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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 8 Recap

The next day, You Xi, who came to the school, spoke strangely in front of Yao Yao, trying to express her dissatisfaction. But he accidentally learned that Zuo Wanyao had been on the phone with Wen Moxuan for three hours, which made him even more angry. Just as he was about to attack, Yuchi Linsen’s arrival made him have to be honest.

During the exam, You Xi was in a state of turmoil and did not move a single stroke. At this time, Yao Yao, the invigilator teacher, passed by and secretly gave You Xi a note. You Xi was excited and thought it was the answer. When he answered the question, You Xiqi’s mouth was crooked. Although the note passed was not the answer, the action of passing the note was discovered by Yuchi Linsen.

In the following class, Yuchi Linsen asked Youxi to write poems on the blackboard by default. You Xi naturally wouldn’t. But what was strange was that Yuchi Linsen secretly gave Youxi a note with poems and poems. Let him successfully complete this dictation. After class, Yuchi Linsen also praised You Xi and said that another poem he liked would like to be recited by You Xi next time. You Xi was also flattered, saying that she benefited a lot from Professor Yuchi’s class. This abnormal scene looked at Yao Yao beside him.

Yao Yao invited You Xi to go to the rooftop together in the evening. You Xi secretly thought that Yao Yao was going to celebrate her birthday, but as a result, Yao Yao was going to watch the meteor shower, and You Xi left angrily.

In the evening, You Xi, who was wandering, came to the rooftop of the library, but saw no one or a meteor shower. He was about to leave the rooftop while complaining, but found that the door was locked and could not leave. It turned out that Yin Jiu heard You Xi talking to himself when he was passing by. In order to make Yu Xi suffer, he locked the rooftop door and opened the signal jammer.

At this time, Yao Yao, who was preparing to watch the meteor shower on the playground, was absent-minded. Wen Moxuan came to give him a card at this time. Looking at the card, Yao Yao seemed to be inspired and remembered a pair of shoes that Yuxi liked before. He ignored Wen Mozhen and her gifts and ran to the shoe store.

At this time, Zhu Dazhuang, Pan Duo, and Qi Chao, who were preparing to celebrate Yu Xi’s birthday, couldn’t find You Xi. At this time, Yao Yao, who bought the shoes, went back to school. He learned from Zhu Dazhuang that You Xi accepted the new drama for himself, and felt very guilty.

Yaoyao suddenly thought that he had invited You Xi to the rooftop during the day. After arriving on the rooftop, Yaoyao opened the rooftop door and found You Xi. At this time, You Xi pretended to jump off the building and teased Yao Yao, which also confirmed Yao Yao’s concern for herself.

Yaoyao gave the shoes she just bought to Youxi. Although Youxi said that the style of the shoes was outdated, she was happy and put them on immediately. At this moment, the meteor shower appeared, and the two immediately closed their eyes and made a wish. But the funny thing is, it turns out that Yao Yao mistakenly regarded the plane as a meteor, wasting his feelings in vain.

You Xi gave Yao Yao the supplementary card of her bank card, telling her not to use her own money for shopping in the future. Yao Yao read the poem she just wrote to You Xi, and You Xi looked up with admiration, and then came to the library to work hard. Learn. Back in the dormitory, You Xi opened the study materials that Yaoyao had specially organized for him, and studied until late at night.

In the next day’s exam, You Xi, who thought that her grades would improve significantly this time, was still very poor. When Yao Yao was comforting the discouraged You Xi, You Xi’s phone rang, and Zhu Dazhuang told him that the TV series starring him started tonight, and Yu Xi invited Yao Yao to watch it with him.

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