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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 1 Recap

The story takes place in the 20th year of Yongle. A group of servants respectfully held the food box and carefully paced the palace. Shang Shi Meng Ziyun had prepared a delicious meal and presented it to the prince Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi was very satisfied with Meng Ziyun’s dedication. He asked about the progress of Shangshi’s selection of chefs this year.

Meng Ziyun immediately replied that the preparations were in full swing, and the colors of the dishes on the table were very beautiful. He closed his mouth, as if he had bitten something hard in his mouth, but what he spat out turned out to be a very small bone, Meng Ziyun hurriedly knelt down and pleaded guilty.

Zhu Gaochi has always been kind and kind, and he was talking about it. At this time, the Crown Princess Zhang came in a hurry. She immediately scolded Meng Ziyuan for not doing things well. At this time, the next Si Shan Jiang Wanying immediately made up the knife and said that Shang Shi’s term of office is approaching, and he is about to leave the palace. She returned home, hoping to give her a chance, and then Jiang Wanying also said that the reason why she pleaded for Meng Shangshi was because Meng Ziyun took her to the kitchen when she first entered the kitchen.

The Crown Princess naturally couldn’t rub the sand in her eyes. She always knew that Meng Ziyuan would not be careless as a person. It was obviously Jiang Wanying who was in a hurry to take her place and replaced him. The crown prince immediately ordered Jiang Wanying to be punished for thirty, and then expelled from the palace gate and never hired. The crown princess helped Meng Shangshi up, and at this time, her men reported that the emperor Zhu Di had won the frontier. Now the teacher is returning to the court. Send a letter to Zhu Zhanji and ask him to return to the palace to welcome him.

Outside the palace, Zhu Zhanji has already received the biography of the flying pigeons – the King of Han has already taken the lead to welcome him. This King of Han cannot return to the palace at will without the emperor’s order. I am afraid that the visitors are not good, and the troops and horses start to speed up their marching, and the road is rutted. Trapped in the mud, Zhu Zhanji also got off the sedan chair and successfully dragged the carriage out with many soldiers. Zhu Zhanji’s official boots were stained with mud, and he ignored it completely.

The Food and Beverage Bureau is still in the process of holding the meal election. After layers of selection, Su Yuehua, Yin Ziping, and Yao Zijin were finally selected. Wang Sishan added a test question and asked them how they understood the “Feast of Famous Food”. Su Yuehua boasted that he would become the number one chef in the world in the future, and Yin Ziping also rashly commented that using the cheapest ingredients to make the most delicious food in the world, Yao Zijin said that he came here only To avoid marriage.

Wang Sishan heard that he was furious, and immediately decided to expel the three people from the palace gate. She commented on the three people, one was ambitious and ignorant of learning, the other was arrogant, and the other had no ambition. Just when Yao Zijin left in despair, Meng Ziyun just came in, and she announced Because the holy car is returning to Luan, all those who entered the primary election will stay for the time being and wait for the past few days to talk about it.

Emperor Yongle, Zhu Di, was the victorious class teacher, and he gave rewards to those who did meritorious deeds. King Han immediately stepped forward to celebrate the victory of the emperor’s personal expedition. The emperor was about to punish King Han for leaving the palace at will. Zhu Zhanji immediately interceded for his younger brother. The banquet is about to start, and the chefs in each room will offer their best delicacies one after another.

The emperor is not satisfied with the dishes presented. Seeing that it is time for the banquet, the first director of Guanglu Temple announced that if he can’t get it tonight Bring out the dishes that the emperor likes, and they look good. The emperor ordered the people in the imperial pantry to serve meals to the army, and Su Yuehua, Yin Ziping and other people from the Shang Food Bureau were sent to cook outside the palace.

Outside the palace, many soldiers who came back from the expedition shouted and hurried to send meals. There were only a few people in the Shangshi Bureau waiting in front of them. Everyone tried to find a way to make the most delicious food in the shortest time. Su Yuehua thought of the chef who wrapped meat with vegetables. Art, chop the braised pork and mix it with rice, then wrap it with fresh vegetable leaves and steam it. If this dish has been steamed, it is really delicious, and the soldiers devoured it.

Hu Sishan couldn’t do anything. The emperor didn’t even look at the sweet and sour fresh fish made by Wang Sishan. He didn’t know the emperor’s current appetite, so he quietly asked the people around the emperor about the emperor’s recent physical condition. Going back to the palace must be exhausted by boat and car, and have a bad appetite. Yao Zijin was thinking for a moment, and immediately offered advice to Hu Sishan.

The King of Han has already celebrated, but the emperor’s grandson has not been seen, and the prince’s late arrival is also unpleasant. Zhu Di’s face is a little embarrassing, and someone is blowing in the emperor’s ear today. Zhu Zhanji is open to the traitor. Zhu Di’s face was inevitably displeased. At this moment, the Shang Food Bureau served the emperor with steamed chicken liver paste soup and refreshing and digestible chicken juice tofu. After the emperor tasted it, he even started to eat, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Meng Ziyuan was delighted in her heart, and she also began to look at Yao Zijin with admiration.

The King of Han began to insinuate Zhu Zhanji’s fault, waiting for the emperor to meet Zhu Zhanji’s sin, the crown princess Zhang Shi personally presented the pigeon, she recalled the queen’s care for her when she was alive, she felt deeply, and even said the name of the dish “Mother and son meeting”, I hope the emperor can open up the net.

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