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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 41 Recap

Although Da Siming used his housekeeping skills to deal with Yu Huan, he was seriously injured because of it. Zhen Lan couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the eyes of the prey through the water mirror. Bai Ying felt the shaking of the colorless city, and hurriedly ran to ask about the situation, only to know that the water mirror was seriously damaged, and I am afraid that it would not be able to be used again in the future, while Hongyuan found that Yu Huan had broken into the spiritual stage enchantment under the Falling Tears Monument.

Considering that Yu Huan knew the entrance to Colorless City, they were very passive now, so Bai Ying implored Zhen Lan to order the release of the last seal, otherwise the army would attack and the consequences would be unimaginable. Not guaranteed. But unlocking the seal meant that the Six Kings were wiped out, and Zhen Lan was a little hesitant.

For many days, Zhen Lan looked through the ancient books of Kongsang to find a way to solve it, but unfortunately found nothing. The chief minister came to report that the water mirror could not be opened at all, but whether it was possible for the prey to open it at any time, although it only took a moment at a time, he was enough to spy on many secrets. If it was a long time, Kongsang would be in danger.

Listening to Da Siming’s words, Zhen Lan was slightly taken aback, and asked her father how he made his choice back then. In fact, before King Chengguang issued an order to Xijing, he was also conflicted and tangled, because he knew that the way of the emperor was the way of solitude, and he only hoped that his son could grow up freely on the grassland, unfettered, but he would be destroyed in the country. At a critical moment, after all, the emperor and his father chose to protect thousands of people.

Yu Huan went back to apologize to the prey, and by the way told his latest discovery, which was regarded as a bargaining chip. The prey has long known that Yu Huan has been to the colorless city, and has a clear grasp of the situation of the colorless city. Therefore, there is an important task for Yu Huan now, and let him go to the spirit stage enchantment again.

Taking advantage of Zhenlan’s distraught over the matter of the Six Kings, the prey quietly turned on the water mirror, and used a spell to inject a paragraph into the Xuanhuang Sutra, so that he could see the “six-star reversal” formation. Zhen Lan thought that she was pleasantly surprised that this formation would prevent the Six Kings from being wiped out, so she decided to lift the seal in person and discuss the matter with Su Gu.

But Su G always felt suspicious. After all, the Xuanhuang Jing had not recorded this kind of formation for a long time, so he took Zhenlan into the ice room. As expected, he easily discovered the power of the cracking technique. He must have set a trap on purpose. Seeing that Zhen Lan was quite disappointed, Su G said that he would find a way to save the six kings, and he would tell everyone when he had full confidence.

However, Zhen Lan’s trip was not without success. Su G thought that if the prey wanted to use the six stars to reverse the power of sucking the six kings, then they would have nothing to do with it. So Su Gu instructed Zhen Lan to take the Heaven-defying Sword to protect Wucheng City, and he pretended to be Zhen Lan and led the six kings to Lingjingtai.

After returning to the colorless city, Su Gu, who transformed into a real lantern, ordered to set off to the Lingjing stage tomorrow, claiming that he had found a way to unlock the seal. At the same time, Yan Xi once again received a message from Cangliu, asking him to bring Na Sheng back to life. Na Sheng didn’t know what to ask, and he was still sharing his experience during this period with Yan Xi, swearing that he would not continue to be self-willed in the future. How to know that Yan Xi was silent about this, Na Sheng was a little strange, and found that something was wrong with him.

Before entering the entrance of the Spiritual Stage, Bai Ying noticed that Zhen Lan’s expression was indifferent, uncharacteristically, and couldn’t help but ask Su Gu’s whereabouts, but he casually put it off. The prey explained to Yu Huan to go to open the colorless city. As long as he can guarantee the success of this mission, he will be named the commander and lead the five divisions.

Just as the six kings worked together to open the seal, they found themselves unable to move. The prey cast spells to increase the damage to the six kings, completely controlling them. Bai Ying couldn’t break free, but she already knew Zhen Lan’s identity and hurriedly called Su Gu’s name, hoping to wake up Zhen Lan next to her.

Sure enough, as soon as the words fell, the obsidian gradually absorbed the power of the cracking technique, Su G suddenly opened his eyes, and immediately changed back to his real body to resist the attack of the prey. On the other hand, Yu Huan sneaked into the colorless city, unexpectedly Zhenlan was guarding the city, and he lost to the power of the Pitian Sword, and was seriously injured by the opponent.

Su Mo used the power of the Dragon God to fight against the predators, and easily broke the predicament. Shi Peng and others also felt the shock on the temple. Shi Peng went back to summon the other four divisions, and everyone discussed and worked together to kill the prey and no longer let him drive.

Because the spiritual consciousness of the six kings and the colorless city are interrelated, so that the colorless city was attacked, and Bai Ying’s spiritual consciousness was also unstable after being affected. Fortunately, Su Gu used magic to control Bai Ying’s spiritual consciousness, so that she quickly regained consciousness, and told all the previous plans truthfully.

Although King Xing Zun hurt Chun Huang with the Heaven-defying Sword 7,000 years ago, Su Mi never believed in fate, and was willing to give the Heaven-defying sword to Zhen Lan so that he could change his life against the sky. The choice is right. On the other side, Yu fantasized about what had just happened, and the angry prey used himself as a chess piece again. However, the prey warned that Yu Huan had been wanted by the whole city. At this moment, only he could save his life, and only by continuing to obey orders could he be safe and sound.

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