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Why Women Love 不会恋爱的我们 Episode 1 Recap

In the project department of Linke Technology, Zhao Jiangyue, the general manager, is trying to recite the promotion words of the product love application software Lianlian Notes. The happy birthday song played on her mobile phone reminded her that she was 30 years old. She lay down on the sofa, and Zhao Jiangyue cried out that it was too difficult to fall in love.

Gu Jiaxin, who was riding a motorcycle, flew all the way to Linke Technology. He wanted to become a professional racing driver and looked at the company building helplessly. Three months, he comforted himself and was able to get through it quickly, and getting back into racing was his goal.

The star-chasing fan girl Zheng Duoxi fanned behind Zhao Jiangyue, who was concentrating on preparing for the live broadcast. Her little aunt was someone she admired. Zhao Jiangyue dressed herself quite professionally. Today, she is going to live broadcast with her best friend and well-known emotional blogger Qian Jingjing, aiming to promote the software application Lianlian Notes.

As a close friend, the 30-year-old gift that Qian Jingjing gave to her sister was actually an album of beautiful men’s magazines. Zhao Jiangyue’s face is full of disgust, but what she likes is a smart man with a smart brain. Qian Jingjing made it clear that she was still thinking about her former boss, Xu Ningyuan, and told her that Xu Ningyuan had returned to China.

Zhao Jiangyue deliberately avoided the topic, but when she returned to the office, she practiced in front of the mirror and reunited with Xu Ningyuan. She never wanted to be startled by Gu Jiaxin, who was waiting for her in the office. Seeing Dong Jin’s son who wanted to educate her well, Zhao Jiangyue gave him a slap in the face.

But Gu Jiaxin is not a good person, he reminded Zhao Jiangyue that it is not so easy to train herself. He casually flipped through the picture album sent by Qian Jingjing, and Gu Jiaxin scoffed even more, because he also had the figure in the album. Facing such a younger brother, Zhao Jiangyue touched his abdominal muscles and smiled disdainfully. The majestic Gu Jiaxin countered, this sister must be a single mother.

Zhao Jiangyue brought Gu Jiaxin to the live broadcast room, and Gu Jiaxin, who had no good intentions, left a message in the barrage. As the project development leader, Mr. Zhao himself is a single dog, how can he develop an application software that understands love best.

Zhao Jiangyue maintained a professional smile in the face of the group’s messages. She immediately said that in order to prove the practical utility of the app, she would personally experience using the app to successfully get off the list within three months. Such a big bet made the staff and audience present stunned.

Once the plan failed, Gu Jiaxin pretended to be unintentional and actually kicked off the power supply intentionally, causing the live broadcast to be interrupted. Such a naive and irresponsible approach completely angered Zhao Jiangyue. She knew that Gu Jiaxin wanted to use such a method to force herself to resign him. Of course, she would not let his trick succeed.

Gu Jia, who was ordered to sit at the workstation and face the wall to think about it, was a tactful person, and she showed an innocent and understanding face in the face of the concerns of her colleagues. Before leaving get off work, Zhao Jiangyue received a gift from Xu Ningyuan, which finally brought a smile to her face again.

After receiving the call from his brother, Gu Jiaxin couldn’t bear the feeling of leaving, but facing Zhao Jiangyue who was still sitting in the office, he really couldn’t leave. Zhao Jiangyue, who was working, found that the light on her head suddenly started to flicker, and the entire floor was covered with darkness in an instant.

The frightened Zhao Jiangyue opened the door to check, and a gloomy wind burst out and lifted the documents on the table. Suddenly, a white ghost rushed out with claws and claws. Zhao Jiangyue picked up the helmet on the table and smashed it at the ghost. Gu Jiaxin, who was in pain, had no choice but to beg for mercy. The two fell down in a panic and kissed each other across the tablecloth.

Zhao Jiangyue, who returned home, cooks longevity noodles for herself lonely, and Gu Jiaxin, who accidentally ate the cake that Zhao’s father and mother bought for her daughter, came upstairs to apologize. Seeing Zhao Jiangyue celebrating her birthday alone, Gu Jiaxin, who felt the same way, made a simple cake for her, Zhao Jiangyue propped her head up and looked at this younger brother very interesting.

Zhao Jiangyue was very confident when Gu Jiaxin teased her promise to get off the single for three months. She wrote down her goals on a piece of paper and posted them well. After all, how could it be difficult for her to fall in love with Zhao Jiangyue..

Why Women Love 不会恋爱的我们 Episode 2 Recap

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