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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 37 Recap

Originally, Na Sheng wanted to go with everyone to rescue Yan Xi, but the situation is changing. In order to prevent a rebirth accident, it was decided to let her stay in Jinghu Camp. Before leaving, Xijing specially visited Bai Ying, who was still in a coma, and then followed Xijing to Taoyuan County. After being introduced by Mrs. Ruyi, he finally met Gao Shunzhao.

In fact, in recent years, Cangliu’s use of military force has long lost people’s hearts, and Gao Shunzhao was also disappointed by this, and was very dissatisfied with the practices of Cangliu’s army. Now, under the persuasion of Zhen Lan and Mrs. Ruyi, he has reached a cooperation agreement with the other party and discussed the next plan in detail.

Early the next morning, the news of Gao Shunzhao’s assassination spread throughout Taoyuan County, and his life and death are still unknown. Nan Zhao immediately informed Shi Peng of the ins and outs, thinking that this matter must be deliberately done by Kong Sang. He wanted to lead his troops to pacify the chaos, but Shi Peng had other arrangements and told him to perform more important tasks.

As Su Gu’s backlash became more and more obvious, she could only continue to retreat to heal her injuries, and during this period, Ning Liang was always at the door. Na Sheng was worried about Yan Xi’s safety, so Ning Liang thought about it and decided to join Xiang first. At the same time, Xiang has already begun to take action. Taking advantage of the neglect of Cangliu’s defense, he sneaked into the prison alone and took Yanxi away.

Su G kept beside Bai Ying and confided her heartfelt heart. Fortunately, Huang Tian had a heart, and Bai Ying was able to wake up to the sound of Su G’s summoning, but she also lost her memory because of this. No more impression. Su Mo thought that it was because he forcibly opened Bai Ying’s five senses and six senses, but he did not know that it was the price Bai Ying paid for opening the seal of the Dragon God.

Hongyuan was ordered to come over to take care of Bai Ying, but unexpectedly met her former lover, Zhixiu, and reunited after a hundred years. Zhixiu still had a deep love for Hongyuan, but Hongyuan acted too naturally and calmly, and simply said hello and left. Su G knew the relationship between the two, and it was fate to meet again.

At this time, Na Sheng informed Ning Liang that he had gone to Xiang to join him, but Su G noticed something was wrong and left Jinghu Camp directly. On the other side, Hongyuan saw that Bai Ying was recovering well, and finally fell a big stone in her heart. On the other hand, Zhixiu couldn’t help but come to Hongyuan, how did Che and Han suddenly inquire about Hongyuan’s identity, and subconsciously revealed that she was Master Zhi The old friend that Xiu often talks about, which makes Hongyuan immediately realize that she has never disappeared in Zhixiu’s heart.

Nan Zhao led his men to set up an ambush on the way, but Ningliang lost to Nan Zhao and was brutally attacked. By the time Su G arrived in a hurry, it was too late. Ning Liang hoped to be buried in the sea after his death, and wanted to stay in the beginning forever. Su G resisted his grief and agreed, and said that everyone would be able to return to Biluohai soon.

Su Nuo took the opportunity to sneak into the ice room, and was about to poison her when she heard footsteps outside the door. It was Bai Ying. And when she passed by, she happened to find a man who looked like Su Gu, so she followed behind to check the situation, and disappeared at the door of the ice room. Seeing that Bai Ying was called away by Hong Yuan, Su Nuo came out from the corner and poured poison into the water without hesitation, intending to put Su Gu to death.

In order to save Yanxi, Quanxian lost his clan again, for which Su Gu blamed himself very much. Bai Ying is inconvenient to talk too much, so she will tell him what happened just now, and she wants to delve into each other’s memories. At the same time, Na Sheng looked at the weak Yan Xi, both distressed and angry, and did not know how long the Cang Liu people would persecute everyone before they would stop.

On the other hand, Yu Huan was always in a coma, and it was not until he woke up that he knew that Fei Lian had rescued him. Just because Yan Xi had been taken away by Su Gu, Yu Huan knew that Shi Peng would definitely not let him go. Originally, Yu Huan was to be executed according to military law, but Shi Peng deliberately pretended to beg for mercy for him.

Gao Shunzhao still didn’t know his whereabouts, and everyone in Taoyuan County was worried, and the two-headed Garuda representing military power fell into Zhen Lan’s hands. Zhen Lan handed the talisman to Xijing, and then returned to Jinghu Camp to learn through Su G that Bai Ying had woken up and lost many important memories.

Therefore, when Zhen Lan visited Bai Ying in the past, Bai Ying’s memory of him was very clear, but the only thing about Su Gu would always become fragmented, like seeing flowers in the fog, blurred and throbbing. Su G had explained to Zhen Lan before that she should not forcefully restore Bai Ying’s memory, otherwise it would give her an extra headache. Zhen Lan did not dare to tell the truth about her past with Su G, and only hoped that Bai Ying could recover by herself.

But the more this is the case, the more Bai Ying wants to explore, including the origin of the light-shielding beads, especially since everyone is silent about it, so she simply goes to Su G to ask clearly. Bai Ying was very concerned about the memory loss, and what she cared about was also cherished by Su Mo. He suppressed his inner emotions, but he still concealed the most important secret, hoping that Bai Ying would be able to let go of it. It was all a story.

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