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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 7 Recap

The emperor told Zhu Zhanji that the reason why he reused these Jinyiwei guards was to keep officials alert at all times and to prevent incidents of fish and meat from happening to the common people. Zhu Zhanji couldn’t help saying that the female class was not to be feared at all, but the emperor felt that the harem and the previous dynasty were inextricably linked, and the seemingly weak female class could not be allowed to have the heart of a tiger and wolves to disrupt the court. The emperor asked Zhu Zhanji to go back and study hard, and don’t worry about the rest.

Jin Yiwei tortured all the suspects overnight to extract confessions, and Yu Meiren was beaten to pieces, still insisting that the prince was at fault. Yao Zijin and Yin Ziping came to the door of Concubine Zhuang’s bedroom overnight. They brought food and water to satisfy their hunger. They asked Concubine Zhuang if she knew the truth.

Concubine Zhuang murmured that she was innocent and was framed, and she didn’t know anything else. Yao Zijin told Concubine Zhuang that the fried rice in the bamboo tube could be stored for a period of time after being fried in oil, so she could always take it with her for emergencies. The Jinyi guards were strictly guarded, and Yao Zijin hurriedly stuffed the food into the palace gate and left.

Back at the Shang Food Bureau, Yao Zijin and Yin Ziping flipped through the recipes, looking for a way to extend the shelf life of the food. Suddenly, the palace servants came to ask Yao Zijin to see Zhu Zhanji and ordered her to change into bright clothes. Yao Zijin didn’t know what to do, and Yin Ziping excitedly reminded her to get ready. When Yao Zijin carried the food box to the door of Zhu Zhanji’s study, he suddenly saw Zhu Zhanji leaving in a hurry with his subordinates.

When Zhu Gaochi heard the wind, his thoughts were all despairing. He knew that the emperor had always believed the words of Jin Yiwei, and this time he was afraid that he would be doomed. When Zhu Zhanji rushed over, he found that his father had hung the rope on the beam and was about to hang himself on the beam.

Zhu Gaochi burst into tears and left a note to the princess saying that he was wronged. Walking on thin ice every day in the palace. Zhu Gaochi talked for a while, Zhu Zhanji persuaded him well, and finally persuaded him. On the way out of the Prince’s Mansion, Zhu Zhanji immediately asked someone to investigate whether Yu Guiren’s daily life was abnormal.

When Zhu Zhanji returned to the study, Yao Zijin had already left. He saw a note on the desk with the word “Yu” written on it. Zhu Zhanji quickly understood, this was reminding him to keep an eye on Yu Guiren.

Jin Yiwei went to the Shangshi Bureau to arrest the suspicious person. Meng Ziyun and other three Dianshan were taken away for questioning. Wang Zhangshan reassured Meng Ziyun that she would protect the Shangshi Bureau.

After several days of not delivering food to Concubine Zhuang, Yao Zijin sent wine to get Jin Yiwei drunk, and then secretly ran to the gate of Concubine Zhuang’s palace. The palace door was opened, and You Yifan ordered his men to escort Yao Zijin into the Zhenfu Prison for trial. That night, You Yifan just threatened Yao Zijin with a vicious dog, but did not punish him.

The next day, You Yifan brought Yu Gui and Yao Zijin to the emperor, claiming that both witnesses were there, and that the incident in the palace was indeed the crown prince. Yao Zijin immediately knelt down and begged for mercy, saying that the confession was not true at all. Admit everything. The emperor asked Yao Zijin to tell the truth. Yao Zijin said that he was new to the palace, and he didn’t even know where Yu Guiren was sleeping, not to mention the conspiracy. too much.

The emperor called the imperial physician to diagnose and treat Yu Guiren, who diagnosed Yu Guiren as having been suffering from chest pain and heart palsy for a long time, and was terminally ill. The prince immediately argued that even if he found someone to murder, he would not find a dying person. The truth was confusing. Zhu Zhanji arrived in time with evidence. They also reassured Yu Guiren that they would definitely protect Yu Guiren’s family. Witnesses later determined that the person who brought the gold was the bodyguard of the King of Han.

After hearing this, the King of Han immediately knelt down in front of the emperor, claiming that he was wronged. When the truth came out, the emperor ordered the people to retire, and the prince’s suspicion was lifted. Zhu Zhanji thought it was very strange that he found the evidence and evidence so quickly, as if everything was waiting for him to find it.

In front of Zheng’s tomb, You Yifan was worshipping. The King of Han angrily called him “Festival”. It turned out that You Yifan was the son of the King of Han. When he was a child, You Yifan watched helplessly as his mother, Zheng, was beaten to death by the King of Han. The King of Han did not listen to his excuses for having an affair with others.

He beat up the Zheng family without mercy, and smashed his fist into You Yifan’s heart. After his mother died, You Yifan also ran away from home. King Han said that since You Yifan disappeared, he sent people to search everywhere, and he has not given up until now. He hoped that You Yifan would recognize him as his father.

In the middle of the night, You Yifan came to the prison. Yu Guiren said that what she had asked her to do had already been done, and asked if You Yifan had kept her promise to her. You Yifan showed her the longevity chain in his hand.

He was the younger brother and sister who was driven out by Yu Guiren’s stepmother It has been found and is now fostered in a kind family, and will grow up healthy and safe in the future. When Yu Guiren saw the token, she believed that You Yifan had done it properly. She didn’t understand why You Yifan’s design framed the King of Han. Yu Guiren finally closed his eyes as he wished.

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