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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 27 Recap

Zhou Bingyi went to the military factory to serve as the secretary of the party committee, and there were people around him who were talking about it. It was rumored that Zhou Bingyi did not go well through the back door, but instead was sent to the military factory. The old factory manager received Zhou Bingyi and expressed doubts about the rumors.

First of all, he knew what kind of person Hao’s mother was. His wife had worked under Hao’s mother before. The old factory manager told Zhou Bingyi that in his opinion, the military factory is not a bad place, and the people here are of high quality and consciousness. Zhou Bingyi also said that it is safe to come here, and Yao Lisong came to find Zhou Bingyi not long after he arrived here.

Yao Lisong described the current situation and the efficiency of the government’s work. He believed that there were always too many procedures, and the market may have passed after the procedures were completed. Zhou Bingyi hoped that Yao Lisong could talk to the workers, but Yao Lisong believed that the efficiency of the military factory was not good, and the wages could not be paid yet. Zhou Bingyi planned to say it himself that he was the secretary of the party committee, and if he was beaten very much, he would also be beaten.

Zheng Juan came to Beituo Temple to see Zheng Guangming, but learned from Zheng Guangming that Master might die soon, and if he died, the temple would not be there. Zheng Juan proposed to take Zheng Guangming home, but was rejected by Zheng Guangming. Zheng Juan wept, worried that her brother had gone far away, and she had no one to speak to. Zheng Guangming heard from Zheng Juan’s words that she had something on her mind.

At Zheng Guangming’s request, Zheng Juan told about Sun Xiaoning, but Zheng Guangming believed that Zhou Bingkun was not that kind of person. Zheng Guangming believed that the years of marriage in marriage were more important than anything else. Zheng Guangming proposed to let Zheng Juan go and be open to Zhou Bingkun directly. He asked Zhou Bingkun who he really likes.

Yao Lisong and Zhou Bingyi came to Zhou Bingkun’s hotel for dinner, and deliberately talked about Zhou Bingkun’s marriage, thinking that Zhou Bingkun was in good condition and should not find someone with children. Zhou Bingyi also told Yao Lisong what happened back then, and he was not prepared for Yao Lisong, and the family was grateful to Zheng Juan. If there was no Zheng Juan, they would have no mother.

Zheng Juan also told Zheng Guangming that Luo Shibin had been looking for her, and this time he had been following the water. A must-see.

Cao Debao’s father passed away. Cao Debao had to make a big deal, but the money accumulated in the family was not much. If he made a big deal, he might not be able to live. Qiao Chunyan was nagging with Zhou’s mother, and Cao Debao had to divorce Qiao Chunyan because of this matter, and now he has moved out and lived with his mother. Qiao Chunyan cried and complained for a long time, but she saw that Zhou’s mother was also a little dull. After asking Zheng Juan, she realized that Zhou’s mother was not very clear because of her previous illness.

Qiao Chunyan wanted to find Zhou Bingkun to call the shots for herself, but she just happened to hear Cao Debao and Zhou Bingkun scolding Qiao Chunyan. Zhou Bingkun asked Cao Debao if it was because of the girl last time. Cao Debao also admitted that he liked that girl, but not because She is divorced. Just because Qiao Chunyan insisted on letting her mother leave, she also wanted to rent out the house at home to make money. Qiao Chunyan rushed in and quarreled with Cao Debao. Zhou Bingkun appeased Qiao Chunyan, and then reprimanded Cao Debao.

After Zhou Bingkun went back, he also talked to Zheng Juan about Cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan. This incident made Zheng Juan feel uncomfortable and worried that Zhou Bingkun would divorce her one day, so he didn’t say much about Sun Xiaoning. Let’s talk about Zheng Guangming, but looking back, Zhou Bingkun has fallen asleep.

Shui Artesian also found Nan Nan, and also gave Luo Shibin’s promotional materials to Nan Nan, and explained that Luo Shibin was his father. Luo Shibin has a successful career, which is also of great help to Nan Nan. Shui Artesian believes that Nan Nan can think clearly for himself. Nannan also remembered seeing Luo Shibin countless times. At the time, he didn’t think it was related to him, but now he knows it was his father.

Water Artesian also asked Nannan to bring back his address to Zheng Juan. He believed that Nannan would definitely ask Zheng Juan. In the evening, Nannan told Zheng Juan about the encounter with the water artesian. No need to ask more. From Zheng Juan’s expression, it can be seen that the water artesian did not lie, and Nannan remained silent. Zheng Juan told Nan Nan not to tell Zhou Bingkun about this, Nan Nan nodded obediently.

When Zhou Bingkun went back, he already knew from the hotel guests that Zheng Guangming’s temple was going to be demolished. Zhou Bingkun comforted Zheng Juan to find another temple for Zheng Guangming, and it was fine to go farther away. Zheng Juan lost her temper after hearing this. Zheng Guangming was her only maiden family, and Zhou Bingkun had parents, older brothers and sisters. She had only Zheng Guangming alone. If something went wrong, she could not find someone to discuss.

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