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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 6 Recap

The Crown Princess knew that the King of Han was kind to Meng Ziyun, so she reminded Meng Ziyun not to forget her support for her. The palace hadn’t held a flower viewing banquet for a long time, so the Crown Princess ordered Meng Ziyun to prepare well.

After Meng Ziyun left, the attendant next to the Crown Princess asked if she wanted to pursue further investigations. The Crown Princess sneered and said it would depend on which side Meng Ziyun would lean towards in the future. Yao Zijin went to deliver dishes to Zhu Zhanji. There was no one in the room. She quietly put the lunch box in, and inadvertently saw the small note written by Zhu Zhanji. She picked it up and read it carefully.

Suddenly Zhu Zhanji walked in. Yao Zijin hurriedly hid under the bamboo slump. Zhu Zhanji found that the paper on the table was moving and noticed that there was someone under the bamboo slump. He quietly pretended to fall asleep to give Yao Zijin a chance to escape. Yao Zijin really thought that Zhu Zhanji was asleep, she squatted quietly on the side to look at how he was asleep, and then gently covered the quilt.

The crown princess held a flower viewing party in the East Palace. All the concubines in the palace were invited, including the emperor’s favorite concubine Zhuang Concubine. When the princess wanted to entertain the concubines with tofu as the ingredient at the flower viewing banquet, Concubine Guo tried to win the crown prince’s face in public and proposed to use fish as the theme to test the cooking skills.

Yin Ziping was allowed to participate in the classic chef competition, and she quietly passed the news to Yao Zijin that tofu was the favorite exam question of the Crown Princess, so Yao Zijin could think about it carefully. Throughout the game, Yao Zijin, Yin Ziping, and Su Yuehua cooked seriously, and each of them did their best to fry, fry, cook, and cook. The dishes were presented quickly, and the Crown Princess heard that whenever there were extravagant ingredients, she immediately let them withdraw.

Concubine Guo admired the fragrant fish shreds made by Yao Zijin. The Crown Princess usually looked down on Concubine Guo, this time. She is also not interested in the dishes she admires. Yin Ziping’s dishes made with fish heads and tails are very popular with the Crown Princess, and she uses fish head and fish tails from kitchen waste to make dishes on weekdays, which is in line with the Crown Princess’s thrifty style.

The concubines commented on the dishes one by one. Concubine Guo collided with Yu Meiren’s words. Yu Meiren claimed to be the concubine of the prince, but was laughed at by Concubine Guo for not being favored by the emperor for many years. At the flower viewing banquet, the Crown Princess hereby used the title to raise funds for the victims of disasters in Shandong and Henan provinces, which was praised by Concubine Zhuang.

At the end of the flower viewing banquet, Su Yuehua was promoted to Dianshan, Yao Zijin was promoted to Zhangshan, Yin Ziping cried and ran out aggrieved, Yao Zijin felt sorry for Yin Ziping, so he privately asked Wang Sishan to intercede, and was willing to give up the position of Zhangshan in exchange for Yin Ziping a chance. In the evening, the servants next to Zhu Zhanji regretted that it was a pity that he did not go to the flower viewing banquet today, but Yao Zijin did not win, but Chen Wu, the attendant on the side, said: Today’s flower viewing banquet is only done by Yao Zijin The fragrant fish shredded dish is the most suitable, so it goes without saying that she is the only one who wins.

That night, the emperor went to bed at Yu Meiren for the first time in the world. The crown princess was worried that what happened at the flower viewing banquet would offend Yu Meiren. She was talking to her subordinates, and suddenly there was a lot of noise outside. . The emperor was furious with Longyan in the hall, and he spoke to Zhu Zhanji to find out the mastermind immediately.

Concubine Zhuang was indirectly implicated by the passage of water in the Qianqing Palace, and Jin Yiwei’s people arrested all the people who were connected with Concubine Zhuang. Meng Ziyuan was worried that Concubine Zhuang had not eaten for several days, so he asked which of his subordinates would be willing to deliver food to Concubine Zhuang. Yin Ziping was motivated, she took the initiative to take responsibility, and was willing to deliver meals for Concubine Zhuang. Yao Zijin came to the vicinity of Concubine Zhuang’s bedroom in time to help Yin Ziping find a way.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Zhanji met the emperor. He didn’t understand the reason why the emperor reused Yulinwei. The emperor told him earnestly that he was worried about the bad horses among his officials. Reusing Yulinwei was equivalent to finding some gardeners. Remove weeds from fields promptly.

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