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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 24 Recap

Zhou Bingkun was aggrieved and wept, blaming his father for never considering his feelings, and he also hoped that his parents would be satisfied with him. However, his father always blamed him for his poor grades since he was a child, and he shouldn’t be compared with his elder brothers and sisters at all. Zhou Zhigang was very angry. He felt that he told the truth, but it made Zhou Bingkun angry to the current level.

But Zhou Bingkun thinks that even if it is true, the father should not say that to his child. Zhou Zhigang asked Zhou Bingkun if he would never reconcile with his father in his life if he did not admit his fault. The more Zhou Zhigang thought about it, the more angry he became. He didn’t even know what happened at home. He was so angry that Zhou Zhigang pressed Zhou Bingkun and hit him. Zhou Bingkun pushed his son away with a slap, and told Cong Cong that the person who hit him was his father’s father.

Zhou Zhigang did not blame Congcong, but felt that the child loved his father. He was happy for Zhou Bingkun. Zhou Zhigang told Zheng Juan that Zhou Bingkun contributed the most in his family, but he was also beaten the most since childhood. Zhou Bingkun cried and hoped that his father would beat him more. Zheng Juan was overjoyed when she saw that Zhou Bingkun and Zhou Zhigang looked like father and son.

In the morning, Zheng Juan was busy cooking, and Yueyue heard that Zhou Zhi would not leave as soon as he retired, which made Yueyue worry that she would not be able to keep her separate room. Zheng Juan told Yueyue that she would still live in a room alone, and Zhou Bingyi and her grandmother, Nan Nan and Cong Cong lived in the same room. Nannan and Yueyue often joke around, and they don’t miss this opportunity, pretending to envy Yueyue’s ability to live in a room alone, they are four people living in one room.

Zhou Zhigang added a few boards next to Zhou’s mother’s bed to make the bed wider. Now the home also uses a washing machine. Yueyue also has her own little secret. Zhou Rong was also rated as an associate professor. According to the standard, he should have a two-bedroom house. Zhou Rong persuaded Feng Huacheng to talk about it after a while. Although Feng Huacheng is back, he is still a small author, which is a bit of frustration for Feng Huacheng. Zhou Rong blamed herself for not coming back at that time. She never thought that there would be problems in small places. The magazine circle in small places had already formed a small circle, and it was difficult for outsiders to integrate into it.

Every day Nannan takes Yueyue to school. The college entrance examination is about to take place. Yueyue asks Nannan what school she wants to go to. Nan Nan joked that he wanted to go to Peking University and Tsinghua University, but considering that both schools were vying for him, he simply went to university in one school and then went to graduate school in the other, but he was afraid that the two schools would eventually fight for him. Yueyue couldn’t help laughing when she heard Nannan’s humorous words.

Zhou Bingyi came to Shenzhen to find Yao Lisong. Now Yao Lisong has gone to sea to do business and has achieved remarkable results. Yao Lisong brought Zhou Bingyi to the nightclub. Zhou Bingyi was stunned when he first came to this kind of occasion. Yao Lisong persuaded Zhou Bingyi to come to Shenzhen for development, and he would not delay in coming here.

Zhou Bingyi hesitated. Yao Lisong asked Lucy to arrange two dance partners for Zhou Bingyi, but Zhou Bingyi refused. But looking at the writhing crowd on the dance floor, Zhou Bingyi was both excited and melancholy. The former was for the vitality of Shenzhen and the latter was for the development of Jiangliao. He had said to himself the words “hurry up” many times. This night, this At that moment, Zhou Bingyi felt like he was sitting on pins and needles again.

When Zhou Bingyi went back, during the meal time, Hao’s mother asked Zhou Bingyi’s true thoughts, what would he do in the future? Mother Hao truthfully expressed her heartfelt words. She treated Zhou Bingyi as her son. Without Zhou Bingyi, neither she nor Hao Dongmei would have recovered so quickly. Zhou Bingyi told Hao’s mother and Hao Dongmei about going to Shenzhen, and now Deng Xiaoping said that some people should get rich first. He also submitted the research report, but the above is only good, and there is no other text. Zhou Bingyi believes that his work is meaningless, and he has no sense of accomplishment.

Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei went back to take a family photo. The person in charge of cadres came to visit Hao’s mother at home. Hao’s mother praised Zhou Bingyi and wanted to promote Zhou Bingyi. She even felt that Zhou Bingyi’s work was too leisurely, and he should be given responsibility and responsibility Push forward. In fact, this promotion is to let Zhou Bingyi go to the grassroots to do some practical work. After communicating with Zhou Bingyi, Hao’s mother understands that Zhou Bingyi does not want to sit in the office without a glass of water and a newspaper.

Everyone got together and heard that Zhou Rong was back, and Zhou’s mother, who was busy, hurriedly called Yueyue out, and Yueyue blamed Zhou’s mother for not knocking when she came in. Zhou Rong was very happy to know that Yueyue’s composition won the first prize, and thought that Yueyue should tell her, and Yueyue also believed that everything was because her mother was not around. Nan Nan was afraid that Zhou Rong would be unhappy, so she quickly explained that because Yueyue always won awards, she didn’t care too much.

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