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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 38 Recap

After a period of recuperation, Bai Ying took the initiative to say goodbye to Su G, and she was going to go back in the future. She also clearly sensed Su G’s loss, and felt an unprecedented sadness in her heart. On the other hand, in order to be able to fight against the prey, Su G decided to continue to practice the split technique. Only by doing this can he not be defeated by the opponent.

But Shi Shi strongly objected to this because she knew that the split technique was far stronger than the mirror technique and would cause more damage. Si Shi revealed that there was a mysterious power that used ice crystals to summon him. It seemed to be the bloodline of the Sea Emperor, but it was rather chaotic. Therefore, it was suggested that if the chaos was cleaned up, he might be able to find a way to obtain the power of the Dragon God.

Under Na Sheng’s care, Yan Xi finally regained consciousness. Naihe Nasheng was looking at him happily, but he hadn’t observed Yanxi’s strangeness, including Yanxi’s lack of reaction to the news of Ning Liang’s death. At the same time, Zhixiu found that Su G was getting more and more haggard, and knew that he had been attacked again, and the content of the conversation had been overheard by Elder Quan.

After watching Bai Ying leave Jinghu, Su Mo forced her weak body to return to the ice room, and summoned Master Si, saying that she was not a sea emperor at all. Although Shi Shi once sealed the blood of the Sea Emperor in the Lingzhu, but Yu Ji gave birth to a pair of twins that year, it was him and Su Nuo, so Su Gu had reason to suspect that if his younger brother was still alive, perhaps the Sea Emperor would change hands.

Elder Quan guessed that Su G had not yet sent troops to attack Cangliu, and guessed that he had not yet obtained the power of the Dragon God, and Su G was more anxious than everyone else, but could not tell the truth, so as not to disturb Quan’s heart. On the other hand, Su Nuo continued to hide in Jinghu Camp, waiting for an opportunity for Su G to be poisoned.

A few days later, Bai Ying lived alone in a hut by the water. When she tapped the light-shielding beads three times with memory, it really caught Su G’s attention. It happened that Zhixiu was going to deliver the medicine, and Su G handed it over to Bai Ying on her behalf, which also helped her regain some memory. It seems that this scene happened before, but Su G did not respond positively.

After Su G left, Bai Ying was in conflict and struggle. Zhen Lan suddenly came to visit and heard the mention of the light-shielding beads again, which revealed that she and Su G were truly in love. Although Zhen Lan thought about taking this opportunity to compete fairly, Bai Ying has been frowning in recent days, and finally realized that even if she loses her memory, it cannot replace Su G’s place in her heart.

Yu Huan was tortured in the prison, and was even mocked by Shi Peng’s minions. At first, he was able to bear it, until the other party insulted his sister Yu Zhu and beat him to death on the spot in a rage. Because of this, Yu Huan escaped from the prison and didn’t know where to go. Fortunately, Fei Lian appeared in time and promised to help him find a place to live.

After Yan Xi’s body fully recovered, he went to see Elder Quan, and unexpectedly learned that he suspected that Su Gu did not have the power of the Dragon God, otherwise he would not be getting weaker and weaker, and I am afraid he was hiding a secret. In response to Elder Quan’s thoughts, Yan Xi deliberately added fuel to it, saying that Su G was most likely not the Emperor of the Sea. As a result, Elder Quan immediately couldn’t sit still and was ready to ask Su G more clearly.

While Su G was in retreat, Su Nuo sneaked into the ice room and attacked again. How could they know that they were both injured by the cracking technique. Because Su Gu accidentally drank poisonous water without knowing it, his backlash was very serious. Su Nuo directly revealed his identity, but did not care about his brotherhood. Su Nuo angrily scolded Su G for practicing the split technique in order to hold the position of Sea Emperor, so that he suffered the pain of backlash in vain, and finally became mad at this injustice.

Born by the same mother, the two brothers had very different experiences, so Su Nuo hated Su Mo deeply and wished he would die now. Just when Su Nuo was about to kill Su G, how could Shi Shi use the power of ice crystals to repel him and successfully protect Su G’s spiritual sense. Before Su Nuo could take the next step, Yan Xi and Elder Quan had already come over, so he had to pretend to be Su Gu to deal with it.

Su Nuo called everyone to the council hall and announced on the spot that he would send troops to attack Cangliu. His sudden decision, tone and expression were extremely abnormal, and he was completely different from the previous Sea Emperor.

After all, Quanxian didn’t have a detailed plan, so everyone didn’t dare to act rashly. On the other hand, Su Gu insisted on going out to stop Su Nuo, and Shi Shi injected strength into him, and disappeared without a trace at the same time.

On the other hand, Bai Ying was always in a state of restlessness, so she tapped the light-shielding beads three times, but she didn’t see any response for a long time. Su Gu appeared in time, and while he cast a spell to suppress Su Nuo’s hostility, he also blocked the clansmen from the barrier to avoid accidental injury.

After all, his skill was slightly inferior to others, and Su Nuo was no match for Su Gu at all. Unexpectedly, Su Nuo’s disappearance unexpectedly achieved Su Gu, which made him automatically ascend, and successfully obtained the power of the dragon god and the golden body of the sea emperor.

Everyone was shocked and joyful, and they all knelt down to celebrate, but Su G was not happy, because the cost of gaining power was the loss of a relative. Bai Ying finally turned around and left with confidence when she saw that Su G was safe and sound.

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