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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 35 Recap

Although Ya Ran was reincarnated for the person she loved, she couldn’t be loved, and so was Chun Huang. She was even busy with political affairs all day, not as lively and reckless as before. So Bai Wei didn’t know, in fact, since Kongsang annexed the six divisions, Lang Gan has been eyeing Quanxian. Although he was an ally, he was jealous that Bai Wei only had Chunhuang in his heart, and even coveted Quanxian’s wealth.

It is precisely because of this that Ya Ran is the ancestor of Baoquan. The main reason for this visit is to kill Lang Gan. Unexpectedly, the servants brought the wine to Bai Wei, which resulted in her being highly poisoned. Originally, Lang Gan had been wary of Ya Ran, and had previously ordered his subordinates to monitor her whereabouts. Among the six kings, Qing Wang was also very opposed to forming an alliance, believing that only by attacking Quan and looting treasures could replenish the Kongsang treasury.

When Lang Gan heard the news of Bai Wei’s poisoning, he immediately ordered someone to bring Ya Ran to the guilt, but Ya Ran angrily rebuked Lang Gan for being two different people and regretted saving the demon, otherwise it would not bring disaster to the clan and expose his Malicious mind. Ya Ran’s words completely angered Lang Gan and decided to step on Hiraizumi first.

The so-called army must not be unknown, Lang Gan led the army to the Biluohai on the grounds of “crusade”. And now the Dragon God, who is responsible for guarding the Biluohai, is still in the stage of changing his bones. The ancestors of Quan are unable to fight back at all, and they are not the opponents of Emperor Tian’s power at all. Bai Wei woke up and heard about this, and firmly believed that Ya Ran would never poison herself, so she dragged her seriously ill body to stop Lang Gan.

In that decisive battle of life and death, Chun Huang was defeated by Lang Gan’s men, and admitted that he liked Bai Wei, but never thought of taking her away, even if Ya Ran was poisoned, she didn’t know. At that moment, there was a rare gloom in Lang Gan’s eyes, and he just used his magic power to temporarily suppress the turbulent evil thoughts in his heart. How could he be deceived again? No matter how Chun Huang explained, he wanted to put him in the dead.

Just when Lang Gan was about to start, Bai Wei suddenly rushed out, revealing that he had already planned to deal with Quan Xian, including Ya Ran’s poisoning. Bai Wei could see Lang Gan’s true intentions clearly, and scolding him for what he was doing now was equivalent to revenge.

However, Lang Gan, who has obtained the power of the emperor, no longer cares about the grievances and grievances. He just wants to conquer Quanxian and collect everything in the world. Bai Wei was extremely disappointed with Lang Gan, saddened by the disappearance of the once kind and upright Lang Gan, so she wanted to return the Houtu Ring to him. This act stimulated Lang Gan and made him lose his mind.

As soon as he thought of this, Lang Gan raised his Heaven-defying sword and stabbed Chun Huang. How could he know that Bai Wei would come forward again, but for a moment, the picture seemed to stand still. Su Gu worked hard to break free from the illusion, protected Bai Ying in time, and repelled Zhen Lan, finally preventing the three of them from repeating the same mistakes.

Zhen Lan regained consciousness, and finally remembered that not long after she arrived in Sleepy Longyuan, she was pulled in by a force and unknowingly entered Lang Gan’s perspective. Not only that, Zhen Lan found that the Sleepy Dragon Lock was right in front of him, but Su Gu and Bai Ying couldn’t see it at all until he cast the Kong Sang spell to open the sealing barrier.

Su G cut one of the chains with the Heaven-defying Sword, causing the dragon god who had been sleeping for a thousand years to open his eyes. Yu Huan came to stop Su G’s next actions. Zhen Lan came forward to deal with Yu Huan and urged Su G to rescue the dragon god as soon as possible. . With the sound of the two chains breaking, the entire Trapped Longyuan Mountain collapsed and the ground cracked, and the stone pillars burst out of the abyss, causing Yu Huan and Zhenlan to fall to the bottom of the mountain.

The Dragon God didn’t appear for a long time, and Su G was puzzled. On the other hand, Bai Wei’s phantom came to him and Bai Ying, saying that the scene he saw before was the truth of 7,000 years ago. It was the greed of the star king, Langgan, that brought bad luck.

On the other side, the bird of prey opened the water mirror as he wished and saw Bai Wei appear, which made him excited and obsessed. Bai Wei told the reason why the Dragon God did not appear, and the source of the two trapped dragon locks. Back then, Lang Gan wanted to destroy the Dragon God, but Bai Wei later set up a seal with the power of the earth to keep the Dragon God safe and sound. If he wanted to recall it, Bai Ying himself was needed.

Everyone knows that thousands of years ago, Emperor Xingzun and Queen Baiwei inherited the power of the God of Destruction and the God of Creation respectively, that is, the left hand of the devil and the right hand of God. This kind of power has been passed down from generation to generation by blood, and is symbolized by the pair of divine rings of Huangtian and Houtu, and it has become the root of the Kongsang people’s rule over the cloudless land.

Now Bai Wei will transfer her power to Bai Ying, which will also cause Bai Ying to lose the most important things. Although she knew that she had to pay a high price, Bai Ying still did not hesitate. She concentrated her mana into the ring and summoned the Dragon God with the power of the back soil. Soon, the trapped Longyuan shook violently again.

At this time, Su Nuo was climbing on the trapped dragon platform, intending to get back everything he had lost. Su G felt that the Dragon God was angry because he knew that Chun Huang was killed because of Bai Wei, and Bai Wei saw the Dragon God after a thousand years.

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