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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 25 Recap

In the past years, it was not easy to reunite. Zhou Zhigang’s family had grown from a family of five to a family of eleven. If Zheng Guangming was included, it would be twelve.

It is rare that everyone can get together this time, and everyone has to take pictures together, because it is rare to get together. Zhou Rong came to ask Yueyue to take a photo together, but Yueyue was watching TV and was stubborn to continue watching.

Zhou Rong also stubbornly turned off the TV and urged the child to hurry up. Because of this, Yueyue had a dispute with Zhou Rong, and even felt that Zhou Rong didn’t tell Zhou Rong because she won the award, so Zhou Rong lost face at the parent-teacher meeting, and Zhou Rong came back to trouble her. Nan Nan on the side felt that Yueyue was ignorant, and was so angry that Yueyue left the house.

Zheng Juan wanted to find Yueyue but was stopped by Zhou Rong. Zheng Juan thought that Zhou Rong did not understand Yueyue’s temperament. That sentence made Zhou Rong speechless, indeed she spent too little time with Yueyue. Zheng Juan urged Nannan to find Yueyue and persuaded Yueyue to come back.

Zheng Juan also found Yueyue’s award-winning composition in the room. It was written by my mother, but in Zhou Rong’s view, the entire composition did not have the unique feelings that her daughter had for her mother, but just a kind of admiration and respect. Zhou Rong was sad, Zhou Bingyi came to persuade Zhou Rong, but Zhou Rong couldn’t let it go. She loved Yueyue since she was a child and had no choice but to keep her here, but after seeing Yueyue later, she tried her best to take care of Yueyue. Don’t feel it?

Yueyue and Nannan complained that they never had parents. She envied Nannan being with her parents. The real parents are to fight when they want to fight and fight when they want, but she never Without this kind of feeling, Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun are both pampered and loved, but they just can’t feel the feeling of their parents. Yueyue also vowed to take her with her when she has children in the future, and this time she is also sad that Nannan should not help Zhou Rong to kill her. Under Nannan’s persuasion, Yueyue finally followed her back.

Ma Shouchang was suddenly seriously ill and was sent to the hospital. Qu Xiuzhen was afraid that she would be too busy and the child would not come back, so she called Zhou Bingkun. Zhou Bingkun went to the hospital to accompany him regardless of his work in the hotel.

Accompanied by Nan Nan, Yue Yue took the initiative to apologize to Zhou Zhigang, hoping to be forgiven, but Zhou Zhigang said that everyone will be here in the future, and he has also retired, so he can take pictures whenever he wants in the future.

Zhou Bingkun and Qu Xiuzhen negotiated, he guards Ma Shouchang at night and Qu Xiuzhen during the day. In the evening, Zheng Juan came to the hospital to deliver meals to Zhou Bingkun, but learned from the nurse that a young girl had already delivered it, which made Zheng Juan a little uneasy.

In the evening, Feng Huacheng talked to Yueyue alone, and told that when Yueyue was sick as a child, it was Zhou Rong who carried her across the mountains to see a doctor. That experience, that kind of love for the child also moved Yueyue and Yueyue. Apologize to Feng Huacheng. Zheng Juan always seemed preoccupied.

The next morning, she deliberately proposed to deliver meals to Zhou Bingkun in the evening. She also specifically asked how she ate yesterday. Zhou Bingkun did not hide it at all, and told Zheng Juan that it was delivered by Sun Xiaoning from the bookstore. Seeing Zhou Bingkun’s magnanimous appearance, Zheng Juan felt a lot more at ease.

Cao Debao’s factory manager asked Cao Debao to go to Zhou Bingkun’s restaurant instead to receive guests because he drank too much. Cao Debao also truthfully told what the factory manager meant. The factory manager just knew the relationship between Cao Debao and Zhou Bingkun, so he sent him here mainly. It still depends on how Zhou Bingkun does it.

When Cai Xiaoguang was instructing the play offstage, Zhou Rong came. Seeing the performance on stage, Zhou Rong couldn’t help laughing. Only then did Cai Xiaoguang realize that Zhou Rong was behind.

Cao Debao came with a girl. He originally wanted to bring the girl to eat something delicious, but he didn’t expect that the Hong Kong businessman Qi had taken a fancy to the girl and pestered the girl and refused to let go. Zhou Bingkun wanted to come in to support Cao Debao, but just watched Cao Debao slap President Qi, and Zhou Bingkun hurried to chase after President Qi who left.

Behind him, Cao Debao sat drunkenly on a chair and caught the girl’s opponent. He also felt a lot, because the efficiency of the factory was not good. Cao Debao was crying in the girl’s arms because he was sad, and happened to be seen by Zhou Bingkun who came back.

Cai Xiaoguang and Zhou Rong chatted alone, and Zhou Rong also saw that the girl who performed badly on stage was Cai Xiaoguang’s girlfriend, otherwise he wouldn’t have to use it if no one else would say bad. Cai Xiaoguang admired Zhou Rong’s insight, and truthfully said that he just wanted a free love life together, and would not consider the issue of marriage. Cai Xiaoguang immediately agreed to Zhou Rong’s offer to help.

Zheng Juan deliberately cooked in advance and brought it to the hospital, and happened to meet Sun Xiaoning. Zheng Juan also expressed her gratitude generously, and Sun Xiaoning also felt embarrassed and left. In the evening, Ma Shouchang, who was gradually recovering, sat on the bed and watched Zhou Bingkun and Qu Xiuzhen crave meat, but he could only eat liquid food when he woke up. Zheng Juan looked at Zhou Bingkun who was eating and was a little stunned. A woman’s intuition told her that Sun Xiaoning liked Zhou Bingkun, but it seemed that Zhou Bingkun didn’t know.

The next day, Zheng Juan specifically told Zhou Bingkun that she had met Sun Xiaoning yesterday, and she also asked Sun Xiaoning to go back. Zhou Bingkun kept his head down to eat, nodding to show that he understood, and Zheng Juan silently observed Zhou Bingkun’s actions.

Sun Xiaoning is Sun Jinchao’s younger sister. She has never had a blind date since she was so old. Sun Jinchao was a little angry and blamed Sun Xiaoning, but Sun Xiaoning told her brother that the person she liked was Zhou Bingkun. Sun Jianchao had to come to Zhou Bingkun. .

Sun Ganchao had to find Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan told Sun Ganchao to take care of Sun Xiaoning, but Sun Ganchao thought that a slap would not make a sound, so Sun Ganchao was angry and went to Zhou Bingkun for the theory. However, Zheng Juan stopped Sun catch-up and seriously told Sun catch-up to take care of Sun Xiaoning, and the affairs of the couple were not allowed to be mixed by outsiders.

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