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Oh My Lord 惹不起的千岁大人 Episode 1-5 Recap

Episode 1

Chen Youyou and her father, Chen Pingzhi, depended on each other for life. In order to make a living, she seized the city people’s psychology of “respecting beauty” in Fuxian City, developed the characteristic rouge, and made a lot of money. However, this rouge made the Xian Wang, who has always loved beauty, look bad. Chen Youyou fled in a hurry, but accidentally broke through the examination scene of “Lord Chitose” Bai Li in the Jingshi room, and witnessed Bai Li murder. In order to save his life, Chen Youyou used eloquent words to excuse himself, but he was used by King Xian. King Xian offered to the city owner to give Chen Youyou to Bai Li as a pair of food, and threatened Chen Youyou with his life to force Chen Youyou to leave Baili. Look around for news. Chen Youyou never expected that he would marry a eunuch.

Episode 2

In order to save Chen Pingzhi, Chen Youyou tried his best to fight against Bai Li. Bai Li was aloof, extremely wary, and refused a thousand miles. He even pretended to poison Chen Youyou. “Life Notes” anti-routine strategy for Baili, not only through the city owner to get the opportunity to live in the same room with Baili, but also thinking about what Baili thinks, worrying about Baili’s worries, supper, milk bath, loving breakfast, sewing clothes , everything is available. Bai Li’s revenge has not been avenged, and he has a heavy responsibility. On the surface, Chen Youyou is not allowed to get close, but every time he sees this “simple-minded, not bad-hearted” girl in front of him, Gu Jing Wubo’s heart wavers again and again.

Episode 3

Chen Youyouwei obtained more “intelligence”, and changed his ways to please Bai Li, who could not be offended, and Bai Li gradually fell in love. That night, the two of them admired the moon and ate melons on the roof, and communicated with each other. Bai Li found that since Chen Youyou came to Bai Mansion, everything in this mansion has gradually become angry. Bai Li began to care about Chen Youyou unconsciously, and made a small bed for Chen Youyou himself. Compared with the chickens and dogs who just entered the Bai Mansion, Chen Youyou felt that her life seemed to have become much easier, but Chen Youyou accidentally opened the secret pavilion in the mansion and touched the blank plaque of Bai Li’s parents. When they reached the ground, let Bai Li sound the alarm, the two misunderstood and quarreled.

Episode 4
Gu Tianhe twisted the meaning of Bai Li and sent Chen Youyou, who accidentally drank ambergris, out of the city. Chen Youyou was brought back to the bamboo house by Qi Shengwen in the wilderness. After Bai Li realized it, he rushed to the bamboo house and took Chen Youyou away. Chen You was consciously confused, and he rolled around to express his dissatisfaction, but he couldn’t help but put his hands on Bai Li. The two staged a “forefinger kiss”, and Bai Li was completely tempted by Chen You. Qi Shengwen couldn’t bear to see Chen Youyou being bullied, and he cared deeply for Chen Youyou. Bai Liheng was jealous. Jiang Bihan saw that Bai Li was behaving abnormally, and frequently asked Chen Youyou to swear sovereignty.

Episode 5

The fact that King Xian was repairing the palace by Mrs. De was stole the limelight by Bai Li. The growing closeness between Chen Youyou and Bai Li also aroused dissatisfaction with King Xian. King Xian was no longer satisfied with the trivial things that Chen Youyou had inquired about. He forced Chen Youyou to destroy Bai Li. Li’s plan to repair the palace made Bai Li embarrassed in front of Mrs. De. Chen Youyou was in a dilemma. Just when he was about to give up, he was smashed by Bai Li and Gu Tianhe, and his miss damaged Bing Tilian, whom Mrs. De was happy with.

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