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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 20 Recap

Minister Sheng’s name was Sheng Changshun. Because of the issue of his style, he reviewed in front of Governor Hao, and Sheng Changshun felt ashamed of himself. Minister Hao asked Sheng Changshun if he had a substantive problem with the woman.

Sheng Changshun also truthfully said that he just wrote a few letters and wanted to be hugged by his relatives, but the woman’s husband found out that the woman had to marry Sheng Changshun if she wanted a divorce. marry. Minister Hao reprimanded Sheng Changshun, as long as there are no substantive problems, Xiang will not be punished very severely. After hearing the conversation between the two, Zhou Bingyi quietly withdrew.

In the evening, Zhou Bingyi brought fruit to Minister Hao, and also asked about Sheng Changshun, claiming that he had encountered such a person in the Corps before. Zhou Bingyi believed that it would not be as simple as writing a letter, and Governor Hao also believed that it would never be that simple, but this kind of person is also capable. If it is not a serious problem, it is enough to strengthen the constraints and norms. We still have to give them some opportunities, but if Sheng Changshun continues to make mistakes, he can only tear down Ma Su. This is the way of employing people.

Governor Hao told Zhou Bingyi that as long as the direction is right, everything else will be fine. These words were also never heard by Zhou Bingyi. Governor Hao told Zhou Bingyi that some words would rot in his stomach, and that no one should know these words, including Hao Dongmei and his daughter.

The editor-in-chief of Golden Land wanted to take Zhou Bingkun to work together. Zhou Rong thought that Mr. Shao could not get Zhou Bingkun in as a regular worker, but was only a temporary worker, mainly because he saw Zhou Bingkun’s sense of loyalty. After the article commemorating Premier Zhou was published that year, Zhou Bingkun assumed all the responsibilities and lied that he did not know Feng Huacheng. It was the manuscript he provided, and Mr. Shao did not know about it.

Zhou Bingkun always thought that his father hit him favorably, and he ignored Zhou Zhigang. Zhou Zhigang was about to leave. Everyone wanted to make his father happy and wanted to send Zhou Zhigang off together, but Zhou Bingkun ignored him and went out. Zheng Juan stopped Zhou Bingkun to blame him for being angry with his father.

Zhou Bingkun thought his father was angry with him. Unexpectedly, when he was about to go out, Zhou Zhigang only asked Zhou Bingkun to send him off.

At the train station, Zhou Zhigang thought that the reason why Zhou Bingkun was different now was mainly because Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong were both admitted to university, but he did not. Zhou Zhigang believes that everyone’s life is different. It is personal ability for Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Zhigang to be admitted to the university.

The reason why Zhou Bingkun failed to be admitted to the university is not only because of taking care of the paralyzed mother, nor because of taking care of the children of his sister’s family. Those are the reasons. One, but not the absolute reason. Zhou Zhigang angrily told Zhou Bingkun that he took care of his mother with cerebral thrombosis and waited for other people’s children. These are all steps for Zhou Bingkun.

At that time, both brothers and sisters let Zhou Bingkun stay in the city. It was for his own good, but no one could have imagined that such things would happen. Zhou Zhigang thought that Zhou Bingkun would not be able to study since he was a child. In a word, Zhou Bingkun got up and left in anger, and Zhou Bingyi also carried his bag to the security check, and the father and son parted ways.

Mr. Shao reminded Zhou Bingkun that the restaurant opened by the magazine could only be a temporary worker. If he left the soy sauce factory and came here, he would have given up the formal establishment. Mr. Shao also went to the president, but the compilation was not resolved. After all, it is a cultural unit, and people are staring at it. Zhou Bingkun still wanted to stay as always. Mr. Shao persuaded Zhou Bingkun to find Governor Hao. In fact, it was just a phone call from him, and the establishment could handle it. But Zhou Bingkun didn’t find anyone.

Governor Hao died suddenly, and Zhou Bingyi rushed back to find Zhou Bingkun and persuaded Zhou Bingkun to write a letter to his father, because his parents would really die one day. When the people around him left, Zhou Bingkun was completely woken up, and Zhou Bingkun promised to write a letter as soon as possible.

Zhou Zhigang received a letter from his family, but he didn’t expect that it was written by Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan lied that it was Zhou Bingkun’s meaning, just wanting to talk about the situation at home. Zhou Zhigang looked at the letter in disappointment. Zhou Bingkun took a pen to write a letter to his father, but he tore up how many sheets he had written, and Zhou Zhigang was also writing a letter to Zhou Bingkun, but he also wrote and tore it up.

After Mr. Shao saw it, he reminded Zhou Bingkun that he could write to Zhou Zhigang about the current situation. His money alone has exceeded the income of his family. But Zhou Bingkun knew that his father didn’t see this at all.

During the Spring Festival of 1984, the president and Mr. Shao discussed the holiday benefits. However, due to the limited funds, Mr. Shao also saw that the president wanted to take more money from the hotel, but if the retirees and the incumbents were given the same amount of money, it would be more expensive. It came out to be a thousand dollars.

Mr. Shao took the opportunity to ask the president to solve the problem of Zhou Bingkun’s establishment, but the establishment is stipulated, and there is a pit for every turnip. If you want to increase the establishment, someone must leave. Mr. Shao thought that Ding Xiaoneng was incompetent, and asked the president to fire him. He had to give up a place to Zhou Bingkun.

Mr. Shao quickly told Zhou Bingkun the good news. As long as Ding Xiaoneng left, Zhou Bingkun would go in. Zhou Bingkun is very grateful to Mr. Shao, but Mr. Shao thinks that Zhou Bingkun’s ability is good, and any leader likes capable people.

After Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun left home, Luo Shibin came to Zhou Bingkun’s door and saw the little boy beside Zhou’s mother. Luo Shibin pretended to be passing by to see, but he actually wanted to see his son. But he didn’t know that the children he saw now belonged to Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun.

At this time, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan did not know that Luo Shibin was back. Zhou Bingkun helped Zheng Juan to teach her how to ride a bicycle.

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