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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 3 Recap

Zhu Gaochi had just mounted the horse and was not able to sit down, when King Han took the whip and threw it on the horse. Normally, Zhu Gaochi was not proficient in equestrianism, but now he is even more uncontrollable when he rides on a fierce horse. With a flick of the Han king’s whip, the fierce horse went madly forward.

Ben, Zhu Gaochi was teetering on the horse, and seeing that he was about to be trampled under his feet by a horse’s hoof, everyone was stunned and caught off guard. At this time, Zhu Zhanji came quickly on a horse. He took a bundle of ropes to wrap the horse’s head and pulled it back hard. Finally, the fierce horse was forced to stop, and Zhu Zhanji quickly caught his father who fell from the horse.

After a false alarm, King Han, worried about being scolded by the emperor, took the opportunity to teach Lie Ma with a whip. The horse was frightened and ran towards the emperor. Yu Yifan rescued him in time, and Lie Ma was finally subdued. You Yifan was the guard of the Jinyiwei.

He was extremely ruthless and cruel when he performed his mission. The emperor looked at Zhu Zhanji’s hand hurt by the reins with distress, and put his grievance on Zhu Gaochi. He immediately executed Zhu Gaochi’s personal bodyguard for the disadvantage of escort, and in front of many ministers reprimanded Zhu Gaochi for being fat and useless, and announced that Zhu Gaochi will be treated from now on.

Meat is forbidden, and if you are still not proficient in horsemanship after a month, you will be severely punished. After the emperor left, You Yifan checked the horses carefully and found that there was blood on the horse’s legs. Someone must have moved on it. Zhu Zhanji also saw it, but he did not tell Zhu Gaochi about it.

When Yao Zijin delivered the meal, she inadvertently found that there were oil stains on the paper on which Zhu Zhanji wrote poems, which affected the style of the entire scroll. She quietly found a mysterious liquid to wipe, and finally removed the oil stains. Back at the Shang Food Bureau, Yao Zijin found that the chefs were all frowning, and Zhu Gaochi was usually a meatless eater, but this time he was forced to be a vegetarian.

The princess sent a message: If anyone can make a meal that the prince likes, a bounty will be given. When Lan Cui tremblingly went to the East Palace to present a meal, she saw Zhu Gaochi throw away his chopsticks angrily because he didn’t see any meat.

Lan Cui was very happy to receive the reward. Many cooks asked Lan Cui for the secret. At this moment, You Yifan brought Jin Yiwei over to grab Lan Cui and fight. Yin Ziping was trying to take advantage of the chaos, but was discovered by You Yifan. He concluded that Yin Ziping was going to tip off and ordered to deal with it together. Yao Zijin happened to pass by and saw Yin Ziping and Lan Cui being punished, she stepped forward with courage, and reminded You Yifan that according to the palace rules, Jin Yiwei could not execute harem chores at will.

Watching Yao Zijin’s demonstration in the water tank, the atmosphere was very tense. Fortunately, Meng Ziyun came forward to ask the reason for the punishment. You Yifan said that the emperor ordered the prince not to eat meat. He suspected that Lancui had just used meat dishes for the prince. Meng Ziyun found out There was no meat in the meal, and You Yifan didn’t believe it, and still asked to supervise the cooking of the Shangshi Bureau in person.

Once it is found that there is meat in the meal, they will be pulled out by Jin Yiwei’s people and executed. The cooks will cook with fear, but You Yifan handed Yao Zijin an egg. Yao Zijin tries to keep calm. During the day, she has seen Yu Yifan’s methods. Naturally more cautious. After the dishes were presented, Zhu Gaochi nodded and praised, and he ate very happily.

The cooks were preparing to go back, but You Yifan blocked the way. He inspected Zhu Gaochi’s leftovers one by one after eating, and finally locked his doubts on the vegetarian noodle soup. Yin Ziping was sweating a lot, and Yao Zijin came forward to testify that the soup of the plain soup noodles was clear soup, which was true after the guards tasted it. After a false alarm, Meng Ziyun admired Yao Zijin’s courage to testify, and immediately kept her from going to Shanglinyuan to be punished.

Zhu Zhanji found that the oil stains on the paper were gone. He quietly asked people to inquire. Someone pretended to say that she had removed the oil stains on the paper. He thought he would get a reward. Twenty sticks and expulsion from the palace. The guard asked Zhu Zhanji if he needed to find more clues. Zhu Zhanji shook his head. He naughtyly drew a mouse on the paper and left it on the desk, and went to work on the affairs of the government.

In the evening, the night was like water, Yao Zijin quietly walked into Zhu Zhanji’s study, saw the paper with mice painted on it, she immediately understood, and was about to add a pen on it, when there was a noise outside the door, Yao Zijin was busy hiding in the room, Accidentally smashed something, and Zhu Zhanji heard the noise in the house, he immediately understood, turned around and left-with such a knowledgeable pen pal, he couldn’t bear to break the tacit understanding.

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