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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 9 Recap

Everyone was watching You Xi’s new drama together in the school security room. When You Xi and Pan Duo were arguing about who was better in the play, the power went out suddenly, and everyone had to leave.

When eating in the cafeteria the next day, Yaoyao told Youxi that after the premiere of the new drama yesterday, Youxi’s acting skills were well received by netizens, and her fans rose by 50,000, but Yuxi didn’t care. At this time, Pan Duo excitedly ran and said that his fans had increased by 200,000, which made You Xi angry, and he was always worried when he was eating. When he was busy comforting You Xi, Zhu Dazhuang called and told You Xi that there were a large number of invitations to cooperate after the fire of the new drama.

Yin Jiu and Song Qiege met in a coffee shop and were discussing how to make Song Qiege defeat You Xi in the competition for the leading actor of the new drama directed by Majestic, when they happened to meet You Xi and Yao Yao. Song Qiege and Youxi were full of gunpowder when they met, and they quarreled with each other over the battle for the leading actor of the new drama. After returning to the dormitory, You Xi mistakenly thought that Wen Moxuan was in a video with Yaoyao, grabbed the phone but found out that it was Wen Moxuan’s twin sister, which ended in embarrassment.

After class, You Xi was still reading. As a teaching assistant, Yin Jiu came over and mocked that You Xi was illiterate. You Xi and Yao Yao had no common language at all, and said that he felt that Yao Yao liked no one like You Xi, and also told You Xi. Xi heard the news that Moxuan asked Yaoyao to go to the library in the evening. Youxi was very concerned, so Qichao discussed countermeasures. After discussing several countermeasures, the results were not satisfactory. In the end, Qi Chao said that he could only use his trump card, which was to confess. While You Xi was hesitating, the security guard appeared. Because the two of them appeared on the playground illegally at night, they took them with them. go.

The security asked the two of them to sign the record book, and Xi Ling made a move to sign the names of Yin Jiu and Tong Jin. Yao Yao felt that it was not good for You Xi to do this, so he went back alone and wanted to change Yin Jiu’s name to his own, but the security guard mistakenly changed Tong Jin’s name to Yao Yao’s. The school’s list of criticism and criticism became Yin Jiu and Yao Yao.

After seeing the report, Tong Jin and Yuchi Linsen both misunderstood, and Yin Jiu took a lot of time to explain it to Tong Jin. Yuchi Linsen also misunderstood Yao Yao, making Yao Yao not know whether to laugh or cry.

You Xi asked Yao Yao to go to the concert hall the next day to make a confession. The next day, You Xi came to the concert hall full of confidence, but was told by the security guard not to enter, so she had no choice but to temporarily change the appointment location to a small classroom. After Yaoyao came, Youxi sang the song prepared for her, and was about to open her mouth to confess. Zhu Dazhuang broke the atmosphere with a phone call. He informed Youxi that he was going to attend the dinner of the crew tonight, and Youxi had already prepared it. The dress was given to Yao Yao and asked her to accompany him to the dinner tonight.

Yao Yao, who changed into her dress, was very amazed, and came to the dinner party with Yu Xi’s arm. But when I arrived, I found out that tonight is not a crew dinner, but Tong Jin’s birthday party. You Xi wanted to leave with Yao Yao, but Zhu Dazhuang persuaded him for a long time to stay.

During the dinner, You Xi went to make a toast, leaving Yao Yao alone in the corner. At this time, Yin Jiu walked over to talk to Yao Yao deliberately and intimately, trying to make You Xi misunderstand Yao Yao after seeing it, but this scene was caught in the distance. Tong Jin sees.

When Tong Jin spoke on stage, he deliberately called Yao Yao, who has a phobia of crowds, to the stage.

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