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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 11 Recap

Yao Yao told You Xi that there were only five days left before the selection of the new drama, and the time passed little by little, and the two were busy studying and preparing.

Counting down 2 days, Yaoyao is telling You Xi the story of Guan Bao’s friendship between Bao Shuya and Guan Zhong. You Xi has no intention of learning, and he is a fool. He feels that Guan Zhong did nothing good when he was young. Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya do business together and keep it by themselves. He has a lot of money, goes to war, and is a deserter.

He is both greedy for money and timid and unscrupulous. Such a person should not gain Bao Shuya’s friendship, but Yaoyao feels that when evaluating a person, he should understand his environment. From the standpoint, the reason why Bao Shuya treats Guan Zhong this way must be because Guan Zhong has something that Bao Shuya respects and tolerates.

Yin Jiu watched Song Qiege’s homework for the new drama and felt that there was a small problem. Song Qiege tore up the character description book and felt that imperfect things should not appear in him, and no accident was allowed to happen this time. But Yin Jiu thought that with his current level, it was more than enough to defeat You Xi.

Pan Duo came to borrow the toilet from Xi’s house, and Yuxi reminded her that there was a pimple on her face, and seeing her male god Qi Chao must be very embarrassing, Duoduo cried anxiously, and Yao Yao comforted her, good inner quality is what What really exudes charm and attractiveness, Qi Chao’s eyes are like torches, he will definitely be able to find her advantages, avoid the shortcomings in appearance, if you like someone, you will like all of her, no need to pretend, if Qi Chao really likes her, it must be the most real She, Duoduo left happily after hearing this.

Yao Yao told You Xi that the boy she liked could guess what the other person was thinking without using words, and Yu Xi nodded thoughtfully.

Yaoyao found out that Song Qiege was interacting with Youxi on Weibo, saying that he had picked up a costume drama, which was to be broadcast at the same time as Youxi’s “Three Points of the World”, looking forward to the collision between the two, Yaoyao decided to post on Weibo, Coupled with Yuxi’s most handsome stills and copywriting, it overwhelms Song Qiege in momentum.

Counting down 1 day, Yao Yao decided not to give You Xi extra lessons and took him out to play. The two went to the playground, just like a couple, You Xi was very happy, and Yao Yao cheered for his exam the next day.

The selection day for the new drama arrived, and Youxi and Song Qiege appeared in the company with beautiful appearances. Song Qiege looked down on Youxi and thought that he would definitely win this selection, but Youxi did not take him seriously.

The director asked You Xi about the story between Guan Zhong, Qi Huan Gong and Bao Shuya. You Xi thought about what Yao Yao said to her. , I firmly believe that Yu Xi can interpret a flesh-and-blood Zhongfu.

At the end of the selection, You Xi excitedly told Yao Yao that he had won the male lead of “Zhong Fu”. Zhu Dazhuang told the good news to his colleagues in the company, saying that this was an important sign of You Xi’s transformation, and decided to celebrate in the evening.

Yao Yao told You Xi that her role had been set, her task was completed, and she would move out tomorrow. You Xi disagreed, saying that Yao Yao was his assistant, but Yao Yao would continue to go to school and could no longer be an assistant. Xi is willing to visit her at school.

The next day, You Xi looked at Yao Yao who was packing up and leaving, feeling very entangled and lost.

On the other hand, Song Qiege sent someone to find out that there are four investors in “Zhong Fu”. The largest investor is Tong Tianming, chairman of Huateng Group. He met with Tong Tianming and hoped that Tong Tianming could help him get “Zhong Fu” “The male number one, after all, the “Three Points of the World” invested by Tong Tianming before was withdrawn by Yu Xi. Tong Tianming said that the withdrawal was an internal reason of the company and had nothing to do with You Xi, so he declined Song Qiege’s request.

Missing Yao Yao, You Xi secretly came to Jiangzhou University to visit Yao Yao, but was chased by a bunch of fans. Yao Yao took him back to his father’s office. Just in time, Professor Yuchi appeared and saw the two of them. He hurriedly made an excuse to leave, and Yu Xi told Yao Yao Yao’s company wants to hire a new assistant for him, but Yao Yao’s dream is to be a teacher and he has no time to be an assistant, so You Xi is very depressed.

Qi Chao persuaded You Xi not to keep Yao Yao frequently, it only increased her resistance, so a third person was needed to persuade her. Yu Xi made a plan and decided to make Pan Duo a lobbyist. Yaoyao returns to help Youxi.

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