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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 32 Recap

Before Su Milin left, she made a special trip to say goodbye to Bai Ying, saying that she would go back to Jinghu Camp to deal with things in the next few days, and if she had something to do, she could tap the light shield three times. Bai Ying readily agreed, but reluctantly watched Su Mo go away, this scene fell into Zhen Lan’s eyes.

Yu Huan hadn’t seen Fei Lian for a long time, and asked Yu Zhu to find out that he was taken away by Nan Zhao, and now he was guilty of collaborating with the enemy. But Yu Huan firmly believed that Fei Lian was a human being, and it was nothing more than Quanxian’s ointment that became evidence of Nan Zhao’s conviction, so he felt that there was still room for manoeuvre, so he took the initiative to visit the cell with food, and saw Fei Lian’s bruised body, which made him feel very distressed.

In just a few days, Fei Lian’s mentality changed a lot, and he even suspected that Yu Huan and Shi Peng had joined forces to frame him. Yu Huan did not admit it, claiming that he took the team back first, and never thought that Fei Lian would be wronged. In order to prove his innocence, Yu Huan even drank three glasses of wine to make amends, and promised to find a way to save him, which made Fei Lian convinced.

After returning to Jinghu, Su Gu explained that Ningliang should protect the clan, and then discussed with Shi Shi about the trapping of Longyuan. Master Si was pleased with Su G’s decision. After all, the Quanxian family had waited for thousands of years to welcome the Sea Emperor and lead everyone back to Biluohai, so he suggested that he should bring more people there. But Su G thinks that too many people will make mistakes, and even unnecessary casualties will occur.

Bai Ying always felt that Su G was hiding something from her, so she tapped the light-shielding beads with her hand. Although Su G sensed Bai Ying’s signal, it still did not appear. At the same time, Zhen Lan was looking through the contents of the Xuanhuang Sutra, wondering who was right and who was wrong between Queen Bai Wei and King Xing Zun, and why the two groups turned against each other.

Just when Zhenlan was puzzled, Bai Ying tried to talk to Zhenlan in disguise on the grounds of sending water. Naihe Zhenlan didn’t mention a word, laughing that she had always had all kinds of doubts since she came back from the mirror tower, but these words made Bai Ying feel a little emotional, so she left with the water and didn’t ask any more questions.

Among the five divisions in Cangliu, the relationship between Shi Lang and Shi Peng was the most deteriorating. Now that Shi Peng has the handle of Fei Lian, he naturally wants to completely control the Five Masters Hall. First, he starts with Shi Lang. There are only two choices in front of him, both of which are related to Fei Lian’s life and death.

Yu Huan pleaded with the prey for Fei Lian, hoping that he could help him. And the prey, looking at Yu Huan’s face, promised to give Fei Lian a chance, and let him take Fei Lian to sleepy Longyuan. To ensure that there is no difference in this mission, the prey will hand over the ghost Hongyan to Yu Huan. This thing is a cloud and poisonous, and it will turn into water when it enters the water, which can make people petrify and die. Although Yu Huan will be poisoned when he opens the bottle, but the prey made a blood pact with him, and he will give the antidote after the matter is completed.

As Yu Huan was ordered to take charge of the military, he immediately went to the prison to take Fei Lian back and appointed him as a lieutenant. Fei Lian wondered why he was still safe because of the crime of collaborating with the enemy. It was inconvenient for Yu Huan to disclose things about the prey, so he lied that Shi Lang had handed over military power for him, so Shi Peng agreed to release him.

The Cangliu army is about to leave the city. Xiang Hexiao, as his entourage, expects that something big is about to happen, so he hurriedly spread the news to Jinghu. After Su Gu found out, he instructed Yan Xi and Ning Liang to lead the clan and the Cangliu Army to continue their dealings, and then went to Trapped Longyuan alone. Before leaving, Yan Xi wanted to say goodbye to Na Sheng, but Na Sheng insisted on accompanying Yan Xi.

Bai Ying repeatedly sent letters to Su Mi to no avail, so she had to run to ask Zhen Lan again. It was also because of Bai Ying’s insistence that Zhen Lan simply explained Su G’s whereabouts. Sure enough, Bai Ying was very anxious when she heard this, lest Su G be hurt in any way. Zhen Lan knew that Bai Yingxin was not here, so she told her to go to Su Gu and try to protect herself.

Nan Zhao thought that Shi Peng had regained military power, so he held a banquet and invited everyone to celebrate, but he was reprimanded by Shi Peng, only to know that the military power he had just acquired was taken away by Yu Huan, and he even missed the opportunity to get rid of Fei Lian. Shi Peng held a grudge against Yu Huan’s actions against the water, and decided to kill him.

On the other side, Bai Ying kept tapping the light-shielding beads, and quickly caught up with Su G, asking him why he didn’t show up. The two of them had experienced so many things before, including Jiuyi Mountain being safe and sound, but now Su G suddenly broke his promise, forgetting the original promise to live and die together. Seeing that Bai Ying was sulking to herself, Su Mo admitted that she was at fault first, and after some coaxing and persuading, Bai Ying excused him for leaving without saying goodbye.

When Bai Ying accompanied Su G through the city gate, she cleverly avoided the wanted portrait, but one of the mermaids caught the guard’s attention. But they were not opponents at all, the merman still didn’t forget to look back at Su Gu’s back, with a weird smile on the corner of his mouth, I believe we will meet again soon. In fact, long ago, this person had recovered all his memories under the call of the prey, and at the same time possessed the power of Liuhe. He hated why Su Gu became the Emperor of the Sea, but he had to endure humiliation and abuse.

Zhen Lan found out through Xuanhuang Jing that Xingzun Wang Langgan killed Chun Huang, and then sealed the Dragon God with Queen Bai Wei, so that Bai Wei died of exhaustion. Not long after, Lang Gan passed away sadly. It was originally an enviable story from the outside world. Why is the record in the Xuanhuang Sutra different from the note given to him by Bai Ying.

Because according to the contents of the note, it is not difficult to see that Bai Wei hates Lang Gan and curses at the end of her life to witness Kong Sang’s demise. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. She suddenly realized that there was definitely something wrong with Sleepy Longyuan, so she hurriedly got up and went to find Bai Ying and Su Gu.

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