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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 26 Recap

Sun Jianchao reminded Zheng Juan that if something happened, don’t blame him for not reminding him. When Sun catchment was stopped by Sun Ning when he returned, Sun Ning hoped to pierce this layer of window paper and wanted to know Zhou Bingkun’s thoughts, but Sun catchment said that he did not go to Zhou Bingkun, he did not know how to find Zhou Bingkun , just looking for Zheng Juan.

Sun Xiaoning satirized that Sun Jianchao did not dare to go to Zhou Bingkun, because he was afraid that he would not even be able to live in a house, so angry that Sun Jianchao pushed Sun Xiaoning down.

Yao Lisong and Zhou Bingyi ate at Zhou Bingkun’s store. Zhou Bingyi received a deposit of 100,000 yuan from Luo Shibin. He felt that things were not good and asked Yao Lisong to help him return it. However, Yao Lisong said that he and Luo Shibin are both running businesses in Shenzhen. If they help to return, it may mean that they know the secret that they do not want to know, and it will be difficult to meet at that time. Zhou Bingyi also felt that he had not considered carefully, so he could only give up the matter of making Yao Lisong repay the loan.

Zheng Juan came to the bookstore to buy books and deliberately talked about her and Zhou Bingkun. Sun Xiaoning actually admitted that she liked Zhou Bingkun and wanted to live with Zhou Bingkun. Zheng Juan held Sun Xiaoning’s hand and praised her for being good-looking. Wu Qian happened to come in. Without knowing it, she thought that Sun Xiaoning’s hand was good-looking because she was young, but Zheng Juan was the best looking hand she had ever seen.

If Zheng Juan wasn’t for Zhou’s mother The massage has caused the hand to deform, and it will not be what it is now. But thanks to Zheng Juan, Zhou’s mother recognized Zheng Juan as her daughter-in-law without anyone. Wu Qian’s words also made Zheng Juan feel comfortable. She just wanted to tell Sun Xiaoning that living is not a matter of two people, and it is not something that can be solved just by liking.

Hao Dongmei also told her mother about Luo Shibin sending money to Zhou Bingyi. Hao’s mother wanted to do something for Zhou Bingyi. If this matter is not handled properly, it may affect Zhou Bingyi’s future. Hao’s mother asked Hao Dongmei to find Zheng Juan, wanting to know the opinions of Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun, but she did not see Zheng Juan.

Luo Shibin in Shenzhen produced 400 tons of products, but the government unit took over. This made Luo Shibin very angry and blamed his subordinates for their ineffectiveness. He thought that the government department did not sign the contract, but they did not want it. If 400 tons of raw silk is thrown into your hands, this silk-drawing factory will close down.

Just at this time, Peng Xinsheng from the sales department came again, and once again responded to one thing, but one of the products sold went to the leather bag company, and there was no actual thing at all. Luo Shibin asked Peng Xinsheng to call the police, but Peng Xinsheng had already called the police and had already caught the liar. Luo Shibin entrusted this matter to Peng Xinsheng, and made it seem like a liar, and the money must be recovered.

Luo Shibin also received the passbook returned by Zhou Bingyi at this time. In the face of the current situation, Luo Shibin could not continue to send this embarrassing moment. At this time, Zhou Bingyi was also dispatched by the organization to serve as the director of the military factory. Zhou Bingyi felt that his ability was insufficient and wanted to inspect it first. Zhou Bingyi also knew from the leader that it was because of Hao’s mother’s presence that Zhou Bingyi had the opportunity to do practical things.

During the meal, Hao Dongmei kept chattering about the work of the unit and complimenting Zhou Bingyi for his efforts, but Zhou Bingyi didn’t seem to listen to anything, and looked like he couldn’t let go. Hao’s mother saw that Zhou Bingyi was wrong, and quickly asked Zhou Bingyi’s opinion. Zhou Bingyi was a little dissatisfied, thinking that it was Hao’s mother doing something wrong, and Hao Dongmei was also dissatisfied with her mother’s mixing, and finally asked Zhou Bingyi to pick up the mess of a military factory.

Hao’s mother laughed, because Governor Hao praised Zhou Bingyi as a good seedling when he was alive. At the age of forty, he became a deputy director of the factory, but it is not Zhou Bingyi’s goal to be the chief director. Zhou Bingyi has always wanted to do something practical. . It is precisely because Zhou Bingyi became Governor Hao’s son-in-law that he always held his tail between his tails and did not dare to fight for what he wanted.

But Hao’s mother felt that she had to help mention things that Zhou Bingyi could not mention. This was the reuse of Zhou Bingyi in the organization. Zhou Bingyi was moved, but instead said that Hao Dongmei was wrong, and Hao Dongmei didn’t know where she was wrong for a while.

Shui Ziliu believed that this work was caused by his mistakes, so he planned to wait for the wire drawing factory to pass the crisis and then resign, and let Luo Shibin take full responsibility. He felt that Peng Xinsheng was a good person, and Luo Shibin also began to pay attention to Peng Xinsheng. Inadvertently, Luo Shibin heard that the sales department was having a meeting, and Peng Xinsheng was telling the truth, but the people in the department did not agree.

Luo Shibin promised that those who did not work could go to other places. What he cared most about was whether the silk produced could be sold. Peng Xinsheng also recommended a person, Li Wanquan, who wanted to get back all the cheated money. Luo Shibin ordered the sales department and Li Wanquan to sell all the silk within 20 days.

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