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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 34 Recap

Yu Huan hated that others betrayed him, not only killed Xiao with his own hands, but also ordered her to be thrown into the river and turned into stone. Fei Lian couldn’t believe it, and angrily scolded him for being more inhuman, and even suspected that Yu Huan was being held hostage. In fact, part of the reason why Yu Huan has become what he is today is partly because he agreed to the conditions of the prey to save Fei Lian, and partly because he came from a humble background. The lives of myself and my sister.

At this time, trapped in Longyuan, Bai Ying and Su G returned to seven thousand years ago, and witnessed Bai Wei, under the care of Chun Huang, gradually adapt to life in Bi Luohai. In order to suit Bai Wei’s taste, Chun Huang often entertains them with all kinds of cooked food, and also learns the story about the Yunhuang Continent from her story, and looks forward to having the opportunity to see it.

Considering that Bai Wei’s physique is different from that of the ancestors of Quan, Chun Huang made water-proof beads by himself, and Princess Ya Ran gave it to Bai Wei on his behalf. As long as you wear this thing, you can walk freely underwater without being restricted by time. Based on this past, Su G and Bai Ying think that Ya Ran and Bai Wei get along very well, and the relationship becomes very good later, so they don’t understand why they became dodder in the foggy forest and even hated Bai Wei.

During the conversation, those eyes kept flashing, Su G guessed that the owner of the eyes might be Ya Ran, but Bai Ying felt that there was someone else, maybe she wanted them to see what happened before, implying that seven thousand The truth from years ago. Because the ancestors of Quan were more enthusiastic, everyone knew that Bai Wei’s companions had all died, and Wang Yang was presided over by Master Si, hoping that they could return to their hometowns and live in peace forever.

Chun Huang took Bai Wei to the cave to see the Dragon God, and told that the ancestors of Quan were blessed by the Dragon God for generations, and the Dragon God had to change their bones every five hundred years, and every time it lasted for ten years. Bai Wei misses her hometown a bit, and feels that Lang Gan will definitely look for herself everywhere, but this is the high tide period, and Chun Huang has feelings for Bai Wei, so she will stay for a few more days.

In the days that followed, Bai Wei personally collected berries to make fine wine. After all, she would leave Biluohai sooner or later, and these fine wines were regarded as souvenirs. Because mermen never drink alcohol, so does Chun Huang. When he took a sip, he couldn’t help but spit bubbles, which was very interesting.

Bai Wei implored Chun Huang to help her deliver the letter to Wang Hai, and inform Lang Gan to come and pick her up as soon as possible. Even though Su G was reluctant to give up, he still did as he did, and that’s what happened later. In fact, Lang Gan had already received the letter, but he lied to Bai Wei that he found it through astrology.

It was because of Lang Gan’s appearance that the tranquility was completely broken. Chun Huang’s nature was pure and kind, but Lang Gan regarded him as a rival in love, and his attitude was very unfriendly. During the banquet, Lang Gan urged Bai Wei to go back to fight with him as soon as possible, because the Cangliu people had launched an attack on Kongsang, and Chunhuang wanted to help them calm down the war, so he went to the Dragon God, hoping to use its teeth to make a Heaven-defying sword and lend it to him. Langgan.

The Dragon God clearly indicated that there are two ancient powers at the azure lock. If the power reappears, it will definitely cause a mighty situation, so Chunhuang must be chosen carefully to avoid unforeseen consequences. But Chun Huang insisted that Bai Wei was the kindest woman in the world and could completely prevent that day from coming. And the dragon god no longer persuaded him, and explained that Chunhuang must remember to fight against the void only to create and protect. I hope he remembers the ancient teachings and can understand it one day.

Chun Huang went back and told Lang Gan and Bai Wei of the two forces, because some people used the force to unify Yun Huang, and because they couldn’t control the force, they had to re-seal it, so they needed to combine the two forces into one. After listening to Lang Gan, he already had an idea. Chun Huang gave Lang Gan the Heaven-Bending Sword to form an ally. He hoped that the friendship between Quanxian and Yunhuang would last forever.

After leaving Biluohai, Bai Ying and Lang Gan cut off the blue-gold locks with the Heaven-defying Sword, and obtained the Huangtian and Houtu rings. Since then, Yunhuang was reunited again, Lang Gan chose the capital of Kongsang in Jingcheng, and married Bai Wei as the queen.

Ya Ran was ordered to lead the tribe to present gifts to Kong Sang, and now Langgan, who is now honored as the King of Stars, is still lukewarm towards Ya Ran. Bai Wei patronized the warm reception, but she hadn’t noticed Ya Ran’s look at Lang Gan, she was still gossiping about why she was suddenly transformed, and she didn’t know what kind of man could get her favor.

However, Bai Wei didn’t know that the person she was curious about was actually her husband Lang Gan. When Lang Gan was looking for Bai Wei in the past, he also encountered waves in Biluohai, and was rescued by Ya Ran. However, Lang Gan fell into a coma, mistook Ya Ran for Bai Wei, and refused to let go when he hugged her.

Because of this, Ya Ran gradually became attracted to Lang Gan, and took good care of him for many days. When Lang Gan woke up completely, he turned his face ruthlessly, left Ya Ran and left, the only person he loved in his heart was Bai Wei. Not long after that, Ya Ran was transformed into Lang Gan, and suffered the pain of falling in love with a foreigner. Chun Huang was very distressed when he found out.

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