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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 39 Recap

Now that Jingcheng is heavily guarded, Yu Huan has nowhere to go, only temporarily staying in Feilian’s room. Although there had been unpleasantness before, Fei Lian was absolutely sincere towards Yu Huan. With Fei Lian’s help, Yu Huan met her sister as she wished. How could she know that this scene fell into Shi Peng’s eyes, so she immediately went to Shi Lang to settle the account.

Because of Shi Peng’s repeated requests, Shi Lang had to bring him to see Fei Lian, but Fei Lian had already transferred Yu Huan away. While Shi Peng was searching the room, Shi Lang hurriedly stepped on the bloody handkerchief that Yu Huan had left behind, and only escaped by chance. Shi Peng did not find any suspicious clues, and only left first. Shi Lang suddenly proposed to discuss in the Fifth Master Hall, asking Shi Peng to explain what happened today, and at the same time ban Fei Lian.

The prey learned that Shi Peng could not find Yu Huan, and was very angry because of this. There was only a square inch Jingcheng left and right, so how could he not find anyone. Yu Zhu knelt down and begged the prey to let Yu Huan go, but the prey thought that Yu Huan was responsible for his own decision.

On the other hand, when Su Gu obtained the power of the Dragon God, he was unable to summon Si Shi, as if she had disappeared from this world, and there was no trace to be found. Zhen Lan thought that there was not much time left, so he should attack the Mirror Tower as soon as possible. Su G persuaded Zhen Lan to think clearly, after all, the prey on the Mirror Tower was King Kongsang Xingzun.

Because Su Gu knew that he and Su Nuo could bear the pain of backlash together, he suddenly thought that he had seen an ancient book of Kongsang before, which recorded the spell related to the “Star Soul Sea Oath”, and that Zhu Yan knew that this kind of spell can make people He came back from the dead, but he couldn’t find the missing parts of the ancient books when he was young.

Cang Liuren controlled Yan Xi with his mind, making him unable to control his own thoughts. Therefore, after Yan Xi received the secret letter, he immediately asked Na Sheng if he would go to Jingcheng with him, but Na Sheng felt that it was not suitable now, and he would talk about it later. It was precisely because of this that Yan Xi had murderous intentions towards Na Sheng. Bai Ying sensed that Sheng was in danger, and immediately ran to inform Su Gu. How could she have found Na Sheng and Yan Xi who had already fallen into a coma by the lake.

After Yan Xi woke up, she realized that they had been attacked. In order to protect Na Sheng’s safety, Su Mo set up a barrier in the waterside hut. However, Bai Lin suddenly appeared to look for Bai Ying, so that he was blocked by the barrier. Because of Bai Ying’s request, Su Mo had to let Bai Lin go, and mentioned the Jiuyi Mountain incident on the way back, but Bai Ying had already forgiven her sister, thinking that the most urgent task was to unlock Kongsang’s seal.

Su Gu sent Bai Ying back and was about to leave when Bai Lin was waiting for him halfway. Bai Lin said that he had found a spell, which could avoid Bai Ying’s end in ashes, but the person who cast the spell was very likely to face death. After some conversation, Su G realized that the spell Bai Lin said was the Star Soul Sea Oath, and it was unknown why the Zhu Yan book fell into her hands.

Since the last time he experienced the “attack” incident, Na Sheng always felt that Yan Xi was different from before. At first, he was afraid and suspicious, but under Yan Xi’s sweet words, he still believed in him without hesitation. In fact, after Yan Xi knocked Na Sheng out that day, he wanted to take away the ring of Emperor Tian, ​​but he was injured by the ring.

But because Yan Xi couldn’t get what he wanted, he was indifferent to Na Sheng, and even scolded him. Nasheng was very sad about this, and took the initiative to go to Bai Ying to talk to him, thinking that it is impossible for a merman to love only one person in his life, and Nasheng is often hot and cold now, which is elusive.

Bai Ying didn’t think much about it, she felt that the news of Ning Liang and others’ death had hit Yan Xi a lot, so she comforted Na Sheng to pay more attention to each other, and then went to visit Bai Lin, and unexpectedly found that she was playing with bottles and jars in front of the dressing mirror. Can, but when he saw himself coming, he was very flustered.

Perhaps because of her concern for her sister, Bai Ying noticed something was wrong, so she told Zhen Lan about it. Naihe Da Siming knew nothing about medicine, and there was no one who knew pharmacology in Wushi City, so he asked Hongyuan to find Zhixiu for help. Sure enough, Zhixiu saw that the ingredients of the medicine were different. After careful inspection, he was shocked and hurriedly reported the situation to Su G.

It turned out that the medicine Bai Lin was taking was highly toxic. Although it was suitable for fighting poison with poison, if an ordinary person took it, it would definitely kill him. The main effect of this kind of poison is to rejuvenate people. Su G told Zhixiu not to make any public noises, and as for Hongyuan, keep it under wraps for the time being.

After explaining everything, Su G took the initiative to go to Bai Lin and explained the matter about the poison, but Bai Lin didn’t care about life and death, and only hoped to be able to accompany her sister for a limited time. The two discussed the spell of the Star Soul Sea Oath. Due to the serious lack of the spell, Su G had to find it on his own.

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