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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 2 Recap

The words of the crown princess aroused the emperor’s nostalgia for the deceased queen. Because of the queen’s face, he naturally gave Zhu Zhanji a side. Before leaving, the emperor asked Zhu Gaochi to thank his mother for choosing a good concubine for him. At this time, Zhu Gaochi’s forehead was covered in Khan, kneeling on the ground begging for mercy, tears and tears, the Crown Princess personally helped him up, and the crisis was finally over.

Afterwards, Meng Ziyuan announced in public that Yao Zijin had successfully won the first place in the re-examination. She wondered how Yao Zijin could think of these meals. It turned out that Yao Zijin saw that on the food list for the expedition, the emperor’s usual condiments were steamed chicken, pepper and vinegar goose stew. The number of pork, etc. was gradually reduced, and instead, there were more light and digestible dishes. She concluded that the emperor must have an upset stomach or a dental disease. Meng Ziyun’s evaluation of her is bold and careful, and she deserves the first name.

After Meng Ziyun left, Wang Sishan scolded Yao Zijin for not being able to understand medical theory, and it was a big mistake to take medicines without knowing the emperor’s symptoms. Wang Sishan asked his men to always remember their responsibilities and qualities as a cook. Yun announced that she had won the first place. In order to set an example, Wang Sishan still asked her to go to Gong Zhengsi to receive the punishment.

Yao Zijin was punished for raising the bell for a month. Every night, she had to carry a heavy copper bell and walk in the palace with the eunuch who was playing. Yao Zijin not only accepted the punishment calmly every day, but also worked hard without complaint. Fang Dianshan sympathized with Yao Zijin, and every time Yao Zijin raised the bell, he asked her to do some light work, for which Yao Zijin was very grateful.

Late one night, Yao Zijin was punished for raising the bell as usual, and accidentally fell in front of Zhu Zhanji’s sedan chair. Zhu Zhanji not only did not punish her, but also asked his subordinates to forgive him. The emperor heard that the grandson was back.

Although he didn’t have enough words on weekdays, he still liked Zhu Zhanji very much. In the middle of the night, he came out to find the gift that Zhu Zhanji gave him. After seeing that it was a cricket, he finally released it. Heart, and then Zhu Zhanji ordered the meal to be sent, knowing that he wanted to intercede for the guilty minister, and immediately announced that Yang Shiqi was released.

When the concubine Taisun heard that Zhu Zhanji was back, she did not greet him immediately, but asked her maid to say that she was ill. But at this time, Zhu Zhanji was not in the palace either, and he had already arrived at Yang Shiqi’s house. Yang Shiqi was released by the emperor. When he saw the prince, he immediately reported that because the emperor had listened to the instigation of a traitor, he thought that Zhu Zhanji had colluded with the East Palace and had evil intentions. Yang Shiqi reassured Zhu Zhanji that he didn’t say anything in prison. Zhu Zhanji directly explained the meaning of the visit. He was just worried that Yang Shiqi would relapse in prison and came overnight to deliver wound medicine.

Zhu Zhanji brought Zaoju as a gift to the concubine, but the concubine did not take Zhu Zhanji in her heart, and stopped talking after persuading Zhu Zhanji. After Zhu Zhanji left, Hu Sishan watched on the side and gently advised the concubine to be as close to the grandson as possible, so as to bring glory to the family. Concubine Hu Sishan didn’t listen to her words at all. She always thought that her father had sacrificed her life’s happiness by dedicating her to Zhu Zhanji. He also ridiculed Hu Sishan for his hard work in the family, and he only lived for luck in the palace to replace the name of the deceased eldest sister.

The catering bureau was still busy and busy, Su Yuehua and others received careful instruction from Dianshan every day, Yao Zijin could only hide and eavesdrop. Fang Dianshan saw that Yao Zijin was smart, but it was a pity that he offended Wang Sishan, and his future was limited. Fang Dianshan couldn’t leave because of something, so he asked Yao Zijin to help her deliver the meal.

Yao Zijin went to Zhu Zhanji’s mansion for the first time and felt very fresh. In the evening, the emperor’s grandson began to eat. He saw that there were drunk dates in the snack tonight, and he felt very interesting. “The fragrance of books and wine at night”, so appropriate for the occasion, Zhu Zhanji ordered his subordinates to follow today’s order the next day. Bring snacks to him.

Yin Ziping found out that Yao Zijin had privately added Xiaocai Zuizao, and wanted to go to Shangshi to expose her. Yao Zijin immediately exchanged terms with her. Yin Ziping had never been literate and was suffering from being unable to take the exam. The two exchanged terms, and Yao Zijin would teach her Nvshu Gongde and so on when she was free on weekdays.

Su Yuehua secretly called Meng Ziyun aside and asked her if she had ever heard a name called Su Huaiyu. Su Yuehua said that her father asked her to change her name just to make her have nothing to do with her mother. She came here today just to ask a question. Back then, everyone said that her mother was fornicating with the powerful, but when her uncle found out, she ganged up with her sympathizer to kill her.

She just wanted to know what happened back then. the truth of these things. Meng Ziyun reluctantly kept her composure immediately, told Yuehua not to talk nonsense, and punished her for ten big boards. When she turned to leave, Meng Ziyun said to herself that now she recognizes her, the harm outweighs the benefits, and it is better not to recognize it for now.

King Zhao presented a horse of sweat and blood to the emperor. The emperor wanted to test Zhu Gaochi’s progress, so he let him try to ride the horse of sweat and blood. Zhu Gaochi’s qualifications were mediocre, and he was usually a woman. A younger brother with a wicked heart naturally complains in his heart.

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