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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 18 Recap

Finding that the gift was wrong, Hao’s mother also blamed herself and quickly called Hao Dongmei out. She also offered to ask a camera reporter from the newspaper to take pictures, which was more professional than a photo studio. But Hao Dongmei lost her temper because of this, thinking that her parents did not respect Zhou Bingyi’s family from the bottom of their hearts.

Hao Dongmei couldn’t help crying, claiming that she loved Zhou Bingyi, but Zhou Bingyi loved their family. Zhou Bingyi was a good person, and Zhou Bingyi’s family was even more good nice guy. Hao Dongmei accused her mother of looking at people with tinted glasses. If it wasn’t for Zhou Bingyi when the accident happened, she wouldn’t be alive now, and her parents didn’t have this attitude at that time.

Hao Dongmei accused her mother of avoiding seeing Zhou Bingyi’s family because she was afraid that Zhou Bingyi’s family would ask them to do business with them. In fact, the power in their hands was also given by the party. They will not wantonly use the power in their hands, all the excuses for not seeing each other are just excuses, in fact, they are contempt in their bones. Mother Hao was so angry that she slapped Hao Dongmei in the face, and both mother and daughter wept secretly.

In the evening, Zhou Zhigang and Zhou Rong chatted, Zhou Zhigang felt that tea should not be sent, if not, Hao Dongmei’s parents might not come. Zhou Zhigang felt wronged by Hao Dongmei. In fact, after the children got married, it was their own childhood. The parents met when they had the chance to meet, and they didn’t know each other if they didn’t. Zhou Rong felt that Hao Dongmei was too sincere, so she should give up the tea, and there would be no problems.

Hao Dongmei went back to the room crying, Zhou Bingyi comforted Hao Dongmei, they separated their tasks to deal with their own family problems, and the most important thing was to ease the relationship between the two families as soon as possible. Hao Dongmei nodded in agreement, and also expressed her agreement with Zhou Bingyi’s words.

Luo Shibin brought Mengmeng to Jichun, and saw his son on the street. Luo Shibin thought of the baby, but after thinking about it, he did not go to ask.

The next day, Hao Dongmei took the initiative to ask her mother for peace. Hao’s mother remorsefully glanced at her daughter’s cheek. Seeing that Governor Hao was about to go downstairs, Hao Dongmei was afraid that her father would see that her eyes were swollen. Hao’s mother comforted her daughter, and Hao Dongmei repeatedly confessed to her mother’s mistakes. The mother and daughter hugged each other and cried. In order not to let Governor Hao see that they both wiped away their tears and smiled.

Zhou Bingyi returned home to make dumplings. Zhou’s mother was thinking about Hao Dongmei. Zhou Bingyi quickly explained that because Dongmei’s family was an only child, she did not come back. Zhou’s mother also expressed understanding, but in fact everyone is a little tangled. Hao Dongmei also told her parents about her infertility.

Governor Hao proposed to go to a large hospital for a check-up, but Hao Dongmei told her mother that the Beijing experts had practiced and read them, but she was not optimistic. Governor Hao sat to the side unhappy. Mother Hao blamed Hao Dongmei for not bringing this up today. Governor Hao was afraid that Hao Dongmei would be unhappy and hurried over to comfort him, and blamed himself that their affairs had affected Hao Dongmei.

Hao Dongmei told her parents that Zhou Bingyi’s family didn’t know about it, and that Zhou Bingyi’s family already had two children, and he was not inferior to this one. If one day he is really asked, Zhou Bingyi will also tell the family that his problem is not childbearing. This incident has a great impact on Governor Hao and his wife, and they spend their 30 years in silence.

On the first day of the new year, Zhou Bingyi took Hao Dongmei back, and Zhou Zhigang took the whole family to pay New Year’s greetings to the neighbors. Everyone praised Zhou Zhigang’s children and praised Zhou Zhigang as a good godson, which made Zhou Zhigang and his wife very proud. But Aunt Qiao said that Zheng Juan was pregnant out of wedlock, which angered Zhou Zhigang, Zhou Zhigang turned his head and scolded Aunt Qiao severely.

Because Zhou Bingkun was not very promising, he also became the object of everyone’s criticism. Zhou Rong comforted Zhou Bingkun not to care about those petty citizens, and Zhou Rong also blamed them for dragging Zhou Bingkun down. Zhou Bingkun didn’t mind this.

Zhou Bingyi and Governor Hao played table tennis, and they both had a great time. On the way back, Zhou Bingyi also said that he planned to study for graduate school while working. Governor Hao agreed with this. At the same time, Governor Hao also blamed himself for causing Hao Dongmei to be infertile. Zhou Bingyi didn’t mind this. Even if there were no children, it would not affect the relationship between the two. Governor Hao apologized to Zhou Bingyi.

National Day, Wu Qian, Zhou Bingkun and others gathered here with Qiao Chunyan, and they should have said some happy things when they got together once a year. But it’s all bad things to say. Wu Qian thinks that a family of eight living in a place the size of a palm is not as good as a shelter, and Wu Qian is envious of Qiao Chunyan’s current residence.

But Qiao Chunyan expressed her bitterness. When she was bullied, Yu Hong helped to fight, and came down from the director’s position to get a pedicure, not to mention that feeling. Now that she is the deputy director of the District Women’s Federation, Qiao Chunyan thinks she will be stepped on at any time.

On National Day, I hope to meet some capable people. It is best to have someone in the court. I also know a policeman like Gong Weize and a literate person like Zhou Rong. It would be better if there is another hospital director. Now, it’s even better to be able to get to know a million-dollar household. Everyone jokes about the National Day and can only think about it in a dream. Cao Debao thought that the Six Gentlemen were very good in the past, but now Lu Chuan and Xiang Yang went to college and didn’t come to the annual party.

Zhou Bingkun saw that everyone was in a bad mood, so he simply proposed to see Qu Xiuzhen.

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