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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 36 Recap

Because Bai Ying lost too much in order to activate the seal, her whole body was weakened. Su Gu ignored the backlash and insisted on using the mirror-splitting technique to restore her spiritual consciousness. At this moment, the Dragon God Po Yuan rushed into the sky, Ning Liang and Na Sheng were overjoyed and led the ancestors of Quan to welcome the Dragon God to his place.

It is precisely because Quanxian Longshen has immeasurable ancient power, so the prey is very angry that Yu Huan failed to stop Su Gu in time, and now he is also afraid of this power. How could he know that the Dragon God did not recognize Su Gu as the Sea Emperor, just because he had hidden destructive power in his body, he was not worthy to let himself transfer his power to him.

Su G believed that Chunliang could not protect the ancestors of Quanliang. Even though he practiced magic with the help of the darkest power, he still wanted to lead the tribe back to Biluohai. Only in this way could he complete his mission. In order to prove himself, Su G personally untied the remaining seals for the Dragon God, and after a lot of hard work, he was finally recognized by the Dragon God.

However, Su G already possessed the mirror-splitting technique and could no longer carry the power of the Dragon God. On the other hand, Su G sensed that Bai Ying was in danger, and watched Su Nuo climb the trapped dragon platform, and took advantage of Bai Ying’s unpreparedness to pull up the Heavenly Sword General. She kills. When Su G came to Bai Ying’s side, unfortunately it was too late. Bai Ying missed Su G on her deathbed and felt that she couldn’t follow him back to Biluohai. I hope he can achieve his wish and be free and happy in Biluohai.

Suddenly, countless pearls fell from the sky, and it was Su Gu’s tears. The clansmen watched Su G pick up Bai Ying and ride the Dragon God away, and they were all moved, and they were also very sad. When Zhen Lan hurriedly chased after her, she was very anxious to learn that Bai Ying was injured, and asked Ning Liang to find out that the Dragon God was going to Jinghu.

After returning to Quanxian Camp, Su G hurriedly sought out Master Si for treatment, but it didn’t work much, because Bai Ying had closed the five senses and six senses, and if she was forced to open it, it would have caused her more harm. Su G couldn’t care too much, so he personally delivered her mana, which saved a chance of survival, but also caused a coma due to excessive spellcasting.

Si Shi told Zhen Lan and others to protect Bai Ying, and she wanted to retreat to heal Su Gu. Zhen Lan stayed by Bai Ying’s side, and was filled with emotion. She was looking forward to her getting better as soon as possible, and she also hoped that she could stay by her side quietly like she is now, but in the end, reason overcomes emotion and can’t repeat Lang Gan’s behavior. Selfish.

On the Cangliu Mirror Tower, Yu Zhu knelt down and begged the prey to send someone to find Yu Huan, and there has been no news since he went to Sleepy Longyuan. However, the prey has regarded Yu Huan as a pawn, angry at his ineffectiveness, and decided to leave the opportunity to others. Fortunately, Fei Lian found Yu Huan’s whereabouts in time, but he was still in a coma, so he took him back to Cangliu Camp first.

How do you know that Shi Lang ordered no one to heal Yu Huan, Fei Lian wanted to go to his uncle and was blocked by Yu Zhu. Fei Lian has been missing for a long time, and only Yu Huan knows the whereabouts of the other party. As long as Shi Langken helps, he will naturally tell the truth.

Su G woke up and asked Master Si about Bai Ying’s situation. Knowing that she was safe and sound, she was completely relieved. Instead, the power of the Dragon God became a problem, and she even had doubts about herself, feeling that she was not worthy of continuing to be the Sea Emperor. Although Bai Ying was in a coma, she still called out Su G’s name, which made Su G gradually relieved, and at the same time thought of the man who attacked Bai Ying before.

Because he couldn’t see the person’s appearance, and he didn’t know the identity of the other party, Su G and Zhen Lan discussed how to fight against the Cangliu army, guessing that the other party would mobilize troops to guard Jingcheng, so if they could take down the affiliated counties outside Jingcheng first At that time, Cang Liu would not only be unable to mobilize his troops, but would instead send troops to support him. Nowadays, Qingyuan is stationed at Jiuyi Mountain. Although the Cangliu army in Banbu City is often offended, they have been blocked by Qing’s troops, so now only Taoyuan County is the best place.

Su Nuo went to ask the prey to grant strength, and since then abandoned his identity and changed his name to Huaifeng, as a loyalty to the prey. The prey was very pleased, so he passed the mirror-splitting technique to him, and after Su Nuo was infected with poisonous water, he successfully sneaked into the Quanxian camp and was arranged for treatment.

The young Han and Che came to visit Suno, but they didn’t know his true intentions, so they got a lot of important information from the other party. When Su Nuo learned that Su G was injured, he couldn’t help but feel ecstatic, and decided to take this opportunity to approach Su G and find a way to seize his position as the Emperor of the Sea.

Ning Liang received news that Yan Xi had been imprisoned in Cangliu Prison, so he informed Su Gu of the matter. Na Sheng couldn’t wait to urge Su G to rescue Yan Xi, but now they have just ended the battle, and the clansmen have not recovered. Only by going to Gao Shunzhao can they have a chance to bring Yan Xi back. .

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