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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 21 Recap

When Zhou Bingkun returned home, Zheng Juan handed him a letter, which was written by Zhou Zhigang. Zheng Juan asked Zhou Bingkun to read the letter to his mother in the room. In the letter, Zhou Zhigang only mentioned Zhou’s mother and Zhou Bingkun. Zhou’s mother was a little unhappy and thought that Zheng Juan’s name should be there. Zhou Zhigang talked about his work.

He felt that the unstable people should play a leading role, so he did not go home during the Chinese New Year. Mother Zhou expressed her understanding, and it’s fine if she doesn’t come back. Mother Zhou is thinking about Zhou Rongyi in Beijing. Mother Zhou asked Zhou Bingkun to write a letter, and she also knows that Zhou Zhigang is thinking about everything at home and Zhou Rong is the same.

Zhou Bingkun asked Zheng Juan to write the letter on her behalf, asking her to write about the situation at home, and then report that she was safe, and Zheng Juan wrote the letter on behalf of Zhou Bingkun. Zheng Juan pretended that some words could not be written and kept asking Zhou Bingkun, and simply proposed to let Zhou Bingkun write in a hurry.

Zheng Juan persuaded Zhou Bingkun to lower his head first. However, Zhou Bingkun thought that his junior always made his father unhappy. He planned to wait for the compilation and then write a letter in person, and then he could announce the good news and apologize.

When Zheng Juan sent Zhou Bingkun away, Luo Shibin happened to be watching not far away. When he saw Zheng Juan, Luo Shibin remembered that time everyone had a drink together. Because he drank too much, Luo Shibin watched Zheng Juan busy cooking. The figure was restless in his heart, and also raped Zheng Juan.

Luo Shibin waited for Zhou Bingkun to leave and took the initiative to come to Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan was frightened when she saw Luo Shibin. Hearing the voice of Zhou’s mother in the room, Zheng Juan had to leave with Luo Shibin first. Luo Shibin saw that Zheng Juan was wearing thin clothes and put her clothes on her. Zheng Juan resisted subconsciously, but Luo Shibin stubbornly hugged her.

Zheng Juan was afraid of being seen and could only accept it. Luo Shibin claimed that although he had made mistakes and jerk things, he was not a bad person, so Zheng Juan got into Luo Shibin’s car.

Zhou Bingkun came to Mr. Shao and asked why he didn’t open a bookstore. Mr. Shao thought that there were too many types of books and there was no way to put them down. However, Zhou Bingkun proposed that he could only make one book and get a best-selling book. Mr. Shao quickly told the president of this matter. The president was very interested, and specially held a meeting and told Zhou Bingkun to participate together.

Zhou Bingkun proposed at the meeting that education should be broader, and some books on education could be opened. Especially now, families with children will pay more attention to education. Mr. Shao believes that in addition to his own books, he can also find a way from Brother Publishing House, mainly to get the books out as soon as possible. Everyone agrees with Zhou Bingkun’s proposal.

Zheng Juan has been fascinated since she met Luo Shibin, and hurried to find Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingkun went to a meeting. At this time, Zhou Bingkun and Mr. Shao were studying the next step of the decoration work together. As for the place where Zhou Bingkun did not move, Mr. Shao said that he would teach him. Mr. Shao is very satisfied with Zhou Bingkun.

Luo Shibin’s purpose in looking for Zheng Juan was to want Nan Nan. Originally, he just wanted to live a good life with Mengmeng, but after they were married for many years, they had no children. only child. If he didn’t have a child, he would have lost his head. Luo Shibin claimed that in order to provide Zheng Juan and the child’s living expenses, he did smuggling, otherwise he would not be arrested, and he was not a ruthless person. Luo Shibin knelt down and prayed to Zheng Juan in public, and Zheng Juan was always restless.

Zheng Juan came to the hotel and wanted to answer Nan Nan’s call. She made an appointment for a fixed time when the child would call. Zhou Bingkun also expressed his thoughts about Nan Nan, which made Zheng Juan even more uncomfortable.

Zhou Bingkun and Zhou mother talked about taking Nannan and Yueyue to see the zoo in Beijing, and hoped to have the opportunity to go with their mother. The conversation between Zhou’s mother and Zhou Bingkun was always full of family affection. Zhou’s mother always hoped that Zhou Bingkun could stay by her side, so that he would feel at ease.

Zhou’s mother was also busy knitting new wool pants for Zhou Bingkun, and said that Zhou Bingkun was her favorite. Zhou Bingkun remembered Feng Huacheng’s words, filial piety is divided into two types, one can win glory for his parents, and he can guard his parents. And Zhou Bingkun told his mother that he not only wanted to win glory, but also guarded his mother.

During the Chinese New Year, no one came back. Only Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingyi took their son Congcong to accompany Zhou’s mother to celebrate the festival. After the Spring Festival, Zheng Juan saw that the weather was good, and rode a bicycle to take Zhou’s mother to the temple fair. Before going out, Zhou Bingkun did not forget to be careful not to drop his mother.

The annual gathering of brothers was held here again in Qiao Chunyan. Just as Cao Debao was about to smoke, Cao Chao and National Day persuaded Cao Debao to quit smoking as well, and also persuaded him to take out the harmonica to pass the time. Cao Debao was depressed, and felt that his dream when he was young has not been realized until now.

Several people discussed Zhou Bingkun’s kindness. If Zhou Bingkun’s establishment can come down, if things happen, they may not come. Now the buddies are developing well, as long as the development is good, they will not come.

Yu Hong, Qiao Chunyan and Wu Qian were busy cooking in the kitchen, and Wu Qian complained even more. The restaurant where she works only recruits young and beautiful people. Every woman scolds the men at home. Just as they were about to express their disapproval on National Day and Catch-chao, they were pressed back by Qiao Chunyan. Cao Debao urged to eat, but Zhou Bingkun hadn’t come yet, he was worried that Zhou Bingkun would not come. In fact, Zhou Bingkun’s bicycle was broken, and he carried the bicycle all the way to the downstairs.

The catch-up in the room was about to lose his temper with Yu Hong, Qiao Chunyan grabbed catch-up and beat him up, and Zhou Bingkun came when the room was full of trouble. Zhou Bingkun asked Yu Hong to apologize without saying a word, and claimed that he was a man, so men should stand on the side of men.

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