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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 7 Recap

When You Xi and Yin Jiu were at a stalemate, the director sent someone to look for Yao Yao, only then did You Xi let go of Yin Jiu’s hand, turned around and put on Yao Yao’s teaching assistant’s badge on purpose. , I wanted to use this to demonstrate against Yin Jiu. Unexpectedly, Yin Jiu also took out a teaching assistant badge and put it on at this time. You Xi was blindfolded, and immediately called Zhu Dazhuang to ask why Yin Jiu was also a teaching assistant. Zhu Dazhuang seemed very helpless on the other side of the phone.

Yin Jiu, who finally got the chance to be alone, expressed his apology to Yao Yao for the cheating incident. Yao Yao didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, so he generously accepted his apology.

When the crew took the exam, You Xi looked at Yin Jiu on the podium with a displeased expression. Because Youxi and Pan Duo are completely ignorant of the content of the exam, Youxi hoped that Yao Yao, who is a teaching assistant, could help him and Pan Duo cheat, but Yao Yao decisively refused. In the end, Youxi became the last person to submit the papers, and she taught no papers.

After lunch, Yao Yao made up lessons for You Xi in the library. Just when Yu Xi felt that she had gained something, Yao Yao suddenly said that she was going to pick up someone from the airport and left in a hurry.

The scene turned, Yao Yao was talking in a taxi with an older man who looked like a professor. This man was Yao Yao’s father, Yuchi Linsen. With great interest, he introduced his archaeological situation to Yao Yao. Yaoyao also told his father about the fire at home, Yuchi Linsen was shocked, and was relieved when he heard that Yaoyao said that she was all right.

In the dormitory, when You Xi and her roommate Wen Moxuan were playing cards, she deliberately put out the WeChat message from Yao Yao aloud. She wanted to show off her close relationship with Yao Yao, but Yao Yao only told him to study hard. There was no extra concern, which made You Xi look embarrassed.

At dinner the next day, You Xi was complaining to Yao Yao that she didn’t care enough about herself. Wen Moxuan and Yin Jiu respectively brought Yao Yao meat patties that were not easy to buy at school. After seeing this scene, Youxi was even more upset, and she became more and more jealous while speaking. She grabbed the meat pie and ate it by herself. Yao Yao looked at You Xi like this and couldn’t help feeling a little cute.

The next day, Youxi got up early to buy meat patties for Yao Yao, but Yao Yao had an upset stomach and did not eat it. Depressed, You Xi asked his friend Qi Chao to chat. Although he was very concerned about Yaoyao, he was unwilling to admit in front of Qi Chao that he liked Yaoyao, but Qi Chao knew it well. It is suggested that You Xi should give Yao Yao a sense of security.

During the basketball game, Youxi accidentally injured Yin Jiu with a basketball. Yaoyao asked Youxi to apologize out of courtesy, but Youxi apologized reluctantly because of Yaoyao’s persistence.

For the training of this film, the school specially arranged a special professor to teach You Xi and others. This person is Yuchi Linsen. After class, Yuchi Linsen told Yao Yao that he felt it was necessary to conduct a pop-up test. For this reason, Yao Yao took You Xi to the library for tutoring. During this period, You Xi tried every means to peek at the answers of the pop quiz on Yao Yao’s computer, but he failed in the end.

In the evening, Youxi’s parents sent a video call invitation, wanting to send wishes for their son’s birthday. But Youxi hung up the video call after dealing with it perfunctory. Now he just wants to accept Yao Yao’s birthday wishes. Seeing that there was no call from Yao Yao on the phone, You Xi couldn’t hold back and called Yao Yao, but she didn’t get through.

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