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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 2 Recap

In order to help Yaoyao out of his anger, Youxi told Yin Jiu that she had been with Yaoyao long ago, but Tong Jin looked down on her. When Yaoyao was angry, Youxi replied to the message for him, and Youxi said that she was just starting to be strong and helping her. Yao Yao dumped the scumbag.

The scandal between Youxi and Zheng Jiaer exploded on Weibo. Youxi felt that using a still photo to blackmail him, and she also got a compliment from Zheng Jiaer. Now she can’t wash it out by jumping into the Yellow River. Thinking of the way her ex-boyfriend Yin Jiu and his current girlfriend Tong Jin came to threaten her, she couldn’t help clenching her fists angrily, and she decided to go out and comment on Weibo to reply to those who are black Youxi.

At this time, Yaoyao received a text message from the scumbag Yin Jiu. Yin Jiu hoped that she would tell Professor Yuchi about the breakup of the two after the graduation defense. , The reply on Weibo was even more ruthless.

You Xi felt that Yao Yao was a little abnormal recently and acted strangely. She was worried that she was confused by her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, so she called to condolence. On the other side, Yao Yao was accidentally hit in the foot by a book, and the screaming made You Xi guess that she wanted to Suicide, and hurriedly persuaded her not to self-harm because of the scumbag, and the aging line of Yaoyao’s house caused a fire, You Xi hurried to Yaoyao’s house and took her back to her home.

The next morning, Youxi was woken up by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Yaoyao told him that he was cleaning and made a study plan for Yuxi. Youxi would be followed and reminded by Yaoyao wherever she was. Going out, he has time to play games.

It was raining heavily outside, and You Xi found that Yao Yao was standing outside the door soaking wet. He prepared a towel for her, and planned to lock the electric car for her when she went out. In Yuxi’s arms, the two were very embarrassed.

Yao Yao remembered his encounter with Yin Jiu, and it was also on such a rainy day, and he couldn’t help feeling sad. You Xi said that he could be her punching bag, but this was not the way to go. He decided to let Yao Yao go to a driving school to learn how to drive. Opportunity to distract her, so she can calm down.

Unexpectedly, Yao Yao’s first day of driving school life was not smooth. Yao Yao hit and injured three coaches with his car. The driving school principal decided to expel Yao Yao and demanded compensation for medical expenses and mental damages, otherwise he would call the police, but Yu Xi said To complain to the driving school, because the coach failed to perform his duties and was skeptical of his coaching ability, and at the same time he took the initiative to withdraw from the driving school and left after saying that.

You Xi decided to teach Yao Yao to reverse the car in person, and got out of the car to set the benchmark. Unexpectedly, this time Yao Yao mixed up the brake and accelerator and knocked You Xi directly into the hospital. Brother Da Zhuang decided to fire Yao Yao, but Yu Xi did not. agree.

Yao Yao helped the injured You Xi back to the room, and now she realized that Yu Xi did not let others into the room not only because of his habit of cleanliness, but because he wanted to have his own space. After all, there were too many involuntary things in his life.

The director and the producer brought reporters to Yu Xi’s house for an interview. They wanted to embarrass him by taking this injury and asked him if he wanted to stop work and play a big role. You Xi said that the script was too bad and really needed to stop work and modify it. His assistant, Yao Yao, helped revise the script.

You Xi learned that Brother Da Zhuang was in a hurry to let him return to work, there must be a reason. Yu Xi learned that a newcomer named Pan Duo was the second female lead of the new drama. See what’s so special about this newcomer.

Zheng Jiaer sent flowers to congratulate You Xi, who had resumed work. You Xi felt that she was scolded by her hype, and she was very dissatisfied with her acting as if nothing had happened.

The newcomer Pan Duo came to Youxi and wanted to play against him, but was disliked by Youxi, but the first cooperation between the two was very successful and the performance was very natural. At this time, Yuxi learned that Pan Duo is the niece of Big Zhuang Brother.

Brother Da Zhuang told You Xi that Weiya was indeed manipulated by someone. There must be something wrong with the stunt worker that Yao Yao saw, but he disappeared. You Xi guessed that this matter was related to Song Qiege. All have to compete with Yuxi.

The breakdown of their relationship all stemmed from a man named Cai Xunwei. The three of them had debuted together as trainees, and they had a good relationship, but Song Qiege made Cai Xunwei lose the opportunity to act. Da Huo became the first brother of Shengguo Entertainment, and was kicked out of the company by You Xi the following year.

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