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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 40 Recap

Because Su Gu had instructed in advance, Zhixiu did not truthfully tell the name of the drug to Hongyuan, and only concluded that it had the effect of vermilion. At this moment, Lan Wang suddenly appeared to interrupt the conversation between the two. He learned that the person in front of him was Zhi Xiu. After a moment of surprise, he quickly returned to normal.

In fact, Bai Lin, as a bird spirit, can completely drink weak water to protect his appearance, but she believes that weak water is an illusion of life, and she does not want to use this evil method to maintain her life. Even though her death was approaching, Bai Lin still did not want to become an evil spirit. Su Gu changed her mind greatly and decided to refine medicine pills for her every night to heal her injuries.

Hongyuan explained to Bai Ying the ingredients of the medicine and reassured her that she didn’t have to worry too much. Maybe it was because the girl grew up and had someone she liked that she began to pay attention to her appearance. That night, Bai Ying followed Bai Lin to the woods, and unexpectedly found out that she and Su Gu had met in secret, and couldn’t help being flustered.

Although Bai Lin once held a grudge against Su G, now it seems that he finally understands why his sister likes him. Bai Lin handed the ancient book of Kongsang to Su Gu, reminding him that if he forcibly cultivated this technique, it would definitely cause him great harm. At the same time, Bai Ying sat alone by the lake and wept, very afraid that Su G would fall in love with others again. It happened that Zhen Lan saw that she was sad for Su G, so she persuaded her to face her feelings truthfully.

On the second night, Bai Lin did not come to the appointment on time, which made her weaker and fainter on the spot. Su Mi immediately treated Bai Lin, and because of this, Bai Ying knew the ins and outs, and immediately became annoyed and blamed herself, obviously watching her relatives want to leave, but she couldn’t do anything.

Bai Ying knew that her sister liked the Flower God Festival the most, so Su G decided to hold this festival for Bai Lin, which could be regarded as fulfilling her wish. When Nasheng learned that Bai Lin’s life was not long, Nasheng couldn’t help but feel regretful. He dragged Yanxi to talk about life and death, but Yanxi was very impatient. And metamorphosis. Originally, Yan Xi wanted to do something to Na Sheng, but what Na Sheng said next made him regain some sense.

That night, Su G prepared a wishing card for Bai Lin, and used magic to transform the sky with fireworks that bloomed in the night sky. Na Sheng seemed very happy, but Yan Xi was unusually cold. Bai Lin looked at the fireworks and made his last wish. In a flash, it turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared. Bai Ying picked up the wishing card and couldn’t help bursting into tears. can be happy forever. Da Siming, Zhenlan and others saw this scene through the water mirror, and they couldn’t help feeling that Kongsang had a lucky bird named Lin, and he was happy to honor his relatives, but his soul returned to another country.

As Bai Lin’s funeral had passed, Bai Ying regained her heart and quickly came out of her sad mood. Although Bai Ying can’t remember the past, but through this period of time, she still can’t control her admiration for Su G, so under Hong Yuan’s persuasion, she mustered up the courage to confess to Su G, and leaned over to offer a kiss . Su Mo was very happy about this, and took the initiative to hold Bai Ying in her arms, promising that she would never fail in this life.

Yu Huan insisted on going to Jiuyi to find the answer, because he had previously found a passage to Kongsang colorless city. As long as he found the passage, he would have the bargaining chip to negotiate with the prey, not only to completely heal the blood contract, but also to get what his sister wanted. freedom you want. Even if Yu Zhu wants to take Yu Huan to fly high, but for Yu Huan, no matter where he goes, he can’t escape the pursuit of the five divisions, and only when he gets the greatest rights is true freedom.

Shi Peng ordered that as long as he saw Yu Huan, he would kill him. At this time, Shi Lang came to Shi Peng to settle the old account and asked him why he had not caught Yu Huan. Shi Peng believes that Yu Huan is now a member of the prey, and he has already separated from himself, so the best way is to wipe them all out.

On the other hand, Yu Huan came to the tomb of the king of Jiuyi Mountain again, and found the enchantment from it, trying to break it with magic. However, the barrier was extremely hard and had no effect at all, so he pierced it with a lightsaber, just right through the water mirror. Da Siming and Zhen Lan felt that the barrier was unstable, and they saw that it was Yu Huan who was causing trouble. Da Si Ming cast a spell to hit back at the opposite side, and finally knocked Yu Huan back. The prey also noticed the strangeness of the water mirror, and saw the two sides facing each other in the water mirror, including the discovery of Yu Huan’s whereabouts.

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