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Oh My Lord 惹不起的千岁大人 Episode 11-15 Recap

Episode 11

Qi Sheng Wenhua is a loyal dog and a little prince, and he is concerned about Chen Youyou. Bai Li incarnates as a vinegar king, taking care of Chen Youyou’s daily life. The three make a lot of jokes. At this time, the business of Jixiang Xiaoguan was withering, which made Chen Youyou have a headache. After Qi Shengwen found out, he chose to ask Mrs. De for help, while Bai Li chose to accompany him silently, taking Chen Youyou to relax and watch the stars. Chen Youyou got business inspiration from Bai Li’s words, and began to prepare for the “talent show” to save Jixiang Xiaoguan.

Episode 12

The talent show was in full swing with the assistance of Bai Li and Qi Shengwen. In the finale of the show, Chen Youyou temporarily rescued the stage and found that his dance partner was actually Bai Li. kiss. After seeing the curtain kiss between the two, Qi Shengwen was about to seize the last chance to confess to Chen Youyou, but Chen Youyou declined. Bai Li’s relationship with Chen Youyou further warmed up. Bai Li took the initiative to confess his identity as a “fake eunuch” to Chen Youyou, and told the Su family’s past. Chen Youyou, who learned the truth, was both shocked and distressed. After so much hard work, she secretly made up her mind that she must protect Bai Li well.

Episode 13

Chen Youyou and Bai Li started a life of love without shame and no shame. Bai Li lit and left the book on the night of Qixi Festival, re-confessed Chen Youyou, and the two fell in love. However, Jiang Bihan, who accidentally learned that Bai Li’s identity as a “fake eunuch”, was unwilling. She thought that she was the mistress of the Bai Mansion. The identity of Bai Li’s fake eunuch was made public. Chen Youyou was worried that Bai Li had committed the crime of deceiving the king, and promised Jiang Bihan to leave the Bai mansion overnight.

Episode 14

Chen Youyou moved into Jixiang Xiaoguan, “indulged in sensuality” all day, and even spread rumors that Bai Li couldn’t do his best to “humiliate” Bai Li, the purpose is to make Bai Li give up. Bai Li refused to give up, and went to the door many times to express his affection to Chen Youyou. Chen Youyou tore up the portrait of the newlyweds and broke up with Bai Li. Jiang Bihan thought that the time had come, and prescribed medicine to Bai Li. Unexpectedly, Bai Li was unable to do so, so Jiang Bihan left the Bai mansion in anger. Qi Shengwen stayed by Chen Youyou’s side, and he confessed again, but Chen Youyou declined again. It is difficult for lovers to get married, and Bai Li and Chen Youyou are heartbroken.

Episode 15

Chen Youyou, a ghost girl with tenacious vitality like an undead Xiaoqiang, was forced to make a fortune with Bai Li, the big eunuch who decided to kill in Fuxian City. The “Chitose-sama” who has been in the role for many years, the two finally lost their hearts in the mutual strategy. This is a story about love and growth.

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