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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 1 Recap

Yuchi Yaoyao has been a child of other people’s families since she was a child. Diligence, diligence and sensibleness are synonymous with her. In fact, she also hopes that her life can be changed a little bit. She is a student in the History Department of Jiangzhou University and part-time tutor. You Xi has been a devil king since he was a child, but now he is a big star who is loved by everyone. Books are connected.

On this day, Yaoyao came to the bookstore to find “Gongyang Biography” for her boyfriend, but met Youxi who was also looking for this book, and the two quarreled. At this time, Yuxi was discovered by fans, and he had to keep Yaoyao. Avoiding the fans, they exchanged the same backpacks by accident, which caused You Xi to make a mistake when she met the director of the new drama. In addition, Yao Yao was embarrassed when she was interviewing for a tutor.

At this time, Yu Xi is competing with Song Qiege for the lead role in the new drama directed by Wei Ran. Yu Xi shows his determination to win, but his agent Zhu Dazhuang does not think so. In order to let Yu Xi better understand the film Historical background, because Yuxi specially hired a top student from the history department of Jiangzhou University to come to tutor, I didn’t expect that this person was Yuchi Yaoyao. After the two met, they quarreled about taking the wrong backpack.

Invited and left angrily. Unexpectedly, the cell phone that was left on the table suddenly rang. When You Xi picked it up, she found out that it was actually Song Qiege. The threatened You Xi bought a one-year-old phone in order to get the role. He made an appointment for a course and threatened Yao Yao with a complaint, but Yao Yao had no choice but to agree.

The next day, Yaoyao came to Youxi’s house to teach her a lesson, but Yuxi’s inattentive study attitude provoked Yaoyao to persuade him that if he wanted to get a role, he had to work harder, but Youxi had no intention of studying, and only cared about making fun of Yaoyao. dark and quiet.

After the course, Yao Yao accompanied him to the set as You Xi’s assistant. Since the stuntman was temporarily unable to attend, You Xi expressed to the director that he could also hang Wiya in person. Unexpectedly, the accident happened. The rope broke, and You Xi fell from a height and fainted.

After You Xi was sent to the hospital, when his agent Zhu Dazhuang was about to find someone to take care of him, You Xi asked Yao Yao to take care of him, but Yao Yao had to agree, and then Yao Yao told his agent that he doubted that this accident was not an accident. It is artificial, I hope Zhu Dazhuang finds someone to investigate the matter.

The next day, Yaoyao came to the hospital for Yuxi to take a class. Youxi gave Yaoyao a long list of tasks for her to complete. Zhu Dazhuang had called her to tell her that before Yuxi recovered, They all need her to take good care of them, and Yao Yao is very helpless about this.

In the evening, Yao Yao fell asleep beside You Xi’s hospital bed, dreaming of the scene where You Xi hangs Weiya, talking about her dreams, all worried about You Xi, looking at the sleeping Yao Yao, You Xi A burst of warmth came to my heart.

The early morning sun shines into the ward through the cracks in the branches, and Yao Yao sleeps all night with Yu Xi’s arm on his back. After waking up, the two of them are too embarrassed to speak. At this time, a handsome man wearing sunglasses walks away. Entering the ward, this person is Qi Chao, who came to visit You Xi.

Yaoyao received a call from her boyfriend Yin Jiu, but disconnected before finishing speaking. Yaoyao looked at the phone thoughtfully.

Staying in the ward, Yu Xiqiang, who was very bored, pulled Yao Yao out of the room. When the two were wandering on the street, they accidentally bumped into the scene where Yin Jiu was dating Yao Yao’s best friend. The two were speechless in their reply, and at this embarrassing moment, You Xi stepped forward domineeringly and hugged Yao Yao.

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