’t move”, Zhu Zhanji turned and went back to the study to study behind closed doors.

Concubine Zhuang was released from prison safely and gave Yao Zijin a lot of gifts. Yao Zijin gave cakes to Concubine Zhuang in the rain, but she was caught in the rain on the road. I haven’t seen a pen pal come to deliver meals for several days. Zhu Zhanji is absent-minded all day long when he is studying and studying. The guard Yuan Qi knows where Zhu Zhanji’s heart disease is. Let them go to the Shangshi Bureau to inquire about the news.

When Yuan Qi learned that Yao Zijin was ill, he quietly added some ginseng to the prescription, falsely claiming that it was prescribed by the Taiyuan Hospital to send it to Yao Zijin. Hu Sishan’s foot twisted, but because Meng Ziyun didn’t like seeing her recently, many people were reluctant to bring her meals. Only Yao Zijin took the errand and picked up the shoes that Hu Sishan threw out in anger and gave them again. When she put it on, Hu Sishan liked Yao Zijin and asked her if she would like to be her apprentice. Hu Sishan told her that the key to success in this world is the word “different”, so Yao Zijin could think about it.

Yao Zijin went back and thought carefully about what Hu Sishan said to her, and when she understood something, she said a few words in Yin Ziping’s ear. Yin Ziping couldn’t afford to kneel in front of Meng Ziyun’s door, and finally Meng Ziyun forgave Yin Ziping and promised to give her another chance. On the other hand, Wang Sishan hoped that Su Yuehua could follow him to complete the editing of the ancient recipes in his hands. In fact, Meng Shangshi entrusted Su Yuehua to her, so Wang Sishan was willing to teach Su Yuehua wholeheartedly. In Dongnuan Pavilion, Zhu Zhanji hasn’t been here for a long time. He is used to being spoiled by Zhu Zhanji. This time, he didn’t see Zhu Zhanji coming to visit, and Yu’an felt very uneasy.

After Yao Zijin recovered, she delivered lunch boxes to Zhu Zhanji as usual. There was no one in the study. She quietly flipped through the ancient books and couldn’t help but read them. Zhu Zhanji asked her to stay and serve him, but Yao Zijin immediately shied away, saying that he was just a chef of the Shang Food Bureau. Zhu Zhanji did not keep it any longer, and then tasted the meal and found that today’s meal was not made by Yao Zijin, and ordered Yao Zijin to be responsible for his future diet in the future. .

Yin Ziping did not understand what her strengths were. Meng Ziyuan asked her to think about it and report it to her after she went back. Yao Zijin reminded Yin Ziping that Su Yuehua was a chef from generation to generation. A “miscellaneous” word.

Zhao Sicheng delivered the ingredients to the Shang Food Bureau. Wang Sishan checked the menu and found that the number was not correct. She pulled Zhao Sicheng to ask for clarification. Meng Ziyuan came forward to ease the tense atmosphere. After Zhao Sicheng left, Meng Zi Yun angrily reminded Wang Sishan that he was too brainy to do things, that Shangshan colluded inside and outside the prison, and there were eunuchs’ cronies everywhere, and they couldn’t afford to offend anyone at all. Meng Ziyuan shook his head and walked away when he saw the ingredients that the cooks were competing to choose first. Wang Sishan inspired the cooks to be good at discovering ingredients. This is the true meaning of a cook’s job.

Yu’an went to greet the princess, and the prince ordered her subordinates to bring soup and medicine to Yu’an to recuperate her body and try to get pregnant with Long Si as soon as possible. Yu’an figured it out, and she decided to ask her maid to invite Zhu Zhanji in person.

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