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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 19 Recap

Because Governor Hao shoulders the big and small matters in the province, naturally he has received attention from all parties. Since he fell ill years ago, there has been an endless stream of people who come to see Governor Hao. Hao’s mother secretly told Zhou Bingyi to arrange secretary Huang, and everyone only has five minutes to visit, and they are not allowed to bring gifts. When the people who came to see Governor Hao saw Zhou Bingyi, they couldn’t help but praise his appearance.

Qu Xiuzhen has always liked smoking, but since she vowed not to smoke, Qu Xiuzhen lost her temper in the face of Ma Shouchang’s temptation, and repeatedly expressed her determination to do what she said. When she saw the cigarette that Ma Shouchang deliberately dropped, Qu Xiuzhen couldn’t help but pick it up and smell it on her nose, but she finally put it down.

I thought that Lu Chuan would not show up this time, but when everyone was disappointed, Lu Chuan came, which made Zhou Bingkun and others very happy. Afterward, everyone went to visit Qu Xiuzhen together, but was stopped by the guard at the door. Zhou Bingkun didn’t want to cause trouble to Qu Xiuzhen and was planning to leave. Zhou Bingyi came out suddenly, Zhou Bingyi and the doorman said a few words, the doorman put the person in, Zhou Bingkun lowered his head and pretended not to see Zhou Bingyi.

Zhou Bingyi called Zhou Bingkun aside and asked about his parents. Zhou Bingyi wanted to explain the festival, but Zhou Bingkun said that he could understand it, but his father couldn’t get over it, and Zhou Zhigang always felt that he was self-indulgent. Zhou Bingkun blamed Zhou Bingyi for not going back to take a look after the New Year. Zhou Bingkun didn’t want to make his father feel sad.

Zhou Bingyi explained that he was busy with guests at home today, and he wanted to go out earlier, but he couldn’t. Zhou Bingkun reminded Zhou Bingyi that he might face the problem of having children after returning, but Zhou Bingyi did not agree. Zhou Bingkun satirized that Zhou Bingyi was more concerned about the title of the governor’s son-in-law, and was so angry that Zhou Bingyi kicked Zhou Bingkun.

Zheng Juan came to the temple to see Zheng Guangming. At this time, Zheng Guangming had grown up.

As soon as Zhou Zhi saw Zhou Bingyi’s return, he was busy cleaning up the messy room. Zhou Bingyi hurriedly advised his father not to clean up, and never treat him as an outsider. Zhou Zhigang was stunned. Recalling that when he was a child, the roof was about to collapse under the heavy snow.

Zhou Bingyi wanted to go with his father to see it, but his father did not agree. His father just wanted Zhou Bingyi to study hard. Zhou Zhigang asked Zhou Bingyi when he planned to have a child?

Zhou Zhigang saw that Zhou Bingyi did not speak, and thought that Zhou Bingyi’s words in Hao Dongmei had no weight. Zhou Bingyi had to explain that the relationship between the two was equal, and Hao Dongmei listened to him under normal circumstances, and the two also wanted a child very much. Zhou Bingyi lied that he was injured while working and could no longer have children.

This made Zhou Zhigang very sad, guarding Zhou Bingyi to tears, and knowing that Governor Hao’s family also knew about this matter, Zhou Zhigang was moved. Zhou Zhigang wiped away his tears and said that he didn’t care about his grandson, and he was an old party member, it didn’t matter if Zhou Bingyi couldn’t have children, and Zhou Bingkun. Zhou Zhigang also had a problem with Hao Dongmei’s attitude recently, which made Zhou Zhigang feel a little self-blame.

Zhou Zhigang persuaded Zhou Bingyi not to care about children’s problems. A man should focus on his career all his life. Zhou Zhigang repeatedly asked whether Zhou Bingyi had lied to him? Zhou Bingyi said with a smile that his father’s eyes were so bright that if he lied to him, he would definitely see it, and Zhou Zhigang couldn’t help laughing.

Everyone accompanies Qu Xiuzhen for the New Year and makes dumplings for Qu Xiuzhen. Qu Xiuzhen is angry that her son is not up to his expectations, but he is a strict wife. straightforward. Qu Xiuzhen was very happy to have everyone to accompany her during the Chinese New Year. Everyone was singing and laughing together for the Chinese New Year. It happened that Governor Hao and Hao Dongmei came out of the window. Hao Dongmei pointed at Zhou Bingkun through the window and introduced him to his father as Zhou Bingyi’s younger brother.

Zhou Zhigang told Zhou Bingyi that he was a little afraid of Zhou Bingyi from not knowing when. Zhou Bingyi was very nervous. In his heart, his father was always the biggest. He was a child who didn’t grow up, but Zhou Zhigang told Zhou Bingyi that he was his most important child.

When he was eighteen years old, Zhou Zhigang’s father once raised his hand to hit him, but his unprepared block almost made his father who was caught off guard almost fall. Since then, his father felt that Zhou Zhigang had grown up, and from that time on, Zhou Zhigang became The person in charge of the family, because the parents will grow old and the children will eventually grow up.

When Zhou Bingkun came back, he saw Zhou Bingyi sitting in the room drinking with his father, and was about to leave in a fit of anger, just when Zheng Juan came back. Zhou Bingkun angrily refused to let Zheng Juan in, and claimed to be chatting with the governor’s son-in-law in the room, but they were not allowed in. Zhou Bingyi came out to pull Zheng Juan in, but he couldn’t be kicked down by Zhou Bingkun.

Hearing the brothers fighting, Zhou Zhigang came out and punched Zhou Bingkun hard. Zhou Bingkun was about to have a dissatisfaction in his heart, and it was divided into and Zhou Rong came back with the child, and a few big men pretended that nothing happened, Zhou Bingyi also got up and went back.

Zheng Juan is pregnant and everyone is very happy. Mother Zhou said that both men and women like it. Zhou Zhigang entered the room and asked why Zhou Bingyi wanted to fight. Zhou Zhigang said that he could understand Zhou Bingkun’s mood. Zhou Zhigang left the room before Zhou Bingkun finished speaking, and complained that his father didn’t understand anything.

On the fifth day of the fifth day, Minister Sheng came to visit Governor Hao again. Hao’s mother asked Zhou Bingyi to make a pot of tea and send it to him. Zhou Bingyi saw Governor Hao severely criticizing Minister Sheng.

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