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Oh My Lord 惹不起的千岁大人 Episode 6-10 Recap

Episode 6

Chen Youyou used a clever trick to resolve the crisis of Tilian’s damage with the koi water plan. Bai Li was appreciated by Mrs. De, but this move aroused the anger of King Xian, who gave Chen Youyou an ultimatum. In order to save his father, Chen Youyou had to take the risk and was going to force Bai Li to be drunk so that he could not attend the ceremony the next day. Unexpectedly, he was so drunk that he not only forcibly kissed Bai Li, but also accidentally revealed that he was made by the virtuous king. identity. In addition to being shocked, Bai Li found that he was completely tempted and could not start with Chen Youyou. He decided to secretly help Chen Youyou solve the worry of the consequences and protect it under his own wings.

Episode 7

Chen Youyou, who “failed” again, had no choice but to retreat, and decided to sneak into the palace to rescue Chen Pingzhi, but accidentally bumped into Bai Li being punished by Mrs. De for his unfavorable production of Chinese clothes. The heavy burden of Huafu, the two found the record of the touching love story of the former city owner and Mrs. De from the city chronicles of the Book Collection Pavilion. They were inspired to make Huafu that Mrs. De was satisfied with. The two had an intimate interaction, and the atmosphere was very happy.

Episode 8

Chen Youyou brought Huafu to ask Mrs. De for a reward and let Chen Pingzhi go, but he was obstructed by Bai Li. Artisan’s message. Chen Youyou was distraught. Facing the departure of her close relative and the betrayal of the person she trusted most, she lost control of her emotions and accidentally stabbed Bai Li. In the end, Chen Youyou signed and left the book, and left Baifu in anger.

Episode 9

The soulless Chen Youyou is homeless and abducted by traffickers to the outskirts of the city. In order to collect money, the owner of the auspicious restaurant uses a woman’s “tears of fear” to make rouge. Chen Youyou was beaten and almost died. Turn danger to safety. After Bai Li learned the news of Chen Youyou’s disappearance, he was anxious and finally found Chen Youyou’s whereabouts, and the misunderstanding between the two was resolved. It turned out that Bai Li had already sent Chen Pingzhi away secretly, and Chen Youyou was deeply moved. The two worked together to rescue all the women in distress, but they were accidentally ambushed and Bai Li was seriously injured in order to save Chen Youyou.

Episode 10

Chen Youyou and Bai Li shared weal and woe, and decided to be the most trusted person for each other in the future. The relationship between the two warmed up. Chen Youyou suspected that she might like Baili. Work numbs oneself and rebuilds the auspicious restaurant. At this time, knowing that Chen Youyou had reconciled, Qi Shengwen launched a fierce pursuit of Chen Youyou, and felt a sense of crisis in Baili, and decided to do everything in his power to defeat the rival in love and win Chen Youyou’s heart.

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