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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 12 Recap

Pan Duo’s lobbying was unsuccessful, and You Xi took her to eat barbecue at a roadside stall. At this time, Qi Chao appeared, and several people discussed how to make Yao Yao change his mind. Qi Chao suggested that Professor Yu Chi could help.

You Xi came to see Professor Yuchi and told her thoughts, but Professor Yuchi said that she could not do anything. With Yaoyao’s character, no one could stop what she determined. Besides, it was her own decision, and there was no reason to interfere. I hope that Yuxi can prepare well for the costume drama to be performed next, otherwise, Yaoyao is the first to be reluctant. After hearing this, Yuxi has an idea in an instant. He is very grateful to Professor Yuchi for his advice and left happily.

You Xi posted an exclusive circle of friends that only Yao Yao can see. It was written that Lu Bu would only indulge in the love of his sons and daughters and deliberately set a trap for Yao Yao. , I want to think that Yu Xi popularizes that Lu Bu is an invincible and invincible hero, and Yu Xi pretends not to care, expressing that he can play whatever he wants, and that he wants to make a historical drama into an idol drama. After some words, she was very helpless. At this time, she thought of You Xi, who had no knowledge in the past, and worried that his thinking in acting was not correct, so that she had no time to study.

The next day, Yaoyao and Pan Duo came to Youxi. She was worried that Yuxi would be scolded for destroying the classics, so she decided to supervise his filming in person. The makeup photos are too immature. After some renovations, Youxi’s state has improved a lot. Pan Duo slammed sideways and told Yaoyao that without her, Youxi could not grasp the essence of the characters, but Yaoyao thought that assistants needed personal service. , is always on call, but he is too busy because of his studies. Pan Duo said that to be Yuxi’s assistant, he does not need to follow him all day, as long as he can tutor him in his spare time, and hope that Yaoyao can agree to be an assistant. Yao Yao thought about it and agreed.

In “Three Points in the World”, Zheng Jiaer won the role of Diaochan that Pan Duo wanted to play. Pan Duo was very sad and felt that Yuxi did not help her win, but Yuxi said that whoever plays Diaochan and gets scolded is Zheng Jiaer’s bad Acting skills will definitely attract abuse from netizens. On the contrary, Sun Shangxiang has dramas on top and bottom, and the characters are pleasing, which is more suitable for Pan Duo. Yao Yao also thinks that the character of Sun Shangxiang in this script is very complete, but Diao Chan is a vase character, an actor. There is very little room to play, and Pan Duo felt that it made sense after hearing it, and agreed to play Sun Shangxiang.

Zhu Dazhuang came to Youxi and told him that tomorrow night at 7 o’clock was President Zhang’s 50th birthday dinner.

The next day, Youxi woke up and found that it was five o’clock in the afternoon. He called Yaoyao angrily and asked her why she didn’t remind him, but Yaoyao was sick and uncomfortable, so Youxi was very worried and went to find him in person. Yaoyao found out that she had a fever during her menstrual period, so she personally cooked ginger soup, watched Yaoyao finish drinking it in one breath, and then left with confidence.

At the birthday dinner, Youxi listened to Mr. Zhang’s speech involuntarily, and kept urging the banquet to end quickly, so Mr. Zhang found out that he was very displeased, and Zhu Dazhuang made a rescue beside him. Mr. Zhang said that Youxi can leave only by toasting everyone present with a glass of wine. , You Xi started toasting without saying a word. After a round of drinking, he was drunk, walking staggeringly, and shouting Yao Yao’s name. Pan Duo had to call Yao Yao for help. By Xi.

Taking advantage of the wine, Yuxi asked Yaoyao if she was willing to be her girlfriend, but Yaoyao had to agree, Yuxi grabbed him and kissed him. Running away in a hurry, Zhu Dazhuang asked Pan Duo if he knew who was kissing You Xi, and Yao Yao pretended to be clueless.

The next day, when You Xi got up, Pan Duo asked him if he remembered what happened last night. You Xi suddenly remembered that Yao Yao had promised him to be his girlfriend, so he sent a message to Yao Yao. You Xi was very happy. Yao told You Xi that he agreed to be a girlfriend because he was worried that he would be drunk and crazy, which made him very disappointed. Qi Chao felt that Yao Yao was a slow girl and needed to give her some time.

At the opening ceremony of “Three Points”, the incense burner disappeared, and everyone waited anxiously. At this time, the opening ceremony of the costume drama “Fractured” also began. I didn’t expect that the two crews were robbing the same incense burner. The Xi family’s incense burner was taken out to avoid a dispute.

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