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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 3 Recap

When Yuxi, Yaoyao and Pan Duo were having a meal, Song Qiege came uninvited. Yaoyao told him that photos and interviews were not allowed due to the confidentiality of the new drama. Song Qiege said that it was his negligence and his original intention was He wanted to visit the class, but he forgot that he was also filming here. He suspected that Yuxi’s foot injury was fake, and thought that he liked to gain sympathy.

Yao Yao watched the two of them being incompatible, and remembered that Big Zhuang once said that the first thing Yu Xi did after becoming the new brother of Shenguo Entertainment was to kick Song Qiege out of Shengguo Entertainment. The meeting between the two was very unpleasant.

Song Qiege deliberately angered Youxi with words, made him hit him, and secretly found a reporter to take pictures secretly. Yaoyao felt that Song Qiege brought the media uninvited, obviously wrong in the first place, and made a rude remark to induce Yuxi. Confrontation and behavior are disgusting. Looking at the past and present, such people will not have good results. With a sharp criticism, Song Qiege has no room to retaliate.

Yao Yao told You Xi that she liked him more, so she thought about him in everything and wanted to help him in everything. These words made You Xi blushed and walked away shyly.

Yaoyao received a call from Brother Da Zhuang and was told that the Wuxing staff had found it. After learning that the Wuxing staff had indeed met with Song Qiege’s assistant, Youxi was angry and wanted to go to Song Qiege to settle the account. Yaoyao stopped him and reminded him not to panic, because there is not enough evidence at present.

Brother Da Zhuang found that a video of You Xi beating Song Qiege was circulating on the Internet. The video only recorded the scene of You Xi beating people, and the part of Song Qiege beating people was deleted. As soon as this video came out, netizens were outraged, and the comments were all saying that Yuxi was short-tempered, liked to play big names, yelled at the staff, and tried to make things difficult. The current situation is very serious.

On the other hand, Song Qiege felt that as soon as the video came out, Yuxi couldn’t argue, and her image was damaged. I heard that Yuxi’s endorsement had been cancelled, and she said that she would personally help him find one.

Brother Da Zhuang helped You Xi to choose a toilet water endorsement in Dabaoshan Wetland Park. Youxi was very dissatisfied with this project. Yao Yao suggested that he should adapt to the current situation and make some changes. Youxi had to agree. Take the ad.

Yaoyao and Youxi came to the filming location of the advertisement. There were many mosquitoes in the filming location, and Yaoyao was bitten all over her body. Youxi wiped her with the endorsed toilet water. Feeling that something was wrong, he asked Brother Da Zhuang to send the toilet water to the inspection center for testing.

The next day, Brother Da Zhuang and Pan Duo came to Youxi’s house with the test report and told him that the toilet water was a three-no product. All the qualifications that their company had shown before were forged, and the toilet water contained serious toxic substances, so Yaoyao will be allergic and itchy, and Big Zhuang said that he will terminate the contract with them immediately.

Qi Chao came to You Xi’s house to ask him about his situation. It happened that Pan Duo opened the door for him, Qi Chao fell in love at first sight, and even the scene of Qi Chao proposing to her appeared in his mind, and he involuntarily said “I do”, provoking Qi Chao Confused.

It turns out that the advertisement for toilet water was made by Song Qiege who deliberately wanted to fix Yuxi. Unexpectedly, Yuxi discovered the flaw. This toilet water company is a leather bag company. The staff of the company evaporated, disappeared and lost contact. , Brother Da Zhuang ordered people to delete the previously shot advertisements anyway. In order to find out the truth, Yu Xi pulled Yao Yao to investigate.

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