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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 6 Recap

You Xi was forced by the company’s executives to choose between changing assistants and participating in a new drama that she did not want to go to. In order to stay behind, You Xi had to agree to the company’s request. After Yu Xi got the contract, she found that she actually needed to participate in a ten-day closed training for this new drama.

When Yuxi was depressed about this, Zhu Dazhuang and Pan Duo came to his house. It turns out that today is Qi Chao’s birthday. The purpose of the two of them is to prepare a big meal for Qi Chao as a birthday present at Yuxi’s house. You Xi couldn’t stand Pan Duo’s soft grinding and hard bubbles, and personally prepared the meals, but Qi Chao showed no excitement at this birthday banquet.

After Qi Chao’s birthday banquet was over, everyone played mahjong, Pan Duo kept showing affection to Qi Chao, and Qi Chao went upstairs tirelessly. Yao Yao, who had never played mahjong before, temporarily continued the game for Qi Chao. With his ingenuity, Yao Yao quickly learned the skills of playing mahjong, and repeatedly poker. You Xi ended the game in a rage and drove out Qi Chao, Pan Duo, and Zhu Dazhuang.

In the evening, Yao Yao was practising in front of the computer screen simulating the scene of the class. You Xi saw it in his eyes and remembered the dream of becoming a teacher that Yao Yao told him before. You Xi called Zhu Dazhuang and asked him to arrange for Yao Yao. To be the assistant teacher of the crew, Zhu Dazhuang said that the crew will conduct auditions at Jiangzhou University, so Yaoyao can participate in the auditions.

The next day, Yuxi accompanied Yaoyao to sign up. Yaoyao said that he would work hard for Youxi and passed the first test as scheduled. After the two went to dinner, they met Duan Feifei, who was also an interview competitor, and gave a gauntlet to each other. Afterwards, Yaoyao was taken away by Pan Duo, who came in a hurry, to accompany him to Qi Chao’s recording studio to visit the class. Since Qi Chao’s halftime didn’t come, Pan Duo volunteered to sing for Qi Chao, but accidentally broke Qi Chao’s favorite microphone.

It was very late for Yao Yao to return home. You Xi wanted to lose her temper at Yao Yao who came back late, but when Yao Yao explained, he described You Xi’s home as the two of them. This description made You Xi feel no anger at all. Excited.

In the final interview, Yao Yao defeated Duan Feifei, a postdoctoral competitor with her classmates, by virtue of her profound literary attainments, and successfully won. You Xi learned that Duan Feifei participated in the audition to raise money for her brother’s operation, and immediately arranged for Zhu Dazhuang to anonymously transfer the operation fee to Duan Feifei’s mother. Happy to be treated. At this time, Yaoyao also shared the good news of his admission to Youxi.

On the other hand, Song Qiege also talked about a new drama, which was launched at the same time as Youxi’s new drama, and was about to start a round of competition with Youxi.

In order to celebrate Yao Yao’s successful passing of the teaching assistant interview, Yu Xi personally cooked and invited Yao Yao to eat a big meal. The atmosphere between the two was very harmonious.

The next morning, when Youxi and Yao Yao were running in the morning, Yao Yao suddenly received a call from her ex-boyfriend Yin Jiu.

After coming to the crew, Yao Yao was chatting with You Xi about the crew’s preparation for the thorough examination, but Yin Jiu suddenly appeared and said that there were a lot of things that he had not said to Yao Yao last time, and he hoped to talk about it. Before Yao Yao could speak, You Xi firmly refused for her. But Yin Jiu didn’t mean to give up, he stretched out his hand to pull Yao Yao, but was caught by Yu Xi, the two of them looked at each other and were drawn to each other.

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