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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 22 Recap

With Zhou Bingkun’s blending, everyone began to ease up. Cao Debao deliberately asked Zhou Bingkun if the compilation was down? The illness asked Zhou Bingkun if he would come back if it was compiled? Zhou Bingkun saw what everyone meant, and deliberately couldn’t speak. A group of people, under the leadership of Cao Debao, knocked Zhou Bingkun down and “beaten”, and laughter spread out of the room.

Zheng Juan saw that Zhou Bingkun came back and was busy pouring water for his feet. She wanted to tell Zhou Bingkun something, but found that the bicycle parked in the yard was gone. Zhou Bingkun had no choice but to report the case to the police. The police heard that it was a bicycle and immediately sighed that it was topping their salary for two months.

Gong Wei, on the other hand, agreed to help look for it after he got the news, but it was difficult to find, and he might have someone steal the money to sell it. Gong Wei told Zhou Bingkun that now the government has new policies and vigorous reforms.

Now that the south has developed very well, the next step is the development of the north. Gong Wei told Zhou Bingkun that because young people do not have jobs, these crimes happen one after another. After all the reforms are completed, it will naturally follow. Listening to Gong Weize’s words, Zhou Bingkun is also half-understood.

Luo Shibin returned to Guangzhou. At this time, he had made a fortune, lived in a mansion, and had another wife. As soon as he got home, his wife gave him a laboratory report to prove that he was pregnant. Luo Shibin drove away his wife, Ginkgo, with an angry face.

Zheng Juan didn’t know how to tell Zhou Bingkun about Nan Nan, because Zhou’s mother loved Nan Nan more than her own grandson, and Zhou Bingkun also grew up with Nan Nan. Will definitely work hard with Luo Shibin. Zhou Bingyi asked Zheng Juan to hide from Zhou Bingkun first, because now Zhou Bingkun belongs to the rising period of his career, and he will slowly find a way.

Zhou Bingkun took the initiative to discuss with Mr. Shao about opening a bookstore. After opening a bookstore, there will definitely be a shortage of people. Zhou Bingkun hopes that he will recommend the recruits.

The matter of Shui Lai North Metal Factory has been settled. Luo Shibin hopes to develop his business to the whole country, and everything he does is for Nan Nan. He used to think that he could live in Shenzhen all his life, but now Luo Shibin hopes that Nan Nan can get to know him and know what kind of person his biological father is.

Zhou Bingkun’s preparation has not come down. The president wants to talk to Zhou Bingkun in person, but Mr. Shao Shao Jingwen doesn’t want to stimulate Zhou Bingkun, and wants to say it himself, but seeing Zhou Bingkun’s busy back, Mr. Shao doesn’t know how to speak. Shao Jingwen found Zhou Bingyi, who was working in a government agency, to explain the current situation.

Hao Dongmei also didn’t understand why she had to go back when she was living well now, but Zhou Bingyi could understand, because Zhou Bingkun wanted to prove it to Zhou Zhigang. From the perspective of the elderly, Zhou Bingkun’s current situation was a homeless person. Hao Dongmei proposed to let her mother come forward, but she was opposed by Zhou Bingyi.

Zhou Bingyi believed that the person who competed with Zhou Bingkun for the position was far inferior to Zhou Bingkun. But Hao Dongmei believes that many things will not depend on who is stronger than who, and there may be other problems in it.

Shao Jingwen wrote a letter to reflect Zhou Bingkun’s matter, hoping to compile it to Zhou Bingwen. Hao Dongmei thought that no one would dare to suppress this matter. And Shao Jingwen has now retired, and no one can do anything to him at that time. Hao Dongmei thinks that this has been done, so Zhou Bingyi doesn’t have to worry.

Things really got their way. Shao Jingwen became an unsung hero. Although he contributed to the compilation, he asked the president to talk to Zhou Bingkun in person. Zhou Bingkun excitedly rushed over to find Shao Jingwen, Shao Jingwen pretended to be unaware of the celebration for Zhou Bingkun, and Zheng Juan was also proud and happy for Zhou Bingkun.

Zhou Bingkun came to the timber factory to watch the National Day, and told his good brothers about the kindness of his preparation. Just happened to meet the manager. The factory manager was very enthusiastic about Zhou Bingkun. He talked about the booming business of other small furniture factories. His timber factory was about to close down.

The factory manager hoped that Zhou Bingkun could find Zhou Bingyi, who was working in the provincial party committee, for help. Zhou Bingkun hurriedly explained that Zhou Bingyi was just a small person. Words can’t help. National Day immediately helped to speak, and if he really had the ability, he would not let his younger brother be a temporary worker. Hearing this, the factory manager had no choice but to leave quickly.

With the help of Zhou Bingkun, after the bookstore started, Zhou Bingkun asked Wu Qian to work in the bookstore, which made Wu Qian very happy. In order to open the bookstore, Zhou Bingkun bought a set of books and gave it to another clerk named Ninger. Ninger was also very satisfied with the job, especially when she looked at Zhou Bingkun, Ninger’s eyes lit up.

As soon as the bookstore opened, there was an endless stream of customers. Zhou Bingkun proposed to put some audio-visual products in the bookstore. The president immediately said that Zhou Bingkun would be the master of everything in the bookstore.

Zhou Zhigang received a letter from Beijing.

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