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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 4 Recap

Yao Zijin accidentally overturned the jar where Zhu Zhanji was holding the cricket, and the cricket died. Since then, Yao Zijin has been busy catching the cricket as a substitute every night. While endorsing the book on the pavilion, Yin Ziping laughed at the cricket that Yao Zijin caught was too small, and the solid color was not enough.

Yao Zijin disagreed. She quietly sent the caught crickets to Zhu Zhanji’s table. Zhu Zhanji used this inconspicuous cricket to fight several games in a row, winning every time. He was very happy and couldn’t help feeling that the palace was sure There are masters lurking.

Yin Ziping found out that Jin Yiwei had arrested a lot of impostors. She was nervous. She was only an impostor before entering the palace. She was worried that Jin Yiwei would find out. Yin Ziping deliberately led Su Yuehua to pay attention to Yao Zijin. palace. Su Yuehua felt that although Yao Zijin was knowledgeable and proficient in writing and medicinal materials, these were not enough to prove that she was an impostor. Su Yuehua devoted herself to the future palm food competition.

Now the Shang Food Bureau lacks two positions. Meng Ziyuan has already spoken. The new cook can also take the test. Whoever passes the test last will have the position. Not only that, but also I will teach all my life-long skills.

Zhu Gaochi had been cut off for several days. He was naturally overjoyed when he heard that his son came to visit him in the mansion. This meant that he could eat meat and fish with his son. Zhu Zhanji saw his father rushing over and looked at him with open eyes. Light, you know what you’re coming for in an instant. Today’s hot pot is also very particular.

Shang Shi Bureau has created the chrysanthemum pot, which is neither butter nor fatty. At the dinner table, Zhu Gaochi was very angry when he heard that the King of Han sent a letter to verify the disaster relief. Since ancient times, disaster relief was done first, and then the disaster situation was carefully checked. Wouldn’t the delay put the victims into fire and water. Zhu Zhanji reminded his impulsive father in time that the emperor was dissatisfied with him all this time.

Jin Yiwei quickly found out about the Shang Food Bureau. Meng Ziyuan personally presented the list of new entrants to the palace. You Yifan carefully questioned the chef one by one. She responded with origin details. You Yifan walked out of the Shangshi Bureau and immediately ordered his subordinates to quickly check Yao Zijin’s life and background.

Zhu Zhanji heard that Yu’an was ill, so he visited him in person. When Yu’an saw Zhu Zhanji, he was not very enthusiastic, and inferred that he was just having an upset stomach, so that Zhu Zhanji didn’t have to worry about it. Yao Zijin took the half-eaten orange from Yu’an, and tasted it in his mouth without disdain. Yu’an coughed uncontrollably.

It was obvious that he was sick. Zhu Zhanji didn’t worry about being infected, but asked Yu’an. What is the knot in his heart that is always not enthusiastic about him, the words are sincere and the affection is strong, Yu An is greatly moved, but there is no word in his mouth.

Soon, Zhu Zhanji contracted a cough. He went to meet the emperor after taking the medicine. Indeed, Zhu Zhanji was still deeply favored by the emperor. The emperor agreed to Zhu Zhanji’s petition and decided to open the warehouse first. Zhu Zhanji walked out of the palace and couldn’t help coughing up blood. After a diagnosis, the imperial doctor found that Zhu Zhanji was a symptom of poisoning. The guard immediately requested to arrest the person who delivered the food from the Shangshi Bureau. Zhu Zhanji decided to investigate quietly.

Yao Zijin found that Yin Ziping was very weak, and when she helped her to go to the bed to rest, Yin Ziping took advantage of her unpreparedness and tied Yao Zijin’s neck with a rope. Yao Zijin smashed the dishes and scratched the back of Yin Ziping’s hand with fragments, and finally successfully retrieved it. At this time, someone knocked on the door, Yin Ziping begged Yao Zijin not to tell her, Yao Zijin softened, she threw the rope and went out to open the door, the visitor was from Jin Yiwei, and Jin Yiwei suspected that Yao Zijin was an impostor. Man, arresting her this time is to check the truth.

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