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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 23 Recap

Zhou Zhigang was a little disappointed when he saw that it was not from Zhou Bingkun. The apprentice persuaded Zhou Zhigang to take the initiative to write a letter to Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Zhigang was stubborn and refused to write. He also wanted to see when Zhou Bingkun could take the initiative to write to him.

Ning’er liked Zhou Bingkun’s way of speaking in a straightforward manner, and actively expressed her enthusiasm that she would always follow in Zhou Bingkun’s footsteps, she would go wherever Zhou Bingkun went, and Wu Qian felt a little uncomfortable watching Ning’er’s actions next to her.

Zhou Rong returned to Guizhou and came to the silent cemetery, thinking of that night, Silent fought the wolf for her, and finally died silently in the mouth of the wolf, and Zhou Rong was able to survive.

Yao Lisong came to Zhou Bingyi and told him that these years have not been easy, and that he has worked diligently. I thought that the old director would promote him after he was promoted, but he didn’t expect that the old director died in a car accident on his way to take office. Yao Lisong also failed to get promoted as he wished.

Yao Lisong thought that Zhou Bingyi had fulfilled Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingyi told Yao Lisong that Zhou Bingkun was not fulfilled by him. Yao Lisong is looking forward to Governor Hao’s life, and many things may be solved, but Zhou Bingyi knows that if the Governor is alive, he can no longer work in the provincial department.

Hao Dongmei chatted with Zhou Bingyi and talked about his autopsy. After seeing all the internal organs of the person being dissected, he thought he was just a teaching aid, but when he saw the mud on the fingernails of the deceased, he realized that he was also a person just like everyone else. Zhou Bingyi remembered Zhou Bingkun’s efforts and hard work over the years, and suddenly felt a little distressed for him.

After Zhou Rong returned to Beijing, she found that the house was full of wine bottles, and she was so angry that Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng had a big fight. Feng Huacheng explained that it was because he did not become a member of this selection. Neither the director nor the chairman of the Writers Association had anything to do with him.

Zhou Rong thought that there were too many talents in Beijing, so it would be better to find Shao Jingwen. I heard Zhou Bingkun said about the magazine He is thirsty for talents, and especially likes talents like Feng Huacheng. Although Feng Huacheng was reluctant to give up the prosperity and center of Beijing, he finally agreed.

Zhou Bingkun bought a big house and let everyone live in it together. Zheng Juan was so excited that she burst into tears. She never thought that she could live in such a big house. The facilities here are all available, and Zheng Juan was worried that she would not live long. Zhou Bingkun told Zheng Juan that the contract stated that she could live for a lifetime, which made Zheng Juan even more excited. Zhou’s mother also came to this big house, holding Zhou Bingkun’s hand even more excited, never thought that her son could be so promising.

In the evening, Zhou Bingkun got up and checked the rooms one by one. For fear that his mother would not be used to sleeping, Zhou Bingkun was relieved to see her sleeping. Zhou Bingkun covered Cong Cong with a quilt, and Cong Cong politely thanked his father for his hard work.

In 1988, with the rapid economic development, Luo Shibin took a new step. The first thing I did when I returned to Jichun was to see my son. At the school gate, Nan Nan was waiting for Yueyue to come out on a bicycle. A girl likes Nan Nan and hopes to ride Nan Nan’s bicycle, but Nan Nan rejects her. The girl envys Yue Yue for having a good brother.

Luo Shibin looked at Nan Nan’s talent, but did not dare to come forward to say hello. Looking at the backs of the two leaving on bicycles, a smile appeared on Luo Shibin’s mouth.

Yueyue saw the love letter that the girl put in Nannan’s schoolbag, and asked Nannan what she thought of the girl, but Nannan said that she didn’t like the girl. Although the girl was good-looking in the class, Nannan didn’t like it. . Yueyue asked Nannan girl if she was beautiful, Nannan joked that Yueyue was not as good as others, and was so angry that Yueyue beat Nannan.

Zhou Zhigang came back suddenly, but found that National Day and Wu Qian had lived in the house. National Day called to tell Zhou Bingkun about this, but when Zhou Bingkun was about to rush back, the guests in the hotel started fighting.

Zhou Bingkun was busy dealing with the store and couldn’t get back in time, so he had to call Zhou Rong and Zhou Bingyi during the National Day. Zhou Rong took Zhou Zhigang to the new house. Zhou Zhigang was very upset by the big changes in Zhou Bingkun’s life and work. Shocked, no one told him.

Zhou Rong explained that Zhou Bingkun must have wanted to tell his father that it is not good for them to talk too much, and Zhou Zhigang is not talking too much. When Zhou Bingkun returned home in an uneasy mood, Zhou Zhigang hadn’t slept yet, and had been smoking a cigarette waiting for Zhou Bingkun, he was worried.

Zhou Bingkun burst into tears when Zhou Zhigang said that he was not at ease. In order to demonstrate the tears, Zhou Bingkun hurriedly hid in the bathroom, and Zhou Zhigang also followed with red eyes. After adjusting his emotions, Zhou Bingkun went back to the room. Zhou Zhigang was already lying down, and Zhou Bingkun was lying silently beside his father. Zhou Zhigang felt distressed that Zhou Bingkun came back so late every day.

If he went on like this every day, he was afraid that his body could not bear it. Zhou Bingkun explained that he wanted to rush back after receiving the call today, but someone got into a fight and alerted the police, so it was dealt with later. Zhou Zhigang blamed Zhou Bingkun for not writing letters for many years. Zhou Bingkun claimed that his father was a snob and could not write letters until he had no future.

Zhou Zhigang was so angry that he turned on the light and wanted to look at Zhou Bingkun’s face and talk. Zhou Zhigang thought that people who climbed high and stepped on the bottom were snobbery, and he would never be such a person.

Zhou Bingkun believed that Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong were indeed admitted to Peking University, and he really wanted to show off with his children during the Chinese New Year. But the only thing he did wrong was that he didn’t take into account Zhou Bingkun’s feelings, which made Zhou Bingkun lose face.

Zhou Bingkun burst into tears and asked his father if he had considered his feelings?

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